Physical Games Were Dealt A Huge Blow With This News

Now that the dust has settled on the underwhelming 2023 PlayStation Showcase, one piece of news caught my eye. Alan Wake 2, an upcoming AAA single player game for PS5, is only going to be available digitally. This is definitely an uncommon situation, and Epic Games/Remedy’s reasoning is interesting to say the least. So let’s discuss what might be a pivotal moment for the relevancy of physical video games. One things for certain, now is NOT the time to sing Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Physical’.

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0:00 – Alan Wake II Is Digital Only
2:00 – Why This Is Unusual
4:43 – This Is Inevitable
6:08 – The $60 Reason Is A False Prophet
7:53 – Another Bad Excuse

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Scott G

    Glad you made a video on this. It's very tragic news.

  2. XxMurkUrDeathXx

    Its kinda sad to hear ps5 disc download faster then digital that's also why i love buying disc aswell

  3. jay smith

    That sucks Alan Wake was one of the only games I was excited for after the showcase and now I will not be playing it. And if it keeps the price at 60 how come the digital games are not cheaper for example from the ps4 why were games not 50

  4. Video Games

    What about sell the game for $40. Physical I can always resell if it’s terrible but digital stuck like chuck. Sorry skipping on this title

  5. FroZenNinja

    This freakin sucks. I have looked forward to this game so much and now I can't get a copy to hold in my hands. I will probably wait awhile once it releases and hope they do end up doing a physical edition. Would have been a guaranteed day one purchase physically. And what the hell is the point of a preorder for a digital only game. They gonna run out of digital copies? Pfft. Never preorder a digital game.

  6. Coke Life

    Digital games should be cheaper companies save so much money not making physical cds and transport & storage so they should be cheaper there’s no excuses

  7. I hate this, i always prefer to own my media physically. Oh well, I waited over 10 years to play the original alen wake. When we finally got the remastered edition on playstation. Guess I can wait another 10 years to play no2 😅 or until it's a ps plus game maybe 🤷‍♂️

  8. GOLD LION X23

    You forgot to mention you can purchase digital software cheaper other than on console store front at cdkeys and Newegg GameStop. Well except for PlayStation your screwed until they decide to discount it digitally. You can’t buy their software nowhere Else digitally

  9. Andres Molina

    Visage is a game I want to own but now I can’t own Alan Wake 2?! 😭😭😭

  10. Xilent

    Welcome to PC life. Though Steam has better sales & an extensive list of games.

  11. The only way for stoping this is to grow a pair and speak with your wallets, it depends on you gaymers not to let the industry to get ruined by your silence and conformism

  12. atomiswave1971

    I will not buy any game without a disc. No disc, no sale. If all games go digital, there are literally millions of games I haven't played that do have a disc… IF no phyiscal versions are coming out stop making consoles. We have PC's for digital.

  13. Naota Kenichi

    I think the BS here runs deeper than you give credit for. The excuse that "games could be cheaper without physical" is just as bunk as "Next gen is more expensive" and this claim involves both. Yes the process of production cost money, but nowadays that production cost is DWARFED by the overall budget of the game. A 20% increase to price for something thats like 4% of the budget? This claim also gives no explanation for why digital can't just be cheaper. There will be people mad either way, so you could either charge more for the physical, a 10-15 dollar hike specifically for physical fans would more than make up the difference, or not have physical at all. But heres the big conceit, cause its cheaper on Epic. In one breath, they are claiming that the no physical is necessary for the overall price to go down, and then in the next casually dropping another 10 dollars for the platform that's ARGUABLY more work to develop for. Wheres the next gen price hike, how can this game be ten dollars cheaper on Epic… oh yeah, they published it
    And this is where I'm disappointed in Sony, on their own showcase they showed off a game thats undercutting them in more ways than one. No physical means no garunteed stock from outlets or Amazon, and non of the discounts that come with it. You make a great point that digital doesn't see as many discounts (Though I also don't see the physical of Dead Space or any other smash hits getting discounts on any platform), but IF we do see discounts, its 100% going to be cheapest on Epic. The only reason why theres no physical, is so Epic can ensure that they're the ones dictating sale prices.

  14. butterletto

    There are a lot of things to discuss how many ways thay physical games are ruined, I have to talk about another one. Think about PS1 PS2 era (with also other consoles from other brands) when you buy a physical game you put it on console and you play even after a decade later.
    What happened now? Physical games are almost like demo's now. You have a physical copy but there is day 1 patch and another countless several gigabytes of updates to make the game enjoyable.
    Man… I wish I had a chance to experience those times :/

  15. Thiago Caires

    I'll do it like almost all digital games I own: wait till it's on sale for 10 bucks.

  16. Fenrir Howling

    F DIGITAL &, STREAMING F TOO f off FLOP SHOVELWARE GAMES PASS & 30FPS GARBAGE 3RD PARTY F too destroying the gaming industry & PHYSICAL DISC as usual.

  17. Fenrir Howling

    PHYSICAL DISC RULES thanks you SONY'S & NINTENDO'S as usual. Options choices etc & COEXIST TOO

  18. Game Over Bob

    Physical games can be resold and are some times investments. I'm not paying 60 bucks for a download.

  19. Fenrir Howling


    Indies etc too DIGITAL
    30fps GARBAGE 3rd multiplatform or trash etc: PREMIUM PLUS OR BARGAIN BINS AS USUAL.

  20. bunta

    For 60 bucks I want a damn plastic box

  21. Gergő Fülöp

    My concern is: What if they shut down the servers?? See what happened with older nintendo handhelds for example… and also I love to have my beloved games in a phisical form.

  22. Fenrir Howling

    JUNKIES evil Microsoft's western studios
    Western Corp & flop technocratic COMPLEX etc is destroying the gaming industry & PHYSICAL DISC AGAIN. Via VIDEO CASSETTE TAPE TO DVDS CD ETC & PHYSICAL DISC too. Also FREE MP TO EXCLUSIVE GAME'S TOO

  23. Byron Rodriguez

    If there is no day 1 physical release I won’t buy the game, it’s physical or nothing as far as I’m concerned so they have lost a sale

  24. Fenrir Howling

    Pro consumerism again lol. PHYSICAL DISC RULES.. thanks you SONY'S & NINTENDO'S again & SAVIOUR + COEXIST TOO

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