Pixel 3 XL – The Notch Is Real

Before I review the Pixel 3, here are some early impressions after the event. I love the phone, but I don’t love the notch.

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  1. Dave2D

    Is that notch a deal breaker for you? The price? Is this your next phone??

  2. Wayne Koh

    Seems like the upgrades are mostly software. In that case, will Google roll out the upgrades to older Pixel models? Especially the call screen feature.

  3. Marcus Rudd

    Had the last two pixels, they got me off of Apple's ecosystem completely. But that fukin notch man, it just shits me off. Annoying because I was considering more google stuff for my house, notch has turned me off completely. Why is it ok to make your phone ugly? Just square the screen of like usual, or do something creative like the findx did. Genuinely annoys me. Will stick with pixel 2 XL for a while, maybe see what samsung has to offer.

  4. 3mrch

    The design is shit. your taste is bad

  5. Peter Arnold

    It looks to me like Night Shot is a form of mildly aggressive HDR.

  6. Robert Hosein

    Great video keep it up I love all your videos and you are awesome to watch!!!!

  7. Shahan Aziz

    instead of inventing newer things like call screen
    what about perfecting basic stuff first
    like fixing the ugly looks of your phones
    or working on some battery that actually lasts days
    or adding a 120hz good display because that is actually what makes a good experience
    or working on pure usability of this every minute device
    the thing is, when you use any modern smartphone note9 or xs or anyone despite of every thing it got you can feel the lack of very basic simple stuff that is yet not invented by these giant things called Google and Apple or Samsung but they pass through the mind of a 10 year old
    usability usability usability, these suckers will get to the point where they will actually have a nice smartphone after 10 years from now, they are so slow they invent(actually execute) one basic thing per year
    who the hell says smartphones are progressing at an insane speed? they are not! compared to the world the technology you are living in, the power they have THEY ARE SLOW AND WEAK yet to add basic things that can actually make a difference and make these devices better, these devices actually matter because they stay with you more than your partners do more than your friends do
    you interact with them every second and no they are not good
    stop getting so pumped stop getting fulfilled by any amount they give you, stop getting happy for whatever they provide
    dream bigger please
    the best ones we have right now are iphone xs max the pixel 3 xl and the note9 these phones are the reason I cannot actually complaint with all this stuff that I have to say but still I have a point and I have things to back it up but yes these phones and razer 2 are the steps in right direction where they know the lens is smudgy and that our fingers are too thick to properly use a phone so there is a better s pen
    you know what, it took Samsung 9 years 9 iterations of the same phone to actually make it any better still not outstanding but it is what is okay it is what you can barely accept the basic first step in the right way
    others they don't even have perfect sense of basic things yet, modern smartphones are difficult to grip to use they are delicate and there are dozens of reasons that they are not really companions but devices that we have to adopt to
    a smartphone can be so much better than we are being given remember that camera module of oppo n1? that was something! there are ideas out there hitting them but no one is just ready to take risk or get serious it's just for them the competition if they are surviving they are okay they are not inventing unless they get a punch in their face
    my main complaint here is usability and innovation
    I haven't yet seen a single person seeing the actual point in fingerprint sensors, are they really secure? are you people dumb relying so much on them?
    look I am a student and I live with my fellows and I don't feel secure with my htc 10 at all, just think how easy it is to use my finger to unlock it when I'm asleep? iphone's face id is the right thing folks
    so is the note9's s pen and razer phone's fluid display and oneplus's charging these things are the reason one can say I'm complaining uselessly but still man I would say I have a point accept it or not

  8. CNJ GameCast

    All the new marketing from Apple has clever tricks to hide the notch too.

    People see the notch everyday when using their phones.

    We notice the apps that disappear into the notch.

    The notch is real. Hiding it just confirms companies know it sucks butts.

    edit It’s a hard notch life

  9. Kyle Craig

    The iPhone XR has a bigger notch… what the fuck are you all talking about!?

  10. Bkaer

    You can hide the notch with a software you need to open the developer settings

  11. Mark A.

    You can hide the notch via developer options!

  12. Humaid09

    You can actually hide the notch in the developer settings. Watch unbox therapy’s video

  13. Jay Mich

    I'm just wondering if the camera will be good for snapchat

  14. Johnny Clean

    That moment when you know this guys sold his soul to the devil. 😉😆👍

  15. jonnie allen

    I purchased a Pixel 3 xl and ended up taking it back. The phone is just not worth the price point. Google is not good at getting features and hardware "right". I ended up buying my first Apple product and am much happier with it!

  16. Andre Somi

    Does the notch really matter, stop complaining you spoiled kids… there are people with no money or homes and your complaining anout dual front facing cameras with 2x optical zoom compared to apple.

  17. John Kobbeman

    I could not care less about the notch… I probably would never have even thought about it as a potential "issue" if I didn't watch this review.

  18. Jimmy Peppercorn

    I thought before i played the video watch him eat the notch. And bam chew chew

  19. Max Fox

    That notch is the worst I’ve ever seen. Not only that, but it has a chin also! Come on google get your head in the game.

  20. That notch does not have a reason to exist considering that the regular Pixel 3 has the Wide Angle Selfie Camera without the notch smh

  21. It's a TERRIBLE design that Google should have learned from in the iPhone X debacle. I don't care how good a screen looks, how deep its colors or its contrast ratio, if you have a NOTCH cutting into your field of vision, it RUINS the experience.

  22. i didnt know what notch even meant til this video lol. i am still trying to figure this phone out i got it 3 weeks ago. hard to find info about how to fix things or settings. i can't get videos to post on youtube in full screen any tips?

  23. Hamza Aziz

    I need this wallpaper please or something like this

  24. yotehtr1

    I've been rocking this phone a couple weeks now and the notch is really a non issue. Great phone.

  25. Saurabh Chougule

    I use pixel 3xl, could you please share the wallpaper on the thumbnail…!

  26. Eshaan Ghosh

    Love the wallpaper which uses this pixel 3 xl notch so well. Where can i get it?

  27. Simon5005

    I've had the Pixel 3 XL for about three months now, and I don't even notice the notch. I guess it depends on if you're a deviceaholic and therefore expect perfection in everything. Not me.

  28. Domingo Guillen

    Where can I get the wallpaper on the thumbnail? I've been looking for it for weeks now… someone please help lol

  29. Ashwon

    is it bad i actually like the notch? to me it looks like a really cute face o_o

  30. Zsolt Moczo

    I need that wallpaper you have on pixel 3xl at the videos backround

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