Pixel 7a ($499) vs. Pixel 7 Pro ($899) Full Comparison! Why Spend More?

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Pricing & Discounts
02:01 Size Comparison
03:09 Design & Build
04:19 Fingerprint & Face Unlock
04:34 Screens (90hz vs 120hz, OLED vs AMOLED, 1080p vs 1440p)
06:20 Speaker Test
07:05 Performance
09:16 Battery, Charging & Power Features
10:20 Camera Hardware & Capabilities
11:35 Picture Samples
12:30 Summary & Conclusion

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  1. jonah

    Hey, thanks for doing the review. But honestly this 7 pro was on sale for $599 for over a month at Best buy. So I don't think anybody's paying full price for that phone anymore. But I have to say the screen brightness is a big deal. I had the regular seven and I sold it and got the seven pro just to have the brighter screen and camera wise. It really depends on what you use your phone for the macro and the telescope features on the 7 pro are pretty nice and having the 5000 battery does mean you're going to make it through a day. Where is I had the regular Pixel 7. I didn't make it through a day… But The seven is a big phone and that does take something to get used to. But if you want the 7A I would wait a month and get it on sale

  2. Technology Man

    On topic, but if you keep this up, your channel will actually have technology content daily! That would be great. Anyway, I don't like the Pixel 7a, (read my post on your last video to see why) but the 7 Pro is a decent phone because the screen is big enough to see the details without excellent vision. I said decent, though, not great. The Tensor chip is well behind other flagships. In fact it is only slightly more powerful than the 3 year old Snapdragon 865. The 8 gen 2 destroys it! Even the midrange 7+ Gen 2 chip beats it. They should lower the 7 Pro's price by $200, and call it an upper midrange phone, unless they include an up to date processor.

  3. Thank you for this excellent comparison. The 7A in terms of camera this year has gotten way too good especially since it costs $499. Overall, I think the 7 Pro is better in spite of my love for the 7A. Looking forward to more of these magnificent comparisons!

  4. Man, you are very good at your job 🔥❤️‍🔥No one does comparisons like you❤️I don't regret subscribing to this channel 🔥❤️

    Can you plz do a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. S23 no the ultra's

  5. akshay kumar

    No I'm against big giant beast phones
    I'm so mad about these big phones
    Nowadays we are even seeing 7 inch display phones
    We want compact phone i will never get used to gigantic phones not even in my dreams

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