Pixio PX329 Review: Great Value 32″ FLAT 1440p 165Hz Monitor

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Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed
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Pixio PX329: https://amzn.to/2oY692I
Pixio PX329: https://www.pixiogaming.com/px329
Viotek GN32LD: https://amzn.to/2CITpqo
BenQ EL2870U – https://amzn.to/2CB4l9s
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Pixio PX329 Review: Great Value 32″ FLAT 1440p 165Hz Monitor

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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  1. allnovieveryday

    Just bought one through your amazon link at a price drop of $300 with coupon! Thanks for the review.

  2. JD

    This thing looks incredible. Found it on Amazon and considering for my next setup upgrade. Was hoping Tim had a review up. Your monitor content is truly unmatched. I have yet to see another channel rival it.

  3. allnovieveryday

    Where is there a menu for setting red green blue individually? There's color effect under picture, and temperature under color. Can't seem to adjust RGB under any of those presets.

  4. Trei J

    This monitor is down to $300 now on amazon.. glad i waited a year lol

  5. TheCgOrion

    So, if you play in darker room, it's not bad. It's now $299 in the US. Would it be better to cap the max frame rate to 120, considering its performance?

  6. francis belanger

    I can't find the Backlight settings. Is Brightness the same ? or they removed it in a firmware update

  7. GatorBack

    is it me or is anyone experiencing a horrible amount of ghosting.
    im pairing it with a 1080ti the only thing that alleviate the problem was turning off freesync :/

  8. Got it and really impressed with the quality/price ratio. I did noticed that they updated the firmware and the setting menu is diferent, also apparently is possible to get 165Hz with FreeSync.

  9. Knate

    Love it. But navigating it's menu with a friggin stick on the back on the thing is dumb as hell.

  10. adam ramos

    How do you change the color with the toggle .. red 39 green 38 and blue 42

  11. Wizdumb

    How will this work on an nvidia 1070? I'm not too sure what i should do.

  12. DannyDanko

    For $300 sounds like these will be perfect for a simrig, 3 of them to be exact!

    Went to buy today, aaaandd Sold Out.. Like everything else smh..

  13. Meissnerflux

    Thanks for doing the contrast test. 1700:1 is barely above a good IPS panel, which these days tops out around 1400:1. For a deep image one wants to aim for 3000:1 or more .

    Thanks for saving me the hassle of having to buy and return this.

  14. AyeG

    Anyone amazed by the wallpaper?

  15. Technicality

    Thank you for the concise review coverage of this monitor. Based on the current pricing, warranty, and information from the review, I put an order in for one today using your amazon link. I do hope part of the commission comes your way as I would have passed on Pixio and looked to a better known brand without this review.

  16. ChuchoF3TT

    just got mine today, watching video on it lol. Its too bad Pixio is not selling the P-400 stand anymore 🙁

  17. it's August 10th 2020 and its in my Amazon cart for $299 USD lol seems like a GREAT buy

  18. Cory Lim

    Just bought this bad boy, it's way to big for my loft but I don't care.

  19. John Edwards

    Just bought this monitor on Newegg for $299. Can't wait to get it!

  20. tonyrox5

    In 2020 this thing is only 00, definitely gonna buy this

  21. Debido

    What's weird is, this monitor uses a AUO M315DVR01.0 panel. Which is rated at 3000:1 contrast.

  22. John Stepp

    I've purchased one for a friend, and two for myself. These are marvelous.

  23. Zero2Nil

    I just bought this monitor 2 years later. However, I'm more concerned about the lack of moustaches on this older video.

  24. Oscar Chang

    only problem I have with this monitor is that I get a lot of eye strain when I play on it for a while

  25. bernie lee

    Only thing I would add is that you need a strong gpu to havea. Good gaming experience with a display like this… 2060super or 5700xt

  26. Dan Marsh

    the settings are different now for color help.

  27. Lyric

    what is the gtg response time?

  28. Chris Bullock

    I searched High and Low for a Non-Curved 1440p High refresh monitor until I found one on Craigslist for $270 and offered $200 which they took after not selling it after a month.

  29. Chris Bullock

    Who cares about the extra 20hz? I would be getting it for the AMD FreeSync to begin with so still getting 144hz is ok.

  30. qlu

    Why does my fps drop on this monitor but with any other monitor it doesn’t drop my fps


    Asis vg32vq1b is 400$ while it is too 32 inch 1800 curve contrast ratio 3000:1. 165hz and 1ms gtg.

  32. Taldren

    So, if you have a nVidia card, you can set FreeSync On, create a custom resolution with 165Hz, and enable G-Sync … which seems to give you variable refresh rate and 165Hz.

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