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Playing PS3 Games On PSP In 2022: The Original Remote Play

All this cloud gaming discussion going on nowadays was making me want to revisit one of the coolest features from PS3 & PSP, …


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  1. SymboltheRapper

    I kinda wanna get a psp just for nostalgia. My hands would really cramp playing it though that’s why I never bought the vita. I use to love watching movies on . Terminator 2 looks so crystal clear on those UMD movies

  2. Brian O

    Man, I miss my PSP. I need to find it again for repairs on the CD tray. The battery is shot also lol. Loved playing fifa on this game back in 08

  3. Henkibojj

    I loved remote play for PSP and I use it all the time on the Vita for PS4 (and even PS3 sometimes), but my main problem with it was that you could only stream your PS3 files, not download them. If I had the PS3 as a mp3 hub (which I still do) and a file bank, I could top up my PSP on the go as I wished like an iPod or standard mp3 player of the time. But no, I have to stream it through a shaky stream connection. What's the use then? How hard would it have been to allow such a feature? That could have saved many boring vacation evenings.

  4. AT Lounge

    Beside PSP, Sony Ericsson Aino was the first non android phone which had remote play (can't play game though).

  5. Kuit the Geek

    I remember trying remote play with the PSP and PS3, as well as doing it with the Vita and PS4. The PSP didn't work very well, like you said, and it was more novel then anything. I do remember things being better on the Vita, but I really haven't tried it recently to know how it is now. Honestly, this is one of the things that makes me excited about the Steam Deck, I am going to use that with Chiaki to remote play my PS4 with full controls and no janky back touch pad for L2/R2. I know you could set it elsewhere on the Vita, but using the back touch or touchscreen weren't great options any way it went. I don't have many games on my PS4, but I am looking forward to replaying the Uncharted series and Infamous: Second Son. The other games that I have on PS4, I also have on PC, so that's not a big draw for me otherwise, I just want to play a few exclusives that I don't want to take over the TV to play.

  6. Henkibojj

    What I find strange is the "Remote Play Compatible" sticker on PS4 games for the Vita. There are only some 8 standard layouts for remote play buttons and NONE of them allow for L/R as L2/R2, only L1/R1 which means games that do not allow custom mappings will work terribly if they depend heavily on the triggers (Horizon 1 being the worst example). Yet they slam this sticker on there like it's all good because it works. Of course the game works – the function is not game dependent! That doesn't mean it's going to be a pleasant or even functional experience.

    Something even more strange is that better control schemes with touchpad, touchscreen etc is not blocked in any way. Helldivers has a completely unique layout for remote play which you won't find in any other game, not even any other version of that particular game, not even the native PS Vita Helldivers game app, and it corresponds beautifully with both the Dualshock 3, Dualshock 4 and native Vita control schemes we are familiar with. SO WHY HAVEN'T THEY DONE IT FOR ALL GAMES, or even just a few??! Eight layouts! More than half of which are unusable! And all of them set L2/R2 as touch controls! And you can't even change which layout is preset – the one they shipped the game with is the one you'll get! You can hack it to pick one layout or the other, but not change it. God!!

  7. Jayden Lopez

    I will always kick myself for selling my PSP when I was younger even though it was the only way for me to get more games

  8. Skullcrusher_1

    I remember having a cybershot digital camera that used the same memory stick of the psp. I would then use my psp to transfer all my photos to my ps3. Damn I miss those complicated yet simpler times.

  9. SlickOnTop

    Sony was always ahead of the times with their feature set. They just have no clue on how to market their strengths.

  10. ً

    Hey Ryan! Have you heard the news? Playstation Home is back online on current version OFW PS3 (unofficially)

  11. Naser Altaee

    I would love to see Sony take another chance at handheld gaming. Although I don’t think a new handheld console by Sony is likely, I do believe they would benefit well from it as well.

  12. Hector Santos

    So interesting how everything worked back then, and now a days its not even up to par lol.

  13. NextNate03

    When remote play 1st came out, you would had to have your PS3 already on.
    At the time, you could not turn on or even turn off the PS3 while using remote play.

    What he did not mentioned is that you could adjust the Remote Play options like Video and Sound quality to improve the lag of Remote Play.

  14. Sunny

    I feel like a vita 2 rn would be big

  15. Rey Lopez

    Impressive for some tech from nearly 20 years ago.

  16. Tek

    I still use psp with custom firmware.

  17. Someone help I can't get Into my ps3 I have to scan a qr code after a update what do I do I can't log in

  18. Roralize

    It is worth it to mention that if you have a modded PS3, you can stream any disc-based PS3 game to your PSP with remote play. Had some fun trying Sonic 06 with this. Would've been a childhood dream come true to have that on PSP lol.

  19. TheGlintJaw

    Man, really wish Sony would make another handheld….

  20. Ciro Pesce

    14:02 just imagine going through Stormy Ascent with that latency. My God.

  21. BranWolf

    I've been binging all your documentary and the ps vita videos I always wanted a psp when I was a kid and I think I'm going to buy a vita this month idk just because I've always wanted it.

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