PlayStation 4 Pro vs XBOX One X – Which Console Should You Choose? [Simple]

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NOTE: You do need to pay for XBOX Live in order to play online multiplayer games on XBOX. It’s a mistake on our end.

So which console is the best – the PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) from Sony or the XBOX One X from Microsoft?

That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in this video. We’ll take a look at the following aspects:
– Hardware (both CPU and GPU)
– Performance
– Price
– Games (selection, backward compatibility, online play)
– Other improvements

Let’s get right onto it then, shall we?

0:00 Intro
0:42 Intro to The Hardware
0:55 The Hardware: CPU
1:20 The Hardware: GPU
1:59 Other Improvements
2:15 Performance
2:56 Price
3:17 Intro to Games
3:40 Games: Selection
4:17 Games: Backwards Compatibility
5:03 Games: Online Play
5:50 Conclusion


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  1. Yes xbox has 4K blu way but ps4 pro has lead way laser and eg have ps4 pro ps4 pro are the best

  2. Drew Austin

    What if all you do is play sports or shooters games which one is better?

  3. Ben Dover

    Just imagine how much better God of war 4 would look on Xbox one X.

  4. Mr. will

    Ps4 has better and more excusives
    Xbox has silently better graphics but has backward compatiy
    Both of there online is nearly the same

  5. G-Feal

    They are the same ! i got the xbox1 than ps4 they good

  6. Soul Beast

    well i am a xbox and ps user i would go with xbox one x .It is the best in all ways

  7. Paranormal81

    Xbox one x is best but tht game type so little and expensive. Ps4 pro games so many, graphic ps4 pro high power superior best graphic. Smooth console. 4k top 1

  8. Head bumb

    For me, its Xbox

    For easier understanding:
    Exclusives: PS4
    Graphics: Xbox
    Price: PS4
    Hardware: Xbox
    Playing Old School Games: Xbox
    (for me) Account: Xbox
    (for me) Controllers: Xbox

    Most of all…..

    Console That Suits You: Mostly the console that you mostly used e.g. you have been using Xbox, then pick Xbox cause as you know, you have used Xbox, not PS4 or the Switch

  9. Evil Minder

    Games VS hardware
    Important fact! What will you do with the hardware if you have nothing to play? Choice is yours! I use both and I prefer ps4 because you can't miss ps4 exclusives and other side xbox always busy in cosmetic things except making a single player exclusive.

  10. nuno santos

    Xbox 1 X is a better console but it doesn't have decent exclusive games and it's more expensive.
    If you are in Portugal like me PS4 rules because if you like to buy your games in a store you can barely find a game for Xbox while PS4 is allways full.
    I respect the quality of Microsoft with their console but Sony wins here because even if they don't have yet a console better than their rival they still have exclusives Xbox can only dream to have and winds of change are coming because by the end of this year PS5 is there.

  11. Katie Lanagan

    I just want a console to play games and use for Netflix and Hulu which one should I choose

  12. Otoos

    I got Xbox1X
    pc gamer, Im loving the 4k maaaan

  13. Patrick P

    Sony's online thing, is just outright disgusting. SHAME ON THEM !

  14. Captain Keenan

    xbox one you have to be connected to internet to play offline games and on PS4 you don’t

  15. Riassa Smith

    Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has 100% Forwards Compatibility while the Microsoft Xbox One X has 100% Backwards Compatibility

  16. Riassa Smith

    Past Generation Consoles: Sony PlayStation 3/Microsoft Xbox 360
    Present Generation Consoles: Sony PlayStation 4/Microsoft Xbox One
    Future Generation Consoles: Sony PlayStation 5/Microsoft Xbox Series X

  17. Philosophers

    I love Xbox than It is for me, for people who don’t have much money

  18. you

    read the first two words

  19. James Matthews

    I have both but i like ps4 better more exclusives the controllers but xbox 1 graphics online the 4k bluray player

  20. GhostyJo

    to be honest ever since the new 9 th gen consoles microsoft is taking seriously and there are now first party game studio
    like bethesda and now playstation games like mlb the show 21 is now on xbox, xcloud is there and even emulation of playing playstation 1 and 2 that sony doesnt offer and the xbox one x will get all the future games till 2024 or 2025 so it would be wise to get it now and save up for the xbox series s/x in 2024 or 2025

  21. XxinfinityxX409

    The online part is completely swapped you only need ps plus for certain games and for Xbox you need gold for everything

  22. Luuzyy

    Exclusive Games: PS4 Pro
    Performance/FPS: PS4 Pro
    Players Online: PS4 Pro
    Price: PS4 Pro
    VR: PS4 Pro
    Boost mode: PS4 Pro (Games run alot better if boost mode on.)
    Graphics: Both (Both of them seems almost the same at graphics.)
    Performance: Both
    Hardware: Xbox one X
    (My Opinion) Console Design: PS4 Pro
    (My Opinion) Controller Design: PS4 Pro
    Yea I'm getting the PS4 Pro in 2021..

  23. To many games play in 1080p on the the ps4 pro it should make more games 4k it basically like getting a ps4 but Just 100 bucks more just keep your ps4 if you have one don't upgrade to ps4 to ps4 pro it will be a BIG mistake.

  24. Darian Sanchez

    If you're ready for 4k gaming. Get the 4k console, XBOX ONE X

  25. Wanderpol Tv

    It doesn’t matter to me which one is better. The matter the fact is that I can’t afford any of them. 😭😭

  26. [GAMESTER]

    xbox is better but ps4 has the best gamesssssssss

  27. Drummer 75

    Xbox only real exclusives are Gears, Forza and Halo, which the biggest part of gamers don't care about, or get for free via Gamepass. I had a One X but got bored of it quickly, sure 3rd party titles that are enhanced look fantastic. That being said the Ps4 Pro has SO much more, and the same great 3rd party games to boot. I mean the Uncharted games, Bloodborne, God Of War, Rachet and Clank, Horizion Zero Dawn (soon Forbidden West), Until Dawn and a lot more. So why limit yourself? Way more bang for the buck with Sony. Also most PS5 games are also on the Pro for now, and probably for another year or so. What does Xbox really HAVE when you get down to it, that's any sort of MUST HAVE game? Also nearly 118 million PS4's sold since 2013, and fairly close to maybe 50 million Xbox Ones? That's not a war, that's a massacre!

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