PlayStation 5 Access Controller – Official 'Overview and Behind-the-Scenes' Video

Formally known as Project Leonardo, PlayStation has named its accessible controller called the PlayStation 5 Access Controller …


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  1. scalpers are gonna have a field day with this thing
    Sorry disabled PS users, buy a Xbox or PC and buy the Xbox ADAPTIVE CONTROLLER.

  2. Teknologik

    way to show off one picture of the controller and then talk fluff the rest of the video 17 thumbs down to sony

  3. Mani

    Really happy they are working on this

  4. Starry Bimbo

    LMAO. Of course, give Kneel a microphone and he can't get TLOU2 out of his mouth.

  5. Rytium

    Yes, a new controller to beat Elden ring with

  6. SarcasticSaber

    Wow an ADHD controller. Jokes aside this is great. Actual diversity

  7. Cody Gilpin

    Looking like a simon says game instead of a controller

  8. Slob Rat

    that controller looks cool, is it a concept? because nobody is playing with it in the video.

  9. emcdavee

    They didn't even show it in use ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  10. mikey goggle

    yeah this is one of those that im gonna need to see someone use it not just explain it

  11. Wolfman112

    Gotta love how a video about accessibility isn't captioned

  12. Matt Mas

    Can someone help me understand which disability(s) this would be helpful for?

  13. xx419GDNerdxx

    But where is the controller? We've seen the picture of it before. You're just talking about it more.

  14. seb ICBM

    You shits haven't posted one second of how this works

  15. Hakuna

    when they realize that it is not about appearing futuristic but rather about being comfortable ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. WolfEmerald214

    So they basically made Xbox's adaptive controller but more accessible.

  17. AF MA

    You could have made this video accessible for people with disability, because that's your target market for this, PlayStation.

  18. Arvind Pal

    They didnโ€™t get emulation or a decent library right on ps5, but mad respect for this thought and project

  19. Marcus Clark

    more people = more to be swept into the monetization schemes and greed design, remember companies always say one thing while another is said silently
    anyone can play a game just a matter of working through limitations, the more games coddle the less u play and them more it plays itself

  20. Kuroonist

    A new peripheral for people to beat dark souls with or crush thier opponents in the tournament

  21. Jeremy Bear

    Are people supposed to use this thing w thier chin or tounge?

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