PlayStation Portal Unboxing #shorts

We just received the PlayStation Portal Remote Player to enjoy, here’s CNET’s Sean Booker unboxing it.

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This Post Has 33 Comments

  1. Kryzmatic

    You can use your cellphone as a hotspot to connect to the PS Portal so that it can be played anywhere rather than trying to find some random wifi connection… Too kool…

  2. Dragon

    Looks too nerdish for my liking

  3. Fard

    Thought this was still a concept thing not being released already

  4. Marley

    People just do company's Rich for no reason… This portable is insignificant…

  5. Dangelo Pitcher

    This is proof these companies can take a dump in a box and people will still buy it and make unboxing videos about it

  6. Ryan Santos

    DONT WASTE YOYR MONEY ON THAT. Let the reviewers buy them and say whatever they want with it.

  7. David Cowden

    Thing is trash. No plus games, only games from your person library. Remote play so gotta be close to your ps5. Gaming on the go just made its way home lol

  8. remoter87

    Hello, can you please tell me the packaging dimensions, I would really be very grateful

  9. Napier 17

    Hopefully theirs a screen protector for it

  10. reyrey0021

    I’ve seen a few unboxing videos as I have pre ordered one should get it Wednesday what’s the logic in not letting them power it up? It looks just like any other device using remote play someone please explain 😊

  11. D33Z KNOTS

    Let me save u some time. The box is filled with emptiness. U can thank me later

  12. Varian

    That peel was more satisfying then a divorce.

  13. R

    The fact that this has to be connected locally to your PS5 and can’t just stream from WiFi or 5G is a bit disappointing. I’ve taken my Switch to work during COVID and when days are quiet. I take it to my brothers so his kids can play on it with my kids etc. Ok, so a physical format is not really needed, but the ability to store games on an SD card would have been good.

  14. Paul Ho

    I'm working for companies to ship wall adapters with multiple ports instead of cables. 1 new product can upend an entire system just by needing one more port!

  15. Sean

    This is gonna flop so hard

  16. Olivia Roselyn

    Who needs a portal to another dimension when you can have a PlayStation Portal?! Time to level up, gamers!

  17. The Gadget Guru

    🤔 it's alot smaller than I expected sooooo does anyone besides me not see a market for this given the fact it can truly only be played locally or under wifi?

  18. Danny Genao

    Still waiting for my preorder to process payment. Any idea when.?

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