Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Gimmighoul Official Trailer

This latest Pokemon trailer introduces Gimmighoul, the Coin Chest Pokémon. Gimmighoul hides all over the Paldea region, waiting for somebody to come across them.

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  1. PJLikesToDJ

    if Gimmi become a Ghost Steel how are they going to balnace that?

  2. Mythical Drawer

    Sableye and/or Meowth: "Finally. a worthy opponent. Our battle will be LEGENDARY!!"

  3. Im worried for the game since they're hiding details like the starter evolutions, and the game play is built around a gimmick.

    I was hoping to find out more details about the post game in particular since, in my opinion, that's where some of the newer games have fallen off.

  4. Rickeh_M

    Man, they really running out of ideas, huh

  5. Specific Cats

    These fanbois just will say gameplay > graphic till 2050 lul

  6. cool

    USA is not cool anymore UK is cool nowadays

  7. cool

    USA is not cool anymore UK is cool nowadays

  8. cool

    Ninja theory video games are cool

  9. cool

    Ninja theory video games are cool

  10. Matthew Mcinnes

    I’m starting to think they must have a graphics change coming cus they are way to proud of these close up ps1 graphics…

  11. Patrick

    It was fighting a Sableye and a Meowth in the trailer. Both other Pokemon that carry valuable gems or coins.

  12. Zack

    Reading outloud Gimmighoul makes me think of Doug dimmadome. Greg Gimmighoul

  13. Juice

    Cant believe nintendo is selling jaggied edges in 2022 still like anti aliasing doesnt exist

  14. We can all agree that gameplay > graphics, but come on these graphics look bad even for Switch standards.

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