POP3 vs IMAP – What’s the difference?

What is POP and IMAP? How does email work? This is an animated video explaining the difference between POP and IMAP. These are email protocols that are used to retrieve email from an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook. Should I choose POP or IMAP? Which one is better?


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  1. J J

    2 sets of questions: 1) If I download from 2 servers with imap what happens when "all your devices are synched? Does the email from server one go to server 2? What happens in the folder setup?" 2) If the IMAP server crashes and burns, are all my emails lost?

  2. Debashish Paul

    One of the best explanation about the difference between IMAP and POP3 mail protocols. It was so easy to understand your explanation. Great work!!

  3. Bim Bims

    Maybe a correction for you, in 1:25 you said 2 different computer will not receive same email even it with same account, it happen when the first computer checking the email server.

    In new tech, like cpanel, this thing now allowed, i have already try this, with 5 different computers and one same account, they (the computer) all download a same email

  4. Julian Tambwe

    Simple, clear and right on point. I'm glad I found your channel, Thanks!

  5. Clyde Carter

    This is a great presentation on the different email protocols, A++,

  6. Toriazcollection

    Best explanation of these two protocols. Now I know better. 👍 Thanks

  7. Bijou Bakson

    Wow! I struggled with this a while back. Things we take for granted. Thank you so much, this helped a lot.

  8. Twice Asnice

    Fantastic video! Thank you so much for providing this information. Easy to understand the content and excellent presentation!

  9. Jordan Newcombe

    This was awesome. Thank you! Do you know if this can be changed from pop3 to imap? Or what do I do now that I know that imap is more suited for me?

    I wish I knew the difference before my provider told me to set up the email on my devices as POP3. I would never have chose this option had I have known the difference beforehand.

  10. Zion Freeman

    Does anyone actually use POP3? looks to me its the worst of the 2 protocols.

  11. Paul Almquist

    @7:20 "IMAP only caches local copies" How much of an email is cached, the whole thing or just the header (from, subject, date)? I use POP3 because I want to be able to process my email off line. I don't buy your argument that fully downloading a message with POP3 is any more risky than IMAP. Sooner or later the message will be fully downloaded with IMAP also.

  12. Dan Butler

    Excellent explanation for someone who is not computer savvy, I agree with Kenneth and keep on doing what you're doing great job!

  13. Dan

    This is how they should teach in school.

  14. Plan B

    Great explanation about differences between this two protocol and thank you for subtitles!!

  15. Mark

    Very helpful! Thank you! 🙂

  16. The Inquiry

    As always, excellent video & explanation! Thank you!!

  17. Shahzaib Ishaq

    What are the ports for these two protocols? Plus in case of SMTP, there should be only one port (25) ehy there are other ports as well?

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