Powerline Ethernet Networking Explained

What is powerline ethernet networking? This is an animated video explaining how powerline networking works. It uses powerline ethernet network adapters, along with the structure’s electrical wiring, to network data.

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  1. t. hnkr

    What speeds are the power cables at? 😀

  2. Hey Thurnis

    What network speeds can be expected with powerline ethernet? Is something like 50Mbps possible?

  3. Shruti

    You are the god of networking! Thank you!

  4. Robert Dunn

    Great video, but you didn't cover some of the caveats of powerline adapters, such as the fact that the circuit on which the two powerline adaptesr communicate should not be too long, otherwise the signal speed will degrade.

  5. offgrid Földi

    please do not bay these crap things they cause rf interference

  6. B Digital

    I have been using this technology for years and never knew how the connection was passing through. Thanks to you now I know.

  7. Tim gladman

    This is how I am watching this video i have power line adaptors. one in my unit and the other in the main house and I have hooked them up to routers one in my unit and the other one is hooked up to the modem in the main house but it does work but the speed is up and down

  8. jojolafrite90

    I guess none of that will tell me, nothing will ever tell me, why it worked perfectly for months, then yesterday for the 1rst time the middle light started going red, just the middle one, and out of freaking nowhere. Then this morning it worked again for NO REASON whatsoever. And again, the same morning! Stopped, AND started working again out of the blue, the thing was green, again just as I was watching and shouting with all my might at that thing (and the entire omniverse, too for good measure, I even menaced erality to solve how it worlks to the most fundamental level, and started saying out loud how I think things work, and BOOM, green light!.).

  9. jojolafrite90

    I can understand that any random actions causes a problem or SOLVE the problem. But I can't accept these things stop working and start working again out of the blue.

  10. Escape Velocity

    Actually this is my first time knowing that you can connect ethernet through powerline since I managed my small internet cafe from 2009.
    Is there any drawbacks using that way?
    I'm thinking that maybe a security issue if you have a powerline port outside building which can be accessed by public. Or even to other home that use the same power provider?

  11. ambi3nttech

    This wasn't really an explanation of anything. You just said, in short, plug it in. Not very helpful. I was expecting a breakdown of how the technology works.

  12. Adam

    This technology is great. It allowed me to use ethernet in my basement where I could not run cables through the flooring. Same exact speeds as if I plugged into my router directly. Better than Wi-Fi speeds. Highly recommend!

  13. Tech &Took

    Your channel is the best of the best!! AMAZING!

  14. jagdeep Singh

    Sir i have watched your playlist of networking, it is so valuable to me THANK U SIR. It helps me in my course CST (computer system technician).

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