Problems with Racing Gaming Chairs – Is A Gaming Chair Worth It? [Simple Guide]

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Should you buy one of those popular gaming chairs? Those so-called racing gaming chairs?

In this video, we’ll highlight the issues related to these chairs and why you’re better off with a regular ergonomic office chair.

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1:30 Comfort: The Gaming Chair
3:03 Comfort: The Office Chair
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  1. Quacker Gaming

    From personal experience, I bought a "gaming" race style chair, only it was a recliner type with an ottoman. I can say it is MUCH comfier than the mesh "office" style chair I use. The only reason I end up using the mesh chair instead of the gaming chair is because my room is normally VERY hot in the summer (85 F) and sitting in the gaming chair for long gaming sessions (at least a couple of hours) will normally end up with a sweaty back and the need to get up and walk around for a bit until I cool off enough to have another round. Personally in the winter I will use my gaming race style chair to keep nice and warm and prefer my mesh chair in the heat of summer 🙂

  2. MrAbrazildo

    Office chairs are bad too. The right chair must allow at least 2 different position for the spine.

  3. StringStorm

    Also notice how the legs of office chairs are commonly made out of metal while those of gaming chairs are made out of plastic. Sure, hard plastic but still plastic. Meaning they're not up for to snuff when it comes to durability.

    Speaks volumes on how much money companies put into their gaming chairs. Oh wait, they don't. They just rebrand mass produced chairs from some chinese factory and sell it as premium just because they have their brands on it.

  4. vidfreak56

    Gaming chairs can be "good". It depends on what you buy. The biggest problem people have is actually the seat pan depth and how it prevents most users from hitting the back of the chair correctly. Couple that with the stupid thick lumbar pillows and you get a chair that is akward at least and dangerous for your spine at best due to how most users are either kicked out too far to sit against them or how the memory foam just squishes into nothing and provides no support.

    Then you have chairs that feed only certain body types. So those with bigger frames often are left sucking it.

    But time matters. Spend little time in that chair and nothing will probably come from it. However spend lots of time in it and eventually your back will complain. However that doesn't mean you aren't damaging it just because you dont feel any pain. Most people (especially now in the age of bad chairs) will have disc damage by the age of 30. Far sooner than our ancestors. Hit the age of 30 in America and you're likely to have either a bulge or some form of disk damage. An actual herniation is harder to get.

    However, buy an office chair and then the cushion typically craps out before you want it to. So its not so easy on either side.

  5. Str4t0sPh3rE

    Unless you have the best components available on the market already installed on your computer, gaming chairs are a waste of money.

    Unless you're a streamer who wants to look like a "gamer", then avoid gaming chairs. Buy an office chair like the Ikea Markus which leaves you more money to buy better CPU / GPU or more RAM for your PC.

    Ask yourself this; Which of these two are you going to spend more time looking at? Your game or your overpriced chair?

    Also, buying a racing car chair for gaming is like buying a badminton racket to play ping pong. You can but it's stupid.

  6. Ace Spades

    Finally a clever and satisfiying explanation for a simple question. I think gaming chairs are for douches even if the create content for YT.

  7. David Perry

    Made a really nice crystal button tufted transitional vinyl ergonomic chair with height adjustable reclining backrest with built in lumber support and forward slanted headrest made. Built in the Dallas Makerspace. It’s my current gaming chair and it’s much better than those racing gaming chairs.

  8. MerkkyBoy

    They’re too expensive for me right now I go to sleep every night with back pain so I might have to invest in one

  9. thanks for the information i was thinking gaming chairs were supposed to be comfortable than office chairs. Better I stay with my office chair that I already have

  10. Otaku Inventor

    Already got myself a decently priced gaming chair when i moved into a new house. They are a huge step up from my last 20 bucks one but after a while, my body does tend to get sore on them as well. I thought it would be cool but the more time I have to spend with it, the more uncomfortable it gets. for shots 2-3hrs sitting is fine, but the 6+ hrs of sitting are starting to be a bit uncomfortable. When I'm getting my own system, I would be opting for a more comfortable office chair.

  11. Jayesh

    Though a 9th grader student, I have on similar type office chairs in my school editing sessions and there's one fact that just takes me off of it,
    They are too standard sized for me, i have my legs much more longer than my upper body, so I need my chair to be high enough so I don't need to lean towards the screen, which had made my back and neck posture very bad

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