PS2 Games That Break PS3 Backwards Compatibility (Emotion Engine Emulation – CECHE/C Model)

We’ve looked at fully backwards compatible PS3 models before and they are extremely reliable at playing most of the PS2 library. But when Sony launched the PS3 in Europe, that was actually a revised model! CECHC or here in NA model CECHE, has no Emotion Engine for PS2 support! The Cell Processor emulates it, and that’s where we lose some PS2 compatibility. Today we’re looking at the games that these PS3 models struggle to play, and despite the issues, there’s one huge benefit to playing your games on this console. I’d tell in the description, but this is getting too long already. So do a little watchie watch my friend. Love you.

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0:00 – Why This PS3 Model Is Different
0:42 – Area 51 (Doesn’t Play)
2:05 – The Bard’s Tale (Graphics Issues)
3:03 – Black (Player Stuck, Teleporting)
4:22 – Bloodrayne 2 (Graphics Issues)
6:12 – Burnout 2: Point Of Impact (Headlights Are White)
7:14 – Crash Twinsanity (Game stalls)
8:08 – Dawn Of Mana (Character Models Broken)
10:37 – Evergrace (Flickering Issues)
11:49 – God Of War (Stuttering Audio)
13:19 – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Vertical Scan Lines)
14:19 – Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (Game Stalls)
16:25 – Ratchet & Clank (Runs At Slow Speed)
18:00 – Tales Of Legendia (Background Graphics Distorted)
19:14 – Tekken Tag Tournament (25% Speed)
20:12 – PS2 Games Look Better On This Model

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  1. NextNate03

    I got tired of dealing with the fat PS3s.

    My near lanch (December 2006) died 4 years in.
    Sony wanted to know if I would like to upgrade to the Slim model.
    I said no.
    Sony sent me back a different refurbished model.
    Was not happy, I lost all my data because it wanted me to reformat my HDD.

    Refurbished PS3 lasted 2 years.
    Same thing as before, I said no to the upgrade and got back a different refurbished model.
    Lost all my data the the 2nd time.

    I decided to buy a brand new Super Slim White PS3.
    That died 11 months.

    Repair was free, Sony sent me out the same model (had the same serial number).
    I was very happy, I get to enjoy my old data from my HDD, that what originally thought.
    I reinstall my HDD, to my surprise, it wanted me to format my HDD.

    I lost all of my data 3 times.

    The only good news I have is my PS3 Super Slim has been working fine since 2013.

  2. Markaroni

    Criminally underrated channel dude. Just consistently great content and news aggregation, editing, commentary, etc. Your videos are ones I look forward to each week.

  3. Arunabh Mahanta

    Ok now this is an interesting video. Always interested in emulation, be it software or hardware based.

  4. 7:51 What the hecc was that? Is that what happens when you play a PS2 game on PS3 and close it? I've never had a PS3 so I have no idea, but that was… spoopy D:

  5. FishyThought

    This was as good as it got in Europe. I got my 60gb model for free, a friends dad found it in the trash, blu ray drive was dead but everything else worked fine. My 40gb model got YLOD a few years later so I swapped the blu ray drive in it for the one in the 60gb model and boom, working BC PS3 🙂


    Area 51 is an awesome shooter! Had an awesome online multiplayer as well.

  7. Bjorn

    @Mystic i got the phat cechcxx i bought it for 200 euro's with box and papers everything with it this is the best model right?

  8. Reaperazz23

    Pretty funny I’ve just recently tried to play Area 51 on my ps3 and had to pull out the ps2 to play.

  9. SnakeOnTheRun

    12:29 sing with me, sing for the year sing for the laughter, sing for the tear sing with me, if its just for today today mabey tomorrow, the good lord will take you away
    sing with me, sing for the year sing for the laughter, sing for the tear sing with me, if its just for today today mabey tomorrow, the good lord will take you away

  10. Sorin Geanta

    Mystic, you should Frankenstein your ultimate ps3 by putting a ps3 slim 21xx gpu in it with a little thing that tricks it to make it bootable

  11. Just bought a backwards compatible ps3 CECHC03 to play my Harry Potter games. Although I have multiple ps2 consoles that work I want better quality!

  12. Hey Ryan! I have a PlayStation 3question for you well I don’t know if anybody will see this. I have a problem for some reason my PlayStation three which is a super slim model says it has a PlayStation two internal memory card in it does this mean I can play PlayStation 2 games? What does that mean?

  13. nicholas head

    Thanks for being the exact opposite of PsReady. Great videos as always!

  14. nicholas head

    I have several A01 but just got my first E01 to repair. Need to give the disc drive and it will be back up and running.

  15. PhilSurnell

    I miss the good old days I never could get ps2 games to run on my ps3 80gig refresh even after downloading that app from psn

  16. Cap Howdy

    Always nice to see footage of Black as it was one of the last games I played on the PS2 and was the game that got me into playing FPS games.
    The graphics were way ahead of most PS2 games, which is probably what hooked me on it.
    I remember when the PS3 was about to come out I bought a new 40in HD TV a few weeks before in preparation, and ran the PS2 on it for a little bit (had a 28in CRT before that). Obviously the PS2 was built at a time that old school 4:3 CRT TVs were a thing so you had two options, play with black bars at the side of the screen or use the fit to screen option which would stretch the picture horribly.
    Only played a few games on the PS2 once I moved to the new TV, one being Black, another being Gran Turismo 4 and one of the WWE games (which I only did because I finally wanted to try the online aspect).
    While in theory having a backwards compatible PS3 was a great idea in theory (I am in the UK so was the software based one), once I saw the full HD widescreen graphics of PS3 games, I never played a PS2 game again. I think Black would have been the only one I would have given a chance to, but as I got Resistance and COD3 with my PS3, I already had my FPS quota filled.

  17. N7 Engineer

    Some more I found:
    Driver 3 (AI broken in missions)
    Mafia (fails to load mission)
    True Crime NYC (graphical issues)
    Scarface (runs too slow)

  18. Laynel8

    Turok Evolution is another game that runs poorly on CECHE/C models… the flying stages sometimes will lock up and there's also major graphical flickering issues.

  19. jay14

    I like my ps5 but One thing PlayStation dose bad is backwards compatibility xbox is sooo good at it one of the reasons i love my xbox SX… Good video 👍

  20. Carl G

    It was one of my worst days of my life(well to do with PlayStation that is) 😀 when my Fat PS3 died(YLOD) 🙁 I tried EVERYTHING(& spent nearly 1K to get to work. The Blu-ray drive went to) but it was dead :-/ I always LOVED BC on PS3. Shame the PS5 can't play all past PlayStation discs. Oh well, you can't always get what you want as they say.

  21. I'm actually surprised that God of War, Ratchet and Jak are among the ones that don't work properly, though I do wonder if that has anything to with all of those (and Tekken Tag Tournament) getting HD remasters.
    Dawn of Mana and Tales of Legendia not working makes me sad though D:

  22. hnt84

    I remember there was one PS2 game that I really wanted to play on the PS3 it works fine up until you went into one Pacific area and then it just froze up and you weren't able to do anything / if people are wondering what game it was Tales of the Abyss

  23. Jad Khayat

    What would be more interesting, that probably hasn't been documented anywhere is a comparison with games that use peripherals. For example the Eyetoy, games that used the PS2 HDD, etc…

  24. Brian S

    Another game I’ve had issues with on my BW PS3 is The Matrix: Path of Neo. Graphical issues.

  25. Tjoeb123

    Surprised you didn't look at Wild Arms 4 and 5 (and specifically the North American versions) as those exhibit freezing issues on those PS3s.

  26. RE4-Station

    This is the first PS3 I got, caught up on so many PS2 games I missed out on it!

  27. Woregar Jackson

    Another great video, i bought a ps3 thanks to you, and im loving it:):)
    Keep up the ps3 videos!

  28. DP

    Great video! Lots of in-depth content. Though I disagree that they are worh getting, because even with maintenance, it's still very unreliable. The 7th generation provided us with the most unreliable systems ever made, with the 360's red ring being the most infamous.

  29. Clay3613

    How could you not cover Scarface? The PS2 version refuses to run properly on anything but original hardware, it turns into a sluggish slideshow on the PS3!

  30. P .MILLI. TV

    Scarface is a game I wish I could play on my European 60Gb. Here in England

  31. Spanish Ginger

    Burnout 2 also has a glitch on Xbox 360 back compat where the sun is a black square in the sky

  32. Dalton Parsons

    You missed Mortal kombat shaolin monks that one caught me off guard I can play the others deception, DA, and Armageddon but SM just is buggy, slow, and images clip in and out

  33. Eric Mason

    Mystic thank you for this video. Keep up the great work!

  34. RM

    The ratchet issues were heartbreaking for me

  35. bebo bebo

    One alternative option is to get a PS2 and play PS1/PS2 games on the PS2.

  36. Shaolin Punk

    I just ordered a Wonderbook – the only thing I haven't got for my PS3. Don't know if it will be worth it :p

  37. Johan Bire

    or just mod the ps3 and u can play all ps2 games with no problem.

  38. Otaku_GameFan

    It's been a longtime.
    I've wanted to get one of those PS2 Backwards Compatible PS3s since 2008.
    19:27– Looks more like half speed than 25%.

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