PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim – Which Console Should You Buy Today?

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So which console should you buy? The newer PS4 Pro or the PS4 Slim? Is the extra $100 worth it for the PS4 Pro?
Let’s find out!

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0:35 PS4 Slim
1:12 PS4 Pro
1:58 Which One Should You Choose?
3:01 PS VR
3:12 Is PS4 Pro Worth It?
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  1. Noize

    I am going to buy a slim and my cousin just got the slim so I can play with him and friends and a original PS4 so I want to play with them to

  2. I only have 1080p tv.. so which one should i purchase??? Slim or pro?? Coz i aas planning to buy within this week

  3. Scorpion

    I bought the pro yesterday…i bought it for the extra fps

  4. I dont have 4k tv only 1080p tv i have.. and i am planning to get one on august.. so is it still awesome if i get slim??

  5. Iku K. Sumi

    Thankyou so much i have decided ps4 slim cuz uhh 4k TV i dont think so

  6. Trap Mind

    I still can't make my mind which one should i buy ps4 slim or ps4 pro

  7. Trap Mind

    I have ps4 but I want more realistic graphics

  8. MV Retro

    I have both PS4 pro and Xbox one x they both have an amazing 4K visual and would recommend the PS4 pro

  9. adrian perez

    I got a bad ass pc, I can’t believe I’m buying a ps4 pro just to play a few exclusive single player games, I wish Sony would just release them on pc 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Saif Nafis

    I am buying a samsung 43inch smart tv and it is hd. So will i chose ps4slim or ps4 original.. Pleasee help me to choose and i have wifi

  11. Forgot to mention that Ps4 slim doesn’t have an optical audio port. Which for me is a big deal when considering game headsets.

  12. Malcolm Daniels

    Just got a slim. Still have a plasma tv. Pro is a waste of money they just tryna keep up with the 1X and its fake 4K so why by the pro. Also the slim is 5ghz WiFi

  13. Syahmie Shahar

    I just bought a new PS4 Pro yesterday. It was a birthday gift for me. ❤️

  14. Ka Ka

    I prefer ps4 slim because there is not much diffrence in slim and pro.even i have sony bravia oled

  15. AppleDave4Life

    I like the shape of PS4 slim the most, and that it has real buttons, not a plastic bar for power on and eject. But I have the PS4 Pro as it has more power of course.

  16. Fuck Google

    Playstation since day one. Don't care about 4k but I have heard if your a serious gamer that u want the pro. Friend of mine has regular ps4 and it overheats if he plays to long (2 hours) or lags if to much is on screen. Any thoughts? I want to buy one with VR but not sure which one.

  17. You missed the most important thing! The Slim has a quite fan! I bought a Pro and most games made my Pro sound like a jet engine so I downgraded to a Slim. Pro isn't worth it imho.

  18. I didn't have a 4k tv so I bought a ps4 slim then next week my parents bought a 4k tv now I cry🤪😭

  19. John Doe

    consoles lmao, the only reason to touch a console is if you can mod them and play games for free otherwise you are supporting a subpar platform pissing money away.

  20. Cj Vaans

    Will there be a significant boost in performance and graphics when I use the Pro on a non 4k TV?

  21. SILE3NCE

    This is wrong, the PS4 Pro is the one to go for 1080p gaming

  22. Dalton Williams

    PS4 Slim and Xbox One X owner. Pro is tempting me, but I'm going to wait on PS5.

  23. Adrian

    No one seems to want to mention whether the Pro offers a more stable experience when locked to 1080p, or not.

  24. sahil gupta

    Being April 2020, does it make any sense to buy a ps4 now with the release of PS5 just around the corner?
    If yes, which one should i get, slim or pro? (I do have a 4k TV)

  25. I got a ps4 pro glacier white since this tuesday that was my birthday gift

  26. BAL GB

    I am on a pretty tight budget and am always conscious of how much power my devices use. I want to buy a PS4 to do some cheap gaming and I know that the PS4 Slim has a much lower maximum wattage output than a PS4 Pro but what I want to know is does the PS4 Pro only use the extra wattage when it's running higher resolution on a 4K tv? Also if I were to use it on a 4K tv is there an option to turn down the resolution to 1080P and if so will this only use the same wattage as a PS4 Slim? Last question is this: Is it also worth paying £200 more for a PS4 Pro just for the higher resolution?

  27. SpadeZ .

    ps4 pro has better performance though

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