PS5 update! get FREE games!

0:00 – Haircut reveal
1:07- Free money not clickbait
6:26 – fix the psn
11:30 – ps5’s last chance

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PS Stars is actually worth using

Get points for completing “campaigns” which are simple tasks like playing a specific game

Get points for buying games as well

I was able to get $30 PSN credit with points I just had

You don’t earn unless you sign up so go to the PS App and Sign Up

PSN Down all Weekend

Is this PS5’s Last Chance?

Sony Bend’s new IP is a live service

Recent failures like Destiny 2, the Suicide Squad game compared to the success of stuff like Helldivers 2 and Dragon’s Dogma 2
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  1. Playstation Stars, huh? I've always ignored the flash on the emblem in the PS app because it asks me to sign up for something and Sony is so full of security holes (look at how many times they've been hacked) I have always ignored it. But because you said "Far Cry 5" you got my focus. I've put hundreds of hours into that game… To benefit for doing so in addition to just enjoying playing it sounds great (so long as my personal information isn't revealed by Sony as they've done to other users a higher than average number of times before)!

  2. @user-jj9ig8tt5k

    How on earth ur videos don't go beyond 17 min. and less then 16 min. 😅

  3. My "Sham Pain" comment yesterday wasn't to mock you. It was meant to be commedic. Hope you weren't offended, kiddo!


    Never had an issue considering my ps5 has a wired connection.

  5. I wish the console streaming actually worked, i have gigabit down with 40 up, all hardlined, and the system still wont have a stable connection

  6. I will sell my sorry PS5 , I never liked it
    When playing star wars battlefront my character moves to slow. Game play sucks, some weapons don't zoom in when they are supposed to. You get killed easily because that game sucks on Pl aystation making you look like some one who is a bad player. I hate this crappy system and will sell in two months when my psn subs ends. Not worth keeping this piece of shit.

  7. @ce5circle656

    I'm a old guy Jimmy ,long time gamer ,great channel good information ,good work 🙂

  8. @pauly741

    The psn rarely goes down for me in the uk

  9. @darrenross1335

    So you're supposed to be channel about everything ps but didn't know about stars should u be even making videos on playstation lol

  10. 😊 Rise of Ronin someone finally telling the truth about it all. Most of the games they make definitely are not worth 70 dollars.

  11. I've had a ps5 since release and I've never had any problems of psn going down ?

  12. Please also do a rant on Sony's crappy webpage where to go through your purchased games. It's so bad. They haven't updated that page since 1990

  13. @kidcancer87

    Thanks for accepting the friend request….a month later haha.

    Been taking advantage of the Star Program, currently still sitting on $100 or so in credit for the Playstation store after buying Helldivers II. Was able to go back and just put games I already owned (since I prefer physical) into the PS5 and get credits just for launching it. Didn't realize how much I was missing out and have been trying to get all my digital only friends to sign up because they would benefit the most.

  14. @kyse2

    days gone is a great game i pre ordered it a day before it came out and it was great but it did start out a little slow for my liking but it gets crazy good after a bit

  15. @jonfoster1737

    yea playstation is faceing a MASSIVE federal lawsuit for credit fraud. chargin expired cards and then not being able to contacted about them (THEY hung up twice)

  16. No issues here with Psn in CT,,,,,your area sucks regardless of how good your fiber is smfh

  17. @Rob.Hinkley

    You didn't know about the PSN Credit you can get with PS Stars? I guess they do kinda hide it right down the bottom of the list.

    It doesn't take long for me to get a $8 credit (the values are different depending on region – i'm in Australia), so 2000 points for $8 (or 7500 points for $20) sounds like a lot of points, but if you complete the monthly "campaigns", some are as simple as downloading and launching a monthly PS Plus game will get you 50 points, others require you to earn a particular trophy, or buy a certain game, but others simply need you to load selected games you may already own and you'll get free points for them too.

    And ,if you buy a lot of games digitally (no, doesn't work for physical games unfortunately), you'll rack up point real quick.

  18. @justinmabb1997

    With PS stars you have to spend an INSANE amount of money just for a $5 gift card even the cards that give 50+ points most require you to buy a full priced game. Whereas on xbox that's extremely easy and even with the decrease I still get GP ultimate free every month without sending a penny. Ps gotta fix the "rewards" system

  19. @nadim7157

    Does the PlayStation star does it charge money ?

  20. @chrisvann6870

    Thank you so much man I didn't even realize about these points and I had 7K just sitting there! So yeah I went ahead and got my $20 credit

  21. I almost have 100,000 in points on PlayStation Stars. How did I not know of this?

  22. My WLan internet is fine aswell my PC stays online but my PS5 likes to just disconnect my network and than I have to use the network setting slider and just turn it off an on again to reastablish the connection. In games like GT7 you can drive a whle race but when its over the money you made in the race is gone if the network breaks meaning you race often 30min for no credits in game. Dont know whats up with the Ps5 Wlan but it seams weaker than a cheap Wlan stick from speedlink.

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