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Forspoken Red Flags:
After documenting Forspoken’s wildly strange PC requirements and general malaise about the demo, I hopped in to play the thing myself yesterday on PS5. It’s pretty short, unless you purposefully ditch the objectives and explore as much as you can, albeit the game will throw up invisible walls preventing you from doing so.

My impressions, even post-demo patch which was supposed to fix some things, are largely underwhelming. This Square Enix PS5 release feels like it’s going to be average at best, or at least in one aspect, outright unbearable.

We’ll just start with the worst thing, the dialogue. Even barely getting a glimpse at the actual story, I cannot state strongly enough how poor the writing already feels even when it’s just banter between the lead spellcaster played by Ella Balinska and her talking magic cuff who sounds like JARVIS from Iron Man. The idea here is that Balinksa’s character has been transported to this mystical fantasy realm from modern day New York City, and as such, has a 21st century personality and vocabulary. But this is Square Enix writing that concept, which leads to such lines like:

State of Play:
Now that Silent Hill rumors have been put to rest, all eyes are on the rumored Metal Gear Solid remake, which is reportedly exclusively in development for the PS5. Where there’s smoke there’s likely to be fire and we have enough reasons to think something might be happening on that front, like a recent tease from MGS producer. According to the latest report, an announcement could come as soon as February or March.

This is all speculation, of course, but let’s go back to The Snitch’s comment for a moment. As spotted by Insider Gaming, they wrote on their Discord server that their source is reliable. Given that The Snitch has never really been wrong and tends to tease announcements shortly before they happen, we won’t be surprised if a State of Play is indeed scheduled soon.

In just a couple of weeks, the video game floodgates will open as hotly-anticipated new releases like Forspoken, Dead Space and Hogwart’s Legacy finally arrive. With so many exciting titles on the horizon, you might be worried about how you’ll store them all considering the PS5’s relatively small 667GB of stock storage space.

Fear not, because Amazon’s January Sales include discounts on one of the best PS5 internal SSDs you can buy. For a limited time, the WB_Black 2TB SN850 SSD is on sale for $219 at Amazon(opens in new tab). That’s a sizeable $80 discount compared to its full price of $299. And if 2TB is more storage space than you’re likely to need, the WB_Black 1TB SN850 SSD is on sale for $129 at Amazon(opens in new tab). This internal drive typically retails for $179, so you’re still saving $50.

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  1. A Big What if.. what if Media Molecule brings out Dreams remastered/remake for PS5 VR2 Would you play it..?

  2. Sak Atack

    Demeo looks so good and the fact it says VR2 is OPTIONAL means that everyone can get it and should

  3. Lesser Logic

    For someone who only played Silent Hill 1 is super disappointing they're going straight to 2. I really want to explorer that first game over with better quality everything

  4. Second Opinion

    According to this channel… PS5 jas a major update everyday 🤔🤔

  5. Challa Somesh

    Can someone pls tell him abt the PS5 discord activity bug?
    Like it appears for a min and goes away
    Many are facing this problem

  6. galen head

    Forspoken might give us a a lot alittle taste of SOULS, final fantasy and golf…Foooor Chop lol

  7. TheButchjr


  8. Sheila Wilson

    I'm confused on what I'm watching 🤣 I think I'm going to smoke something before I watch there next upload so I can be on the same level as them

  9. xxnike0629xx

    I hope this State of Play is true. If it is, we can expect to see a lot of upcoming games.
    I think it wouldn't be a surprise if The Last Of Us Part II gets a re-release on PS5. I hope that we get a similar re-release for things like Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection (w/ Golden Abyss), Horizon Zero Dawn, etc.

  10. Trev8282

    I am wondering about the new PS5s my model number is cfi-1215a I wonder if it has better air ventilation , will you guys ever have a tear down on it ?

  11. CJ McCoy

    They were definitely stoned making this video!

  12. wavannwh

    I just picked up the Seagate game drive m.2 nvme ssd 1 TB drive at Walmart for $149. With speeds advertising at 7300M/bs and according to my PS5 it reads at 6800M/bs. And looking at the specs between the game job I bought in the firecuda it's the same exact drive. So I don't know but it's working for me and I've had it for about a month-and-a-half now

  13. True Rican

    It funny how plp saying ps5 living on PS4 hyping. And don't know what they talking about. 🤣🤣

  14. Nur Zaman

    First flop? The PS5 is a flop, it's just living off the success of PS4 and exclusive games, otherwise its completely underpowered, doesn't have enough storage and is so anti consumer. But people will keep hyping it up cuz its PlayStation and they carry on the PS4 hype to this day.

  15. Bishop Grim

    Ehh. When it comes to ssd do your research. Wd isn't bad. This guy is just a paid tool.

  16. GuujiGaming

    Why did you pan the mic’s to left and right like that? It doesn’t translate very well to headphones imo🤷🏼‍♂️

  17. Fish Pickles

    I am really picky on games. I literally only have GTA five and God of war and far cry six I should have a ton of storage space

  18. chris pressley

    Episode started heavy in my left headphone then I looked and understood lol

  19. Zayro 13

    Calling it before I watch. Half the video will be about getting a SSD.

  20. Last Kage

    Dude started off strong I followed early and now it’s just a ssd stock market channel

  21. Dee-Jay M

    Did I miss what you said about a PS5 update?

  22. Dee-Jay M

    Forspoken looks horrible? Your crazy I think it's to challenging for you 🤦🏾‍♂️

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