Python Django Framework Full Course – Learning with the Docs

Learn the Python Django framework directly from the Django documentation. Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

In this tutorial, we will build a full MVC app using the Django official docs as a guide.

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⌨️(0:00) Part 1
⌨️(25:09) Part 2
⌨️(1:06:49) Part 3
⌨️(1:45:25) Part 4
⌨️(2:26:33) Part 5
⌨️(3:18:00) Part 6

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  1. Those having trouble with python installation, Conda, or any of the setup stuff… Use resource to follow along. This way you won't have ANY installation issues and you can just learn to play without Django without having to learn to install a million things on your computer.

  2. unknown

    please change font size next time

  3. k

    Can we use pycharm editor ?

  4. Prasad Poojary

    What are the programing languages to learn before going through Django? Css and Html is enough?

  5. sir i am unable to login to admin site. I have created superuser and all but while login it is showing "CSRF token missing or incorrect."
    Forbidden (403)

    CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.
    what should i do sir? m using windows 10

  6. Does anyone else have problem reading whats on the pycharm screen? The text is barely readable. Would be able to watch if the fonts looked bigger

  7. yaba koba

    please can you do your tuto in french also

  8. Shivam Kaushik

    You have made initial 10 minutes of video as fuzzy as possible,congrats,Great job on making a tutorial

  9. Pari Star

    how many of you haven't Upgraded the PIP version

  10. The most stupid person I've ever seen who didn't tell how to properly install Django using the basic Python.

  11. Coding Hack

    in this code admin login successfully but i want user login with model values in django 2.1 how it is possible
    plz reply

    def login(request):

    if request.method=='POST':




    if user is not None:

    if user.is_active:

    dj_login(request, user)

    return render(request,"products/dashboard.html")


    print("user is not active")


    messages.error(request,'Username and Password is invalid')

    return render(request,'products/login.html')


    return render(request,'products/login.html')

  12. Z Dax

    I tried to follow along but you lost me.// I did succeed getting to the initial rocket page, but following another video and JUST using Pycharm == simple & easy

  13. Noman Abid

    it was fuzzy at the beginning.. but from part 2… it became informative… but was kinda hard to digest
    … at least I digested it 🙂

  14. aayush singh

    Plzz make the font size larger it's so hard to see dude

  15. Hello dear I have a question I have watched mike's python tutorial what should I watch after that
    Becuz this is at another level from that tutorial

  16. I've watched tutorials and taken Django classes when I saw a craigslist clone I said let me see his approach. I don't even know what the 8 hours are for. You spent like 4 hours reading people a documentation making things look harder than they really are then to the app and your jumping from stage 1 to 12 then back to 2 how do you expect a beginner to follow that. All your tutorials have this element of getting people confused except for the paid courses. Dude if you wanna help, do it the right way.

  17. D Tech

    Lol three hours just of reading docs😂

  18. Soumojit Ghosh

    He just goes through the official documentation line by line and does what it says, only value addition being his commentary! WASTE!

  19. Himanshu Shekhar

    for those who are seeing an error like – conda : no such command
    type : pip install conda

  20. l am sory l cannot understood this tutorial l donot want to allowed anyone entered until my pan card not linked with my othercard

  21. Krome

    im having difficulty on Question.objects.all()
    it shows me <QuerySet [<Question: Question object (1)>, <Question: Question object (2)>, <Question: Question object (3)>]>

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