Quip Toothbrush Review – Much Improved

My review of the updated 2nd gen Quip Electric Toothbrush. The best electric toothbrush??
More info here: http://www.getquip.com

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: FILI – The Day Dream

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  1. Ryan Peters

    I have one and I do like it but coming from a sonicare the quip barely vibrates even with a brand new strong battery. I feel like the vibration is kind of a gimmick with this toothbrush vs. The sonicare that actually vibrates strong enough to nearly fling the toothpaste off of the bristles.

  2. Bryan Pascual

    can you overclock the brush speed… might as well water cool the teeth while doing it.

  3. Corn Chips

    I can’t believe I got recommended a review of a Toothbrush.

  4. Sokha

    I really like the old intro and its music

  5. Stephan Patsch

    The bristles are too short, you cannot reach below the gum line

  6. Duncan St. Clair

    This tooth brush is terrible. Sonic is much better. Returning it is even worse than the product. Phone # goes to vm and you have to jump through hoops to find out how to return. Oh yeah they charge you to return it. Dont waste your time

  7. akshay salunkhe

    Why’d you leave the water running in the background at 2:00 … please save water

  8. What about the noise. I’m looking for a whisper quiet or near whisper quiet toothbrush. Lol

  9. Nipuna Pamuditha

    This gys brushes teeth after lunch 😳. Damn i feels bad about my self

  10. Raihan Aradhana

    wait is this real? did dave2d just reviewed a toothbrush?? lmao this is great

  11. It’s weird that you need auto subscription for you to not forget to brush or ran out of paste. Pure laziness and waste of money.

  12. Scared Samurai

    You should do a review of the 2020 version. They finally have a dedicated graphics card.

  13. Masuki

    I actually searched for this because I thought even my phone is thinner than my electrical toothbrush so must be a thinner one somewhere

  14. KAZAM707

    Quip's 'electric' functionality doesn't extend passed the vibrating timer. The simple vibrations aren't actually intended to compete with true electric toothbrushes in terms of oral hygiene. Quip is essentially a pretty, manual toothbrush that vibrates lightly and offers a subscription service for head replacement.

    Dave, I appreciate you, but this video has me question your judgement and motives.

  15. shawn hickman

    Way over priced I got a thin slim handle spin brush from ollys for $2.49 has a very powerful motor and I can take it any where

  16. This is actually a horrible toothbrush
    But it’s not as bad as the people in the comments asking tech questions about it

  17. Breakfast

    I bought the plastic black and the handle is great 🙂

  18. J

    Barley vibrates they are horrible in my opinion. Sonicare or fairywill even is way better.

  19. Hector Castro

    Sucks to commit to purchasing cycle and i'm sure they rigged 1st gen. to malfunction after a while to get you with 2nd gen.

  20. intotheoceanbloo

    When I see tech channels (REAL TECH) channels do this, I really appreciate it. Phone and laptops are great, but tech helping other parts of life is also great.

  21. Carter

    Does it have enough deaditated wam to run a minecraft server?

  22. HGS Wood

    THE DENTAL FLOSS IS AWFUL, I cant write an honest review on their website, so I thought I would anywhere I could. I wasted $20 on the dental holder with floss from Walmart and the floss continuously falls apart and gets stuck in my teeth and the stupid holder is sharp and cuts your gums, and doesn't even hold the "floss". NONE of the reviews on their site are about the dental floss/holder. I do not understand why they have dishonest reviews on their site. I cant be the only one WHO HATES THEIR "FLOSS"! Sorry im irritated because it worked ONCE! and I threw away the box and now im stuck with the POS!!

  23. Elbatrit qoqaj

    I wish it wasn't transparent, so the outside will be blackout.

  24. Steven Fiske

    Anybody know how loud these are? The noise of the sonicare rattles my brain.

  25. Victor P.

    never knew dave reviewed a toothbrush. He should review the realme m1

  26. Michael Dolby


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