R5 7600 + 4070 Ti or 7800X3D + 4070? Nvidia To End The 12GB RTX 4070 TI? December Q&A [Part 3]

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00:00 – Welcome to Hardware Unboxed
00:38 – Ad-Spot
01:20 – Are MSRP’s accurate for reviews?
08:27 – Is Upscaling Good or Bad for Gamers?
21:07 – R5 7600 + 4070 Ti or 7800X3D + 4070?
25:28 – AM4 to AM5 Windows re-install?
29:19 – Should you wait for the RTX Super Series?
30:55 – 4070 Ti 12GB to be EOL?
32:28 – Will FSR ever catch up to DLSS?
34:06 – Why is the GTX 1630 so expensive?
38:09 – Outro

December Q&A [Part 3]

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  1. @Jensen8918

    The Witcher 3 Original looks better to next gen if you ask me. Look at the sword on geralts back or the textures, just a blurr fest. I'll take barely perceptible jaggies any day than vaseline smear fest.

  2. @calebdavis3473

    Why do you say that the 7800 xt is a $550 card? On 12/3, I bought a 7800xt reference design card (Sapphire) from Newegg for MSRP ($499.99).

  3. I'm loving my Ryzen 9 7950X3D + Radeon RX 7900XTX have been an excellent combonation for me.

  4. @Skotty64081

    Take a closer look at TAA blur as another artifact problem in some modern games.

  5. @nunyobiznez875

    26:22 Basically, the exact reason comes down to Microsoft's incompetence and/or the poor design of Windows. Try moving a Linux or a BSD installation from one system to another, which will generally continue to function without driver issues, and this fact will become abundantly clear. It partly comes down to the poor handling of Plug 'n Play in Windows and partly the horrible registry. But it's always possible MS initially designed it to behave poorly to reduce piracy, but even if they did, that's still no excuse for it.

  6. @T3ddyRuxp1n

    Get the 4070ti one. Any card that is better than a 4070 will be way more expensive than a 7800x3d cpu. If you get the 7800x3d and want to upgrade the 4070 you will have to spend considerably more than if you have the 4070ti system and want to upgrade the 7600 to the x3d.

  7. looked at syphon filter for the first playstation, couldn't believe the graphic compared to what i remembered

  8. @TwstedTV

    AMD claimed in their presentation, that if you have an AMD newest processor like the 7950X and 7950X3D and you pair it up with a 7900XT or 7900XTX
    that the performance would be substantially higher just because they are suppose to work together and gives the GPU a significant boost in performance.
    But no one has yet to compare that and call AMD out on their claim. just saying. 🤷‍♀ I would love for someone to actually test their claims.

  9. Me whos planning a build with a 7600 and a 3070 cus gpu proces are still wack here:

    I need help

  10. @OPGamified

    4070 super with 16gigs of Vram is a dream at this point I guess 😅

  11. @marekblaha8629

    Good job boys. Keep it coming jn 2024!!
    I would just ditch monthly GPU pricing update. At least until there's any change. That way it just constant reminder in which way this industry is going.
    It would be amazing if Intel would come up with something to challenge Nvidia at least on xx80 series segment out of nowhere and took everyone from paying for leather jackets😂

  12. @kevinerbs2778


  13. @bagerklestyne

    I'm going with chipset conflicts between AM4 and AM5 (with no scientific basis)

  14. @TrueThanny

    MSAA is by far superior to TAA, and with an adaptive model that uses SSAA for transparent textures, you overcome that problem as well. SSAA, of course, is superior overall.

    The reason MSAA is no longer used is due to games moving to a deferred rendering model, which makes MSAA basically impossible. That's why we now have TAA, which is bad about 90% of the time. It's also the reason why people think DLSS looks better than native – it doesn't. DLSS just does better AA than nearly all TAA implementations.

    You can see the exact same thing right now in Starfield, where the TAA implementation is terrible. But because AMD had a hand in finishing the game, you can turn on FSR2 with a 100% render scale, to get FSR's AA implementation without any upscaling. It looks inordinately better than TAA.

    The best AA possible is still via SSAA, which is the inverse of what FSR and DLSS do. It's actual super- sampling, unlike the sub-sampling that DLSS and FSR actually are (the very name of DLSS is absurdly dishonest).

  15. @anothercritic

    Who cares about 200 fps in esports? Physics simulations are much more CPU critical, like 30 vs 60 fps can easily determine if your rocket wobbles itself to death or not. (Or flight sim with some airplanes)

  16. @sanisafdar6362

    7900x vs 12900k
    From amd house Pakistan
    Plz make video on it for us

  17. @pcvids9779

    For the am4 to am5 question. I had a situation where i literally changed the motherboard (of the same model but different bios version and potentially version) and reusing the same ssd caused windows issues til i did a fresh reinstall

    Gigabyte b760 gaming x ax to b760 gaming x ax

  18. @spehrson

    I’ve got a 7800X3D and a 4070Ti, it’s a great combo.

  19. @L0rd_0f_War

    Most people don't realize this, but an in-place upgrade of Windows can also do the trick to refresh the system if someone is facing windows related jank. This allows you to retain all your installed hardware while refreshing Windows. This should be tried before going the nuclear option of a clean/fresh install which requires reinstalling all your hardware. There are a few other ways (slight more complicated ways) to port your windows between systems and achieve the same result as a fresh windows install, while retaining your installed programs. Even from Intel to AMD, this can be achieved, but is for more advanced users.

  20. @beemrmem3

    I upgraded my sons R5 2600 w/RTX 2060, to a R5 3600. I got the CPU for only $50, so I thought why not.

    I'm surprised the difference it made. The FPS wasn't much higher, one percent lows and stuttering was MUCH better.

  21. @ogm19881

    An example for me on a game that when it first came out I thought looked amazing was Grand theft Auto v on the PS3. I was so amazed by the snow effects in the intro that now I go back to it and I look at it and see how it aged, compared to it on PC or PS5. Now I'm like this definitely seemed, at the time, to have looked better. But what it was, is that it was groundbreaking at the time. Now we are accustomed and have seen better.

  22. I got an open box 7600x for $160 and open box 6750 for $255. I was pretty stoked about that find.

  23. @TomHenksYT

    around 26:00 minutes, speaking out of over 5 years of experience in tech support for a consumer hardware manufacturer: whenever you upgrade your PC in a way that requires replacing the motherboard, it's best to reinstall Windows. The reason is all of the drivers for the on-board devices that a motherboard has. So your chipset drivers, on-board audio drivers, LAN and/or WiFi drivers, etc.
    When you swap out the motherboard and don't reinstall Windows, then on the first system boot Windows will automatically install the drivers for your new motherboard. But if the old ones are also still installed, then you get driver conflicts. Basically, the drivers for the new motherboard are telling Windows to do something different from the old drivers, and this can greatly impact performance not only in games but sometimes also in basic Windows operation or web browsing. God forbid if you also had the motherboard's control software (Armoury Crate, MSI Dragon center etc.) installed before, and now you switch to a motherboard of another manufacturer. Therefore, I recommend always reinstalling Windows if you change the motherboard.

  24. Happy new year.

    The GTX1630 is almost 200€ where i live, which is ridiculous. It's the same price the GTX1650 super was. The ultimate rubbish product.
    But to be fair, the 4GB cards from AMD are not much better. It seems that budget gaming is dead.

    It should cost 80€ at best. Cards of this performance class are usually for users which want to put a graphics card into an old eBay office system with low wattage power supplies.

  25. Value of a product may be really different due to current market prices.
    A year ago I chose a 4070ti over 7900xt because there was nearly a 20% price difference between those cards (800$ vs 1000$). So I've decided "screw that memory stuff, it isn't worth 20% premium for the same performance"

  26. The reason i hate upscaling is that it basically excuses manufacturers from innovating with their hardware. "Here is our mediocre GPU which in pure raster performance sucks harder than a Dyson vacuum, but here is the software emulation you get for it, which will fool you to thing it's doing OK, at least until the next generation comes along and we stop the support for yours, so you can buy the newer one". This is basically how i feel about DLSS. I liked it in the way it was implemented with FSR – allowing much older GPUs to still be able to play newer games. I mean it's exactly FSR that helped me stay on my GTX 1070 for another year, till i could finally buy a proper high-end GPU for a normal price. Upscaling should be a technology for the masses, not for the elite. It's ok to have to use it on a 7600 or some other $200 GPU, it's not ok to have to use it on your $800 4070Ti, because the GPU is an overpriced trash.

    As for the effects of the reviews – it DOES matter more than you think. I'll be always grateful to you guys for providing the review of the 5800X3D with the ACC gameplay. It is the main reason i pulled the trigger on that CPU since it's the sim i spent the rest of my gaming time when i am not in Cyberpunk 2077 and it's been a rock solid performer ever since. I've built over 20 systems with this CPU, all of the for people with sim-rigs and if it wasn't your review, probably none of them would've had it. MSRP oriented or not, when you recommend a product, your opinion matters, because it helps us justify taking up the risk. It is also why LTT fiasco blew out so much, because for years they have been providing misleading data and people were getting unsatisfying results.

  27. @dividead100

    They actually don't make cars like they used to so they're not wrong. On a serious note some things that are now too expensive and structures that did not move in a crash were done differently in a way that might inspire quality even if it's better when the structure does crumble in a crash. Also, you ca kind of bring an old car up to date but if a new tesla/ford gets a borked software update there is nothing you can personally do about it.

  28. have i5 13500 d5 6000mt build and using it since 6months+ ,

    4070 super 16gb(if they relate), 4070, rx 7600xt 16gb , 4060ti 16gb would be performed fit but damm those pricing

  29. @freshooom25

    Upgraded to 7800X3D+7800XT – absolutely slaying everything i can throw at it. Sh1t runs Hot lo xD

  30. @NoirSoldats

    My response to Question 1: They blather on for a while about this but I think it is very simple. Here's the long and short of it.. They give you all the information required to update the Price Per Frame data YOURSELF… So if the prices are different where you're shopping or when you're shopping…. DO SOME MATH YOURSELF.. -.-

  31. I'm upgrading my rig because my MB died and fried the cpu (5900x). Got RMA on everything.
    What do you recommend? Ryzen 7700 or 7800x3d (100$) more with rtx 3090? Playing AAA at 3440x1440p 100hz.

  32. @cldpt

    The question on the thumbnail is pretty straightforward: mostly gaming? Go 4070Ti and you can upgrade the CPU for much cheaper later, and to a better generation of CPU more likely since AM5 will be supported for 2 more years or so.

    If you're doing anything other than gaming for 30% of your PC time I'd go for an 8-core CPU, x3d or otherwise.

    Also the main issue here is if you are playing at fhd vs QHD vs 4k. If you're going for 4k, you may just go 4070 Ti. If you're going QHD, very likely the 4070 with dlss+fg is enough. If you're doing eSports, you probably would be fine even with a 3060 anyway 😂

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