Radeon RX 7800 XT [AMD to the rescue?]

In this video, I will tell you everything I know about AMD’s upcoming Radeon RX 7800 XT graphics card. That includes its specs, performance in games, release date, and price.

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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Ad
0:40 – Navi 32 explained
1:24 – Price & Release Date
2:01- Specs
2:29 – Performance
3:23 – AMD’s technical difficulties

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  1. J0ttaD

    took too long for me and probably too expensive

  2. Luis Velez

    I have the 7000 XT and the Damm thing idles at 70c-80c
    Spoke to AMD and they that is normal.
    were my 3080 Evga idles at 35c-50c

  3. Ymir

    Probably gonna perform the same as a 6900XT and won't improve any dollar to performance since the current 6000 series got a discount. This generation is fucked by both AMD and Nvidia. Both are scumbag companies that's only milking desperate customers.

  4. Kapler

    It wont be that fast. It will be around 6800xt and at 700$ thats flat out regression

    Spec for spec rdna3 gets its performance from clock speed. So unless it clocks to 3+ ghz AND SCALES it will only match a 6900xt
    And if amd wants to stay below 300w at like 250w it wont clock that high.

    And besised the 7900xt is only about 10% faster than the 6950xt. How is n32 with 40% less CUs, bandwidth, and 50% les icache supposed to ONLY be 10% slower.

    Just look at amds mobile n33 numbers. Doing rhe comparison between the 7600mxt and the 3060 shows the mobile n33 should be about rtx 2080 level. The 6650mxt which is spec wise identical but for clocks is 12% slower. And the 7600mxt is clocked 8% higher. So theres really not much there for “ipc” between the 2.

    So at 60cu n32 has to be clocked WAY higher beat a 6900xt

  5. Rod 2E0RLR

    My 7900 XT will run anything I throw @ it from MFS2020 4K Ray to Eldon ring right over to Cyberpunk without issues… 2020 is hovering around 60Fps Totally Maxed out .. what more could you ask for ?!?

  6. Andrea Briganti

    Bought the 4070 TI so I'll be fine in Ultrawide for a while. Hope everything is going well Vadim. Take care.

  7. pf100

    The market has a lot of settling down to do so I'm just going to wait a year or 2 or 3 with my 3080 and see how things play out. Since I play at 1440p I don't care at all about current gen cards.

  8. PrinceTexasLoaf

    with how prices are, im currently wayy more interested in arc gpus

  9. Prisoner #6

    If this card is more than 700 then they can keep it. I decided against this gen altogether as prices for these cards are ridiculous.

  10. Plastered Spyro

    Looks like I'm holding on to my 1070 for another couple years lol

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