Ranking the Best 1440p Gaming Monitors (Tier List)

Looking for a 1440p monitor? These are the best QHD gaming monitors ranked according to their overall performance and value for money.

Best 1440p Monitors (affiliate links):
LG 27GR95QE:
🛒 https://geni.us/xTuqeA
📽️ https://youtu.be/oh9tC3Ck0_Y

LG 27GR83Q:
🛒 https://geni.us/aRJn
📽️ https://youtu.be/IEv895dnoVY

HP X27q:
🛒 https://geni.us/GcW6
📽️ https://youtu.be/2Njf7UcD9Hk

LG 27GL83A:
🛒 https://geni.us/1JuzTsW

KTC H27T22:
🛒 https://geni.us/ADbHi
📽️ https://youtu.be/zXeOjYRPj08

🛒 https://geni.us/ty7VaMp

Gigabyte M27Q Pro:
🛒 https://geni.us/LRvU9

🛒 https://geni.us/W6AN
Measurements & ICC: https://www.patreon.com/posts/aoc-q27g2s-icc-72234236

KTC M27T20:
🛒 https://geni.us/FyQoL
📽️ https://youtu.be/xINKVAGOiAs

LG 27GN800:
🛒 https://geni.us/DyxU

Gigabyte M27Q X:
🛒 https://geni.us/MbhG0T
📽️ https://youtu.be/x6dHt4nXZ-Q

Alienware AW2723DF:
🛒 https://geni.us/dzmnEQ
📽️ https://youtu.be/q-xF3uHQKm4

Innocn 27G1S:
🛒 https://geni.us/YDg0
🛒 Refurbished (not always available): https://shrsl.com/4911z
📽️ https://youtu.be/FLS2KJUHNeo
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00:00 – The Best 1440p Monitors
00:15 – LG 27GR95QE
01:03 – LG 27GR83Q
02:12 – HP X27q
02:35 – LG 27GL83A
02:41 – KTC H27T22
03:31 – MSI G274QPF-QD
04:44 – Gigabyte M27Q Pro
05:15 – AOC Q27G2S
05:47 – KTC M27T20
06:52 – LG 27GN800
07:12 – Gigabyte M27Q X
07:49 – Alienware AW2723DF
08:20 – Innocn 27G1S


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  1. Razor MacTavish

    You can't even buy these monitors (Gigabyte S-Tier, MSI A-Tier or LG A-Tier) in Germany… I thought you are german? I don't get it.

  2. X Spector8

    The new Dell G2724D and Alienware 2724DM are pretty excellent newer gen replacements for the LG 27 GN-GL-GP850/83A class of monitors. Would love to see you review them should you have the opportunity.

  3. SKulLeR

    What about the AOC agon pro ag274qg?

  4. Boi

    Can you review the HP Omen 27QS, 400euro 240hz

  5. MGK195

    i have two GP850s and they are barely useable… 800:1 contrast ratio, black is blue/red ish and looks just awful even worse than the 2020 boe panels.

  6. Phenyl_g

    do u read minds i was just looking for a 1440p monitor and see this vid a day later

  7. AOC released a new 240hz 1440p oled monitor which is using the same panel as the LG monitor you are dailying for 200 dollars less. id love to see your take on it.

  8. Davi Simoes

    Tenho um benq mobiuz e não pretendo trocar tão cedo, jogo no Xbox séries X: que monitor top!

  9. Soy David

    I've got the KTC H27T22 and its an amazing monitor for it's price point, really pretty images, i have calibrate it just like you recommended and even use it to do some Graphic Design Work on it, and for gaming its Pretty Freaking Fast!!! I'm loving this Monitor so much ❤, I will catch up on the 4K miniled variant soon if i want to build a New 4K focus build in the future.

  10. Socreative7

    I actually bought the ktc h27t22 last year after your review and I'm super happy with it. For 250€ it's an excellent monitor, especially compared to the other 1440p monitor prices around that time

  11. Fabian L.

    M27Q is 250€ M27QX is 469€?! What are the differences?

  12. TeachMe Senpai

    Also, don't recommend VA panels in 2023.
    That clearly shows lack of knowledge about VA panel issues compared to IPS (or oled versions).

  13. Atilolzz

    Awesome video once again!
    I would have never imagined that the KTC H27T22 would get even cheaper than 250€ here in Germany, but now its only 200€ on Amazon 😅
    Obviously I don't regret my purchase, I happily recommend it to my friends 🙂

  14. Martin Matias

    27" Philips 27M1N5500ZA Gaming not inkluded so disipointed. 😀

  15. Dew4lk

    I got the alienware one because of you, there was a deal going on and i couldnt refuse. Overall I'm very happy going from 1080p to 1440p and the thin bezels makes it look very modern, now that i like higher res im also curious about 4k.

  16. Keponen

    Acer XV275UP3 competes with KTC M27T20, probably the same VA panel. But no reviews 🙁

  17. tasi lama

    Will you review new gigabyte m27q x rev 2? There aren't any reviews about that new rev 2 in online

  18. Angelo Attanasio

    Thanks for the content. It's Always very useful to see comparisons between panels and what you're actually paying for. I am strugglin from quite a while to get one, and honestly can't find any DECENT review anywhere. I'm talking about 3 in particular:
    – LG 27GR75Q (249.99€)
    – MSI G272QPF (259€)
    – BENQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q (260.99€)
    All these 3 are IPS panels, 165hz, 2k, in that price range, as of now. I would mostly play Competitive Fps games, so yeah, response times and ghosting are the things to Stick with in the First place..

  19. Flocke Locke

    I want to add a topic. Many PC gamers are missing out on a better image quality when they have a good rig or one that can run games PS5 and Series X equally but playing on 1080p or 1440p monitors. There is also a myth that 1080p or 1440p look worse on a 4k monitor but that is wrong because those games look better on the 4k display due to much better pixel density on a similar size. Pixel density is what matters more than many think. The best thing is 4k 28 inch and 4k 32 inch but 32 is almost too large up close, especially for shooter and 1st person games.

  20. Famezy

    I think the Dell G2724D is the best value 1440p monitor on the market at around £250-£300 and regularly can be found cheaper. I bought mine on sale at £209 couple of months ago

    It has all the specifications a gamer needs like 165Hz, 1ms response time, G-Sync, Freesync, various response time modes and preset modes. It also has decent HDR and brightness

    In my opinion the best two things this monitor has are HDMI 2.1, which isn’t the full 48Gbps bandwidth, but still at 24Gbps it’s still an HDMI 2.1 worth having and also almost NO ghosting even in extreme response time mode

    I’m a console gamer on PS5 and I get to have VRR with the HDMI 2.1 and it’s a great monitor

  21. c asif

    Hey, how do you feel about the Koorui 27E3QK 1440p 240hz IPS that's current 223$ on Amazon US ?

  22. Agent Alpha

    On Taobao, Viewsonic are offering a lot of 27" 1440p 165-180Hz monitor, like the VX2758/VX2780/VX2781 and they're very affordable if you're close to China. The VX2758 often goes for 899 RMB, which is around $125 and (shipping not included) and it just sounds absurd and i dont know if it's actually good or not

  23. Knight with gun

    Thanks for the great video, you explained thngs very clear and good,
    my question is, would you recommend the Innocn 27G1S, LG 27GN800P-B or rather the KTC H27T2. Thouse are in my price range, i plan on playing rather story and indie games, and not as much competetive, but i would still like to have a fast monitor with fast reaction time. What would you choose?
    Danke im voraus

  24. I recommend you to review the Koorui GP01 that a new monitor from them that is 24 inch QHD. 165hz and nano fast IPS it's hovering between 199 and 250 USD

  25. Mr Lk

    they are no benq 1440 monitor !

  26. Benyamin Lorit

    A couple of years ago, I bought the Optix G241 after I saw your video because it checked pretty much all the boxes I had and I liked the Color Performance and Contrast. To this day, I'm still incredibly pleased with it but I am entertaining the idea of moving up to 1440p but I just really want a 1440p version of the G241. Lol. Which of these perform the closest to it in terms of colors?

  27. Jose Brandao

    I would love to see the AOC Q24G2A ranked on that list it seems a great 24 inch 1440p monitor.
    None the less loved the video

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