Rating the BEST Selling PC Parts Right Now! 😬 [What IS Everyone Buying??]

Whenever I post a new gaming PC build there is always lots of discussion about the parts selection, and where things could be improved! But it got me thinking, what PC parts are you guys buying, and are you making the right decisions? Let’s take a look at Newegg’s best sellers and find out πŸ˜…

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Best Selling Category Pages on Newegg [PAID LINKS]:
Best Selling CPUs: https://howl.me/clU73cqHvc3
Best Selling RAM: https://howl.me/clU73FNiaRY
Best Selling Motherboards: https://howl.me/clU73X5Fw30
Best Selling GPUs: https://howl.me/clU74mFZkgO
Best Selling Cases: https://howl.me/clU74JozESJ
Best Selling PSUs: https://howl.me/clU749vazKB
Best Selling CPU Coolers: https://howl.me/clU75u34Msv
Best Selling SSDs: https://howl.me/clU75L9VfV1

Ryzen 7 7800X3D: https://howl.me/clUIXOvuBKF
G Skill Trident 32GB DDR5: https://howl.me/clUIX4D4lvQ
ASUS ROG STRIX B650-A GAMING WIFI: https://howl.me/clUIYlnjEYz
GIGABYTE WINDFORCE GeForce RTX 4070 12GB: https://howl.me/clUIYEzv6PB
Corsair 4000D Airflow 4000D: https://howl.me/clUIYUvN253
Corsair RM750e: https://howl.me/clUIZcZJU82
DeepCool AK620 High-Performance: https://howl.me/clUIZtjDkgX
WD BLACK SN850X 2TB: https://howl.me/clUIZJKaEIb

Ryzen 7 7800X3D: https://geni.us/XmXUtPg
G Skill Trident 32GB DDR5: https://geni.us/huu6F
ASUS ROG STRIX B650-A GAMING WIFI: https://geni.us/OETvt
GIGABYTE WINDFORCE GeForce RTX 4070 12GB: https://geni.us/EmMHnT
Corsair 4000D Airflow: https://geni.us/0OLrsc8
Corsair RM750e: https://geni.us/mBwZ6
DeepCool AK620 High-Performance: https://geni.us/HwK2
WD BLACK SN850X 2TB: https://geni.us/8s6ot

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00:00 Intro
00:33 AD
01:04 Processors
03:32 Memory
04:56 Motherboards
06:26 Graphics Cards
09:30 Cases
10:59 Power Supplies
12:08 Storage
13:02 CPU Coolers
14:53 The Newegg Bestsellers Build!


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  1. @_meme_hub_

    What is the best mobo for a 7 7800x3d, Corsair vengeance ddr5 ram ,crucial t700 2tb, and a 4070ti super?

  2. @GeekaWhat

    What do you guys think of the most popular bought items? πŸ€”

  3. @wilcox2146

    This is nearly my exact first build from microcenter. Lian li case, 7800x3d, b650 wifi board, deepcool ak620, and the Asus dual 4070 are all spot on. Memory and storage are basic. All black build for about 1700$ Microcenter CPU, board, and memory bundle saved me 350$ Running CS on 200+ frames, 3-4ms, and all with 10-15 ping.

  4. no wonder the most expensive parts are near the top of the best sellings, the cheapers ones are anywhere from 150% to 200% more then anywhere else
    the only time you buy from newegg is if you need parts for a 4k gaming pc

  5. I tried to do a lot of research before buying the parts for my first PC (your videos helped a lot!). For my price range the 4070 super and the i7 14700K worked out very well. And then I went with an NZXT H7 flow case and an NZXT motherboard.

  6. @ShhoKing

    Rn i would still buy rx 6800 its 400 bucks in my country

  7. @Waifu_Warrior

    Ryzen 9 7900
    B650 (Asrock)
    RX 7900XTX
    32GB cl 30 DDR5 6000 (GSkil)
    Lian Li Mesh
    Corsair PSU older style 1000 Watt.
    Stock cooler (Dragon's Dogma II is really putting it through its paces)
    Storage is a mixed bag.

    I didn't build it to win a popularity contest but if I had built it 3 months later I likely would have went with a 7800X3D like most. Knowing what I know now I would have paired CL32 with this motherboard or got a beefier motherboard. This one really doesn't like cl30 6000. It's not stable. Zero complaints with the 7900 or the 7900XTX and while the 7900 would lose to the 7800X3D now, not much would convince me to change the 7900XTX except maybe a $1000 4090 and that will happen never. 7900XTX in Canada is $1500 after tax. 4090 is $3200 after tax. If someone offered me a free 4090 or a free 7900XTX and a steam wallet with $1700 in it, I'd still take the 7900XTX. That's my logic on that.

  8. @OkumuraRyuk

    Love how nobody talks about the Arc A770 … That's what I own.

  9. @clw22580

    Should have went 7900xt 7800x3d – that said it’s not a bad build

  10. @Fusion2292

    hi can i get a budget gaming chair recommendation

  11. OK – this will probably annoy the hell out of you…. I just bought an RX 6650XT, a Β£90 HP Laser printer, a Β£50 Microsoft original gamepad, a Β£125 12TB recon hard drive, a 32" 4k monitor – limited to 70Hz (….. yeah I know – I know…..) 2TB Nvme, Sooooo Basically lots of toys…. but cheap! A few other things…. But I buy cheap….. Oh – a 4TB SSD (Emtec seem to be best value at the moment – was Silicon Power a couple of months ago…..)

  12. @ceuser3555

    This means 5000 series GPUs are coming out soon and Zen 5 CPUs too. This would be the reason why those prices are going down, they need to empty their inventory for the new ones coming out.

  13. @jmal

    Can't wait for you to slap this together. Yes, including that damned 3060. πŸ˜‚

  14. @ceuser3555

    Arctic LF3 is challenging those AIO prices. I couldn’t say the same for their P14MAX fans though. They are charging an arm and a leg for those, including shipping costs to the already inflated launch price.

  15. @crazzy4194

    Currently looking at what to get for my first build (around $2k). 7800x3d, phantom spirit evo cpu cooler, b650 Aorus elite ax v2, z5 2×16 ddr5-6400, insert any 2tb m.2 SSD with over 7000 speed*, 7900 xtx, montech king 95 pro case, *insert any 850w 80 gold cert full mod psu

  16. @stuka101

    Bit odd that the top cpu is 7800x3d and top ram is 6400mhz, isnt the sweetest spot for am5 6000mhz?

  17. @stuka101

    Just needed to add in monitor! you know so you can display the signal from all these parts 🀣

  18. @ARXInfinite

    Idk if i should go with one of them corsair power supplies, they don’t have the native 12VHP connector for the 40 series and idk if it matters but im building a pc soon for the first time (and it’s my first pc) going with a 4090 and 7800x3d but really trying to find a psu with the new connector but does it matter?

  19. @El_Atolero

    I got an acer m.2 2TB for $1,799 MXN ($109 USD approx.) with a read speed of 7200 mb/s and as writing speed of 6200 mb/s. A great deal IMO.

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