Razer Blade 15 Review – The Smallest Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the new Razer Blade 15. Their best gaming laptop with a 6-core CPU + GTX 1070
Available Here – https://amzn.to/2IXsOVf
Razer Blade Skins – http://bitly.com/1MovGDv

Razer delivers a really strong device this year that matches excellent build quality, high end components with proper cooling in a really pretty package. The Razer Blade 15 is a significant improvement from the previous generation 14″ Blade. User upgradeable storage and RAM is nice this year too.

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  1. Dave2D

    Huge improvement from Razer this year. If you're looking to get one, I highly recommend the 144hz panel. It's really good. Thanks for watching =)

  2. 13theviper1

    Very happy with my razer base lnfo.help/-Razer?卿 I wasn’t sure if I should get the advanced with valet cooling but the base cools much better. Ethernet port is a huge plus. 75 FPS on high settings for most games. Battery life is surprisingly good.

  3. sct11s45

    Dude, you do all these reviews, and you don't mention how SHIT the screen and sound is?? I mean the overheating is one thing, but the thing looks like something from 2005. Windows laptops are so garbage.

  4. sct11s45

    BRIGHT SCREEN???? wtf is this dude smoking????

  5. sct11s45

    They NEVER tweaked the palm rejection software. 2020 and still nothing.

  6. Harrison

    Can someone tell me what are those light sticks in the background??

  7. Josephus Aquila

    "Build a custom PC for $7"

    Me: Cries in my $6 dollar Laptop

    Also me: "If only if were that easy……….."

  8. GodOkGo

    I want this but I'm not old enough for a goddarn job & mommy says no 😭 too expensive

  9. ok

    I have this laptop and if anybody wondering if gaming is good it’s very good

  10. Andi Palmer

    Does anyone else have issues with this laptop being extremely loud and hot?

  11. Let me ask if the laptop has a vibration sensor, my friend has not used it yet so I don't know

  12. Ricardo Peloso

    looks good… not good tho. to expensive for an unreliable machine. very disappointed.

  13. Ryan M

    Nowadays, laptops are the only real way to get access to a decently priced RTX card, lmao.

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