Razer Blade (GTX 1060) Review – Does it Get Too Hot?!

Dave2D review of the New Razer Blade. One of the best laptops has been refreshed with the GTX 1060 but does it overheat??
Original Razer Blade 2016 Review – https://youtu.be/TN-Rub-lmc4
External Drive Thing – http://amzn.to/2fiur5p
Skins from https://www.dbrand.com
Purchase Link – http://amzn.to/2g4gLKM
GTX 1060 Montage – https://youtu.be/ac9ogKirkGQ

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  1. Harrison L

    I have to say, I've owned this laptop for quite a while now and the fan noise is rather acceptable. But when I start gaming, the CPU got to 90 degrees Celsius and the GPU peaks at 80-85 degrees Celsius. On top of that, I've download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and it reports that my laptop is constantly having thermal throttling while gaming, but my CPU,GPU usage is consistently low. I don't understand how the usage is so low but it makes such high temps, at least they should increase the fan speed.

  2. Salvia Taslim

    After watching your videos, especially this one, for a few times within this past few months, I finally bought my razer blade 14". Thank you Dave for your opinion about this laptop and also this video helps me a lot in choosing the right laptop for me. Thank you!

  3. andivax

    Dave, thank you for amazing vids! This one or dell xps 15 (1080p)?

  4. James Speaks

    After one day of playing Kingdom Come deliverance on this computer, my graphics are all messed up with strange squares and flashing colors. I’m afraid I’ve damaged the 1060 somehow. Any ideas?

  5. Vaughn Campbell

    Im getting max 92 celsius playing the new black ops. Should I be worried?

  6. Boris

    i bought the computer and used it play some games. Because of the overheating I got this huge crack in the middle of my screen.

  7. highdefs

    is it touchscreen on the 1080p screen?

  8. Manuel Flores

    I hope someone watch this and help me, im looking to buy a laptop for school and gaming, that's powerful and would last me at least 4 years, I don't want a thick laptop the thinner the better, im looking to buy a used razer blade 14 with i7 7 gen 16 gb ram and gtx 1060 for 810$. but also a new Lenovo y530 i7 8 gen 16 gb ram and gtx 1060 for 1700$, I want the Lenovo because is new and would last longer but if the razer can last me the same as the Lenovo it would be great or should I wait for the new rtx from Nvidia to see if the prices for other laptops drop? please help

  9. Cesar B

    I have the qhd version of this and the screen has a strange look to me. It looks like it has a creep screen protector on it…. I've checked, it doesn't.

  10. Mehdi 4kill

    I have the same Razer blade but with an i7 7700hq , I dont Know why but I cant reach more than 60fps at overwatch for example , but on the video you reach 90fps , whats wrong with my screen ?

  11. Mozzie MLG

    What razer laptop should I get for the 1500$ range being able to play apex legends or rainbow six seige at medium settings pls if you can recommend at that money range

  12. Nyle Kash

    It’s on sale for 1400$ rn. 500$ off. Is it worth purchasing?

  13. Ismail

    Need Help. I need Link for a Dbrand Skin I couldnt find any.

  14. Hao Gu

    I see the noise reduced by 10dB in quiet mode under load compared to cool mode, how do u switch between these two modes?

  15. Sugar

    If anyone is still thinking of getting this computer despite being this late.

    I'm here with a 4 years later recommendation: don't get it.

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