You are currently viewing Razer Blade Pro Review (GTX 1080) – The Best Laptop for Pros?

Razer Blade Pro Review (GTX 1080) – The Best Laptop for Pros?

Dave2D review of the THINNEST laptop with a GTX 1080 – Razer Blade Pro. Covering build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.
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  1. Eiffel Vale.

    It's nearly 5 years ago and I got recommended this video, a nice trip down the memory lane indeed!

  2. Blaž Bohinc

    That CPU is such hot garbage by today's standards it's incredible

  3. 이준희

    Who thought we will ever live in an era where laptops are cheaper than the custom pc.

  4. CChen

    Remember back then when they had these 2cm bezels? crazy how they lived with that

  5. Ankur Chandra

    Why recommending after 4 years? Great job YouTube algorithm!

  6. Graphi

    Seriously 😑it's 2021 YouTube recommend now!

  7. Chroma

    4k 60hz what a waste of hardware for the time

  8. Jerpyj Extras

    Does anyone know if you could turn down the display resolution and over lock the refresh rate?

  9. hashim siddig

    I would like to see how it compares to the razer blade 14 with 3070/3080 and 5900HX

  10. dora

    i heard this laptop randomly shuts down due to insufficient power even when ur browsing or using office suites

  11. Buddha Nag

    Watching from the future where there is only RTX

  12. Sanchit Gaur

    Youtube threw this on my feed after 4 years lol. The trackpad looks so cool, wish we had more RGB trackpads in the current market :3

  13. 한승희

    Funny how 1080 sounds super fast after 4 years

  14. Emmanuel Addai

    Hey can someone help with a link to charger and battery for razer blade pro 17 2017

  15. Watching this in 2021, i am feeling level 31 YouTuber vibes 😁😁😁, 219 level in 4 years is nice Dave.

  16. deepan kumar

    Damn you yt recommend i thought this video was new and a budget version of the razer blade laptops

  17. Rajorshi Roy

    Got this recommend in December of 2021 and I somehow believed Razor released a laptop with GTX 1080

  18. Mayank Taya

    Why is this in my recommendation after 4 years?? XD

  19. Jakub P.

    Damn you, YouTube. Why you recommend me this after 5 years? 😀 I mean… I'm watching the video and then see comparing this laptop to the 2016 MBP? Like what the hell… oh! OK. Cya


    Q: Is Razer Blade 17 keyboard better then MSi GS66 ?

  21. Pt Bot

    Why are 5 years old review being recommended now?

  22. Jack Moxley

    I bought this laptop about a month after this review came out based on this review.

    Firstly I think the review was accurate.. So critique is of Razer not you, however from a future review perspective there are some clues.

    In Europe the support was terrible, 3-6 weeks without a laptop, and I kid you not, received it back rattling with a spare screw in the case, I checked no screws were missing.
    It turns out razer had made some shocking short cuts when making the machine. The screws only held 3 sides of the bottom in place, the back was held together with cheap plastic clips, which snapped after 4 years of constant maintenance.
    That high fan noise, actually is more of a flaw than you think, I have had to replace the fans in my laptop after the bearings went.
    It still didn't cater for the heat output of the machine, that will under moderate high load will just turn off. I ended up underclocking the graphics card. I found replacing the thermal paste with some decent stuff also helped, as the coverage of the original was somewhat lacking in places.
    The trackpad, was terrible for a couple of years, I was constantly getting shadow clicks, however that was one thing that did improve.
    The keyboard on the other hand, has not lasted, the 'mechanical' keyboard was a lie, it's not using switches at all, its the old plastic pressure pads on the back, unfortunately now my WASD keys and space bar don't work from overuse, so I have had to buy a keyboard to do the work.
    The screen is still good, albeit overly reflective, it's never been usable in sunlight. 4K even on a 17" screen was a waste of money imho, I have everything at 200% scaling, and running games in 4k won't last for more than 30 mins. I think 1440 would have been a good level.
    The battery has lasted well, 3 hours is realistic a lifespan if you aren't gaming then you will be lucky to get 30 mins, so I have it plugged in most of the time, which explains the battery.
    Despite the fingerprint attraction, it is remarkably easy to clean.

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