Razer Core Review – The Best External GPU?

Dave2D review of the Razer Core – Thunderbolt 3 External GPU. Covering gaming performance and thermals using a GTX 1080
Laptop Skins: http://www.dbrand.com/razer
Blade Purchase Link – http://amzn.to/1TQAWtW
Stealth Purchase Link- http://amzn.to/1TMwyH
Core Purchase link – http://razerzone.com

Some related Razer videos:
Razer Core Preview: https://youtu.be/RsxhcTs0zJ8
Razer Blade Stealth: https://youtu.be/I4SgcraOAOU
Razer Blade: https://youtu.be/TN-Rub-lmc4

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Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: FILI – Pressing Forward

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  1. Jarlax

    I will try saving up to get this

  2. Jarlax

    Does it need to be a razor laptop?

  3. Steven Shoemaker

    My Razer Stealth can't run anything, not even fortnite. If I purchased just the base Razer Core with the graphic card it comes with, would I be able to play games more demanding?

  4. Mekk 321

    We need to connect with our pic first?? So that we can plug it in our razer blade stealth

  5. Lil Mackaboi

    because of the background music i thought i was getting a call on discord, listen closely

  6. Godless

    1070+ razer core… thats almost a thousand dollars… just buy ps4 or xb1

  7. Deep Patel

    Do you have to purchase the Core and a separate graphics card or does the Core come with a graphics card?

  8. laditok

    Can you please advise what can i do to upgrade Dell xps 17 l702x nvidia 555m

  9. Reuben

    can I use this for hp laptops?

  10. Khogn TM

    It lacks one thing, though: a slot for a hard drive.

  11. SebasM

    This + Good Wi-Fi + Laggy laptop = OMG THIS IS THE FUTURE

  12. 의사양반

    Gigabyte egpu is way better deal , $699 for egpu + 1080
    Best option for person how don’t have enough money

  13. frank groot

    Can you just juse a video card to your own preference?

  14. Eds wings

    Hey anyone knows if it will work on a AIO?? I have one but i don't have an external display will the egpu still perform good?

  15. can you do same with macbooks? from other reviews they seem not to utilise more than 50% of the gpu potential. it would be nice if you mention pci lanes (x4 etc) and use some pci bus usage meter. another nice video, thank you.

  16. JayzBeerz

    way to expensive might as well just buy a gaming laptop

  17. Ahmad Shumayal

    Can you make a future review now? I have Acer nitro and really want to make use of the Thunderbolt

  18. LoLking

    Do you get a graphics card in when buyed it

  19. Weiyu Sun

    Hey Dave, I have a xps 9560 4K. and I wanna buy a egpu for game. should I buy or not ? i heard the throudbold 3 only has 2x . if I buy one ,How about the effect ? will it be reduced half ? does it work well or bad.

  20. Bob Bill

    Are the fans on the graphics card supposed to turn on? Or just the core fan?

  21. Mahadi Hasan

    need help, if i want to use razer core to desktop pc, do we need another CPU case as general we use or this razer core is the only thing i need to run Desktop. TIA

  22. Nope, im gonna wait for this tech to be efficent and cheap… right now the price alone enough for me to buy a new laptop…

  23. Dipen Lama

    Have you tried other alternative and what the results?

  24. CalebTheCashew

    oooorrr you could use that 500 bucks to build a pc yourself with discounts on Black Friday if you are patient enough

  25. ASK

    Does it work with any Dell Inspiron 15 7000 with thunderbolt 3?

  26. Kilo

    Do you have to use a laptop with the egpu or can you just connect monitors?

  27. uber miller

    Hey Dave, will there be a difference between egpu 2070 vs internal rtx 2070..? In the same laptop itself

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