Razer Core – Things You Need to Know

My Razer Core and 2016 Razer Blade reviews will be here shortly but before they hit, here are 5 key things you should keep in mind before buying the External GPU from Razer.

Laptop Skins from: http://bit.ly/1VL7O7c

Razer Blade Stealth Review – https://youtu.be/I4SgcraOAOU

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  1. Micah Woodring

    Wait so can i connect it up to a monitor and just play from there? Or do i need to hook it up to a laptop?

  2. Lorenzo

    does it have to be ThunderBolt? Can it also do a regular USB port?

  3. Mat_

    I just bought a gaming laptop (razer) but everytime I stream FPS are going down… I have a GTX 1060. So If i guy the razer core will my pc go better?

  4. Elvin Xelilov

    Buy the RAZER CORE = 500$
    Buying GTX 1080 = 900$
    Total cost = 1400$

    A laptop with GTX 1060=1300$
    (this graphics card is VR ready and it allows you to play best games above 60 fps)

    So, this thing (Razer Core) is very expensive, I think.

  5. NO YU

    When will the external port for the Thunderbolt 3 come out?

  6. Neil

    will this box work in win 8.1 pro

  7. Colin Deng

    dang i remember watching this before you even had 500k

  8. mcgunny

    I have a question if I have a laptop with a gtx 1060 and put a 1060 in the core wil it be the same as having 2 gtx1060

  9. Andrea Munegato

    Hi, I was searching for something like this, I'm interested in buying a Core and add a rtx2070 in it, BUT i need my laptop internal gtx1060 to keep working since i'm doing 3d rendering and i wanto to assign render tasks to different gpu's. I have a alienware 13r3 with 6700hq and I'm asking this since i had to return the Alienware graphic amplifier because it disabled the internal discrete gpu when connected.

    Thank you very much!


  10. Bro, I was just wondering if it is possible to use the razer core with a hdmi connection to the laptop instead of using thunderbolt 3 or usb c because my laptop dosn't have a usb type c so is this actually possible and i really want to upgrade my graphics?

  11. Irak Brambila

    Laptops are just cool. I want a laptop for me like me, and a desktop with the bigness consoles area, living room place.

  12. NTRO 4K

    whats the best egpu for my iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012) Please help

  13. Brahms Forever

    Dave, I have a RC X V1 with an XFX RX-580. I’m using it to boost my 2018 Mac Mini. Next step is bootcamp Win 10 but not loaded yet. You made a comment in this video from ‘16 that suggested Mac OS X didn’t yet support the RC setup. Is that still an issue? I tried it and it worked once the it stopped leaving me with signal not found on my monitor. Thanks!

  14. Natural Cambodia

    would it help or better to use it with my laptop Asus G703GI ?

    CPU Core I7 8750H Ram 32 SSD and GPU 1080 and want to update to 2070 or 2080

  15. TGDxDrakoon

    For what building of the 500 Dollar Case, instead a mini itx system, if you only wanna plug the egpu in your existing laptop?

  16. Frank Tseng

    Hi Dave,

    Thx for explanation, awesome!

    I am considering to build an eGPU for my MacBook Pro 2017(TB3x2) running rendering with 3D Software Blender (no Gaming)
    I read some doc that the TB 3 is split 22 GB for data transfer and 18 GB for display.
    And the displaying has higher priority than data transfer and both are independently!
    Meaning we can use bandwidth for data transfer max. 22GB.
    U mentioned about that alien egpu take 32gb bandwidth, how is that possible?
    (In another word, 32gb mixed up with data and display?)

    Since I need an eGPU only for rendering, I probably don’t need to worry about displaying issue. The only question ist if 22GB bandwidth absolutely enough for any third party midrange or high-end graphic card?

    I am choosing AMD rx Vega 64 or higher. How do I know how much bandwidth those graphic cards will use?

    Best regards

  17. Raimundo

    Bring back this style of videos… =(

  18. Jeremy J

    ​ @Dave Lee

    Thinking of picking one of these up used for $200 for my dell XPS 13 2020 9300, has a FHD that does 1200p resolution and looking to pair it with a used gtx 1080 ive found online. I will pair a little usb headset and a usb mouse with it and no external monitor. Do you think the pipeline is good enough for that(mouse+headset+graphics bounce back to laptop)? Not using the Ethernet port or anything else.

  19. cherry lee

    Novyz(Shanghai) supply the custom service of Electrical Junction Box, 19"1u 2u 3u 4u 5u 6u,7u, 8u server subrack/chassis and network enclosure, rack case,etc. Shelly Ph: 86-13671843635, 2911282844@qq.com, Skype: linnaniu1

  20. Kamil Goliasz

    Hi Dave,

    – I have a macmini (i7, 2018)

    – I have 2 (want to buy the 3rd one if this case will be possible) monitors 4K
    – I work as ux designer, using (1) photoshop/ilustrator, (2) adobe xd and (3) browser at the same time

    – I have a spare graphic card: ASUS RADEON RX 5700 8GB

    Can I use this eGPU like RAZER CORE X to plug those monitors to the card and RAZOR to mac via tunderbolt and expect smooth workflow?

  21. tita patty

    Can I fit my xfx radeon rx 460 4gb gddr5 in it

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