Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed VS Soundcore VRP10 – Not Even Close!?

What’s going on YouTube! Today we’re comparing the Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed earbuds to the Soundcore VRP10. Be sure to like and subscribe for more reviews! Also, let me know what products you’d like to see on the channel!

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—————————— PURCHASE LINKS ——————————
• Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed: https://geni.us/9EaLj
• Soundcore VRP10: https://geni.us/1GDxEXt

——————————— TIMESTAMPS ———————————
0:00 Intro
0:07 Price
0:32 Latency
1:13 Compatibility
1:55 Additional Transmitters
2:27 Charging Cases
2:55 Quest2 Pass-Through Charging
3:22 Dual Connection
4:37 Touch Controls
5:02 Single Usage
5:34 Battery Life
5:58 Sound Quality
7:02 Noise Cancelling
7:24 Water Resistance
7:46 RGB Effects
7:55 Microphone Performance
8:35 Outro

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——————————— VIDEO GEAR ————————————
•Canon 90D: https://geni.us/5cBTb3 (B&H)
•Canon EOS SL3: https://geni.us/DbWhdQy (B&H)
•Sigma 30mm f1.4: https://geni.us/vgY0m (B&H)
•Canon 50mm f1.8: https://geni.us/eZHzpF (B&H)
•ATEM Mini Video Switcher: https://geni.us/kP2lQ (Amazon)
•Elgato CamLink 4K: https://geni.us/pj7P (Amazon)

——————————— AUDIO GEAR ———————————
•Rodecaster Pro II: https://geni.us/stf7tp (Amazon)
•Audio Technica AT875R: https://geni.us/RsiTP (Amazon)
•Rode Wireless Go: https://geni.us/rx0N

—————————— LIGHTS & SUPPORTS ——————————
•Nanlite Forza 200: https://geni.us/iaG9xbY (Amazon)
•Aputure Light Dome Mini: https://geni.us/tfLlg5 (Amazon)
•Neewer C-Stand: https://geni.us/HBEbr (Amazon)
•K&F Tripod: https://geni.us/O3Z1 (Amazon)
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  1. Kevin

    Can either of the charging cases be wirelessly charged?

  2. savyas69

    Can the razer and soundcore work with ps5 3d audio and Xbox Dolby atmos?

  3. Taylor Z

    How do you connect the sound core to your pc for pc gaming? Did you try this?

  4. Martyn

    Loving the music jam in the back on your vids recently. Subtle but groovy.

  5. Jono

    If only the anker worked with xbox

  6. Tom

    Can you please do a comparison test between the razer and the JBL quantum TWS?🙏

  7. Z

    I guess it shouldn't be a surprise about Soundcore whooping the backside off the Razer Hammerhead from a value standpoint. 😂 Thank you for another great comparison! 👍

  8. Glenn Weaver

    RAZOR out of stock in uk amazon , no dates for restock so I went for the soundcore arrives monday

  9. The Panda Slap

    I need to know if you can tell if people are on your right or left when playing fps games with the razer ear buds?!?!?? As soon as i find that out ill with buy them or not if you cant

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