Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard Review

The Huntsman Elite is Razer’s best gaming keyboard with their new opto-mechanical switch!
Razer Huntsman – https://amzn.to/2N7rv8G

It uses an infra-red light beam to detect key presses and with a lower input delay, shorter key travel and lowered actuation force, this is the fastest keyboard that Razer makes. The purple switches delivers a tactile and clicky feel to your keyboard experience.

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  1. Dave2D

    These Optical switches are awesome. I hope Razer makes a TKL version soon! Thanks for watching =)

  2. jimtroclus

    I wish this dude was my friend in Real Life. What a cool cat

  3. L KX

    dude, there's Opto red mechanical switch

  4. Catoflado

    All these razer switches are so bad. They don't feel good, so speed actuation time doesent matter. A mechanical keyboard at this price needs to feel good. And these razer switches feel bad, as bad as Outemo switches used for two years

  5. Jensi Oquendo

    "I wish there was a tenkeyless version."
    Cut to me with my Razer Huntsman TE


    For typists, is light switch or linear travel more important?

  7. Hanzz

    what about steelseries' omni switch?

  8. Typin

    Honestly thought the thumbnail was a beat saber video

  9. Melendez Jonas

    The truculent pot intriguinly spray because linen intralysosomally possess during a unsightly shampoo. wrong, automatic tsunami

  10. Brent C

    Looking back on this video, it looks like razer has taken on board almost all your criticism of the board

  11. Nico

    My new Huntsman TE makes high-pitched whining noise all the time. Even whith RGB off (but especially when it's on). Is that normal?

  12. just lolguy

    "I wish there was a 10 keyless version" ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Victor Ng

    been using the huntsman elite silent for about 5months…. hell I can't tell how many times I accidentally activate key for it actuates easily… hell good sensitive key and not much force required to activate the keys…

  14. Vera Platt

    In short… remove a piece on metal (contact switch) add a piece of metal (stabilisation bar)… Hmmm

  15. Play Time

    2 years later and now they have the black linear version

  16. Jonas Ibanez

    Its amazing how Razer addressed all of Dave's concerns with their TKL and Mini version

  17. a b

    Does it produce pinging noise when typing ?

  18. Francisco Barros

    i completely disagree on that being a 0.01% chance of improving your gameplay my old keyboard i struggled and had to work like 2 3 keys and move the mouse to make certain jumps a tight space now i just walk forward and press space easily because thers way less delay it was a really cheap one tough

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