Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset Review

Dave2D review of the Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset. The best gaming headset from Razer for the ultimate immersive experience.
Razer Headset – https://amzn.to/2QdV6ho

More info – https://www.razer.com/gaming-audio/razer-nari-ultimate

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  1. Dave2D

    These feel REALLY cool for certain games. The immersion is rich and if it's a slower paced game, it can definitely help with positioning. It's expensive but a very unique experience. Thanks for watching!

  2. Bustard

    i think you're the only tech youtuber thats not competely horrible at video games

  3. CA_Andrew 1

    I have nari essentials I believe and on siege I cant tell where ppl are like the audio is good but surround sound and being able to pin point enemies is terrible can someone please help? I play on ps4 and I think I'm gonna return them if I cant fix it myself.

  4. PhatSilverback

    Danger! Razer does not offer replacement parts!
    I received a new Razer nari Ultimate about 2 months ago. After the USB dongle was put on for the first time, it got stuck and then stopped working. Razer does not offer replacement parts like the USB dongle and the headset is now actually unusable. I've spent a lot of time with customer support and even keys for the keyboard are NOT provided as spare parts.

    i will do my best to warn everyone against buying razer products as long as there are no spare parts available.

  5. mario ignacio

    Now its 2020 and there's ps5 and haptics technology is the thing you wanted

  6. Alvin Sluis

    im looking for a new wireless pc gaming headset, which one would you recommend: corsair virtuoso- artic steelseries 9 or this one?

  7. furystorm123

    The normal Nari or the normal Kraken. Which do you think is better?

  8. Cal C

    Wouldn’t touch Razer ever again. They’ve had really bad problem with their USB wireless and we’ve had to send 2 sets back and now fighting through section 75 as they claim we didn’t return with 14 days – which is tough to do given they didn’t respond. They look great but endless troubles – love the Corsair’s I’ve replaced them with though.

  9. Raine

    Mine broke after 1 year cause the sides are made of plastic so they broke

  10. Yamil Montes

    The skullcandy crusher wireless did this too, albeit the haptic motors didn’t have the same frequency response range, the Nari’s do it way better

  11. Libelous

    Did. Did he say 5v5 overwatch? B R U U

  12. Kseno Morf

    so they re worth the dime they charge for? cuz im really curious about that haptic feature. i usually play solo games so no hyper sensory overload for me here, but is it actually good at what they promises? how long did u tested them? ugh i wanna test them irl rather then just buying. feels like this could be a nice thing but also the worst thing lol

  13. Dubstequtie

    Thank you, I was gonna spend 500 for 2 for my bf and I, but seeing as it's not good for the types of games we play, you saved me the extra money! Plus, I want something more fit for better sound. (:

  14. Alex Halalau

    Hi guys, if you run out of power can you still use the headset on the 3.5 mm jack?
    Some headsets need to be charged to work even on the 3.5 mm jack (Beats Studio) and others run just fine without being charged (BOSE Quiet Comfort 35 II).
    Thank you.

  15. PipeHitter

    Hey man. Where can I find the software download so I can edit these settings?

  16. Swift

    Do you think they would be good for valorant

  17. Buddd

    u can disable hyper (vibration)
    sence i think

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