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Razer Phone – The Ultimate Gaming Phone!

Dave2D thoughts on the Razer Phone. With a 120 Hz Screen with 8 gigs of ram, this phone delivers incredible performance.

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  1. Dave2D

    This thing has some pretty impressive specs and it feels like a reasonable price for the hardware they've stuffed in there. Thanks for watching!

  2. wtfirbk

    Meh I have its good but the camera sucks has lots of problems, when watching youtube it'll flash blue every now and then doesn't bother me, sound is really really good, cheap if u get it on Amazon about $$600 better then like $$800 other than that a really good phone if you can get past some of issues.

  3. misterx zxc

    The true question is can it run Game cube and Ps2 games at 26/30fps 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Ramms

    Can someone say what is the os??

  5. Chad Thundercock

    Newest iphones are better for gaming (maybe not for speakers) but have you ever seen the difference between ios pubg mobile, and android pubg mobile for instance? For some reason graphics in newest games are more optimized for ios

  6. kaje_ph

    PC gamers: NBA players
    Console gamers: College players
    Laptop Gamers: Street Ballers
    Smartphone gamers: Fucking 10 year olds wearing Steph Curry gears who can't even dribble.

  7. Ethylene glycol

    Can anyone teach me about thumbnail's green snake wallpaper ?🙏
    I'm looking for it now

  8. Nils

    Or buy a medium end gaming pc but whatever floats ur boat

  9. PaynPlay play

    Hey Dave, does this run Modern Combat 5 – Multiplayer at 120 FPS?

  10. K C

    Asus ROG Phone vs Razer Phone vs Xiaomi Black Shark please.

  11. gerardo gonzalez

    Best Buy has it on sale for $499 it's on clearance I just picked up two of them Samsung Galaxy note 9 killer

  12. Soul

    And can this phone support fortnite mobile game and pubg mobile?

  13. Borgy Manotoy

    Mine got poor wifi and LTE performance compared to my iphone 7 🙁 I cannot maximize my online gaming experience due to the wifi/lte connectivity issues 🙁

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