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Reset Any Windows Login Password

Reset Any Windows Login Password

Its happened to us all where we forgot the the login password of our windows computer. but all is not lost and its very easy to reset the foggoten windows password with isumsoft.

I show you how easy it is to reset windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8/8.1 and windows 10.

it also resets password on Windows 2000/NT

Looking to reset Windows local account password on
Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 and 2000.

Windows Password Refixer has got that covered as well.

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Windows Password Refixer

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  1. DavidKupy

    Looks like a nice front end using the confusing Ophacrack linux password resetter. I tried the trial on a Word doc but if the password is longer than 3 characters you have to buy the full version. It did crack my 3 letter pw test in 30 minutes. I would like to see your video of the file password reset.

  2. Great video as always, Brian!
    Although I've never been locked out of Windows, knowing how to reset the password for others is a very useful thing to know.

  3. nice work i tried it and it worked. but my loading screen problem with 1308 is still until now i've updated my system 12 times and it gets stuck on loading screen after booting 1308 and i had to go back to previous version

  4. Michael Redd

    Thanks, Brian. I am always looking for software solutions.

  5. fixitdaz

    Great info Bri, I would like to see if it can crack a 7 zip file that's encripted

  6. I only need a one time use, so don't necessarily want to fork out so much dollars. Would the free version of the windows password refixer allow me to reset/remove windows login passwords ?

  7. Aj

    Just a quick question Brian. Will this software type (isunsoft) erase a bios/uefi password in addition to the windows password? My thoughts are if you run into a double password entry system………… AJ

  8. virkelie2

    So is my Windows 10 laptop, "protected" only with a local user account password (not a microsoft account) and bitlocker, vulnerable to this software if the laptop is lost or stolen?

  9. Eagle Ales

    i been using this software very long time and best way to reset password. nice video and thanks Brian.

  10. Quandary121

    Awesome help brian many thx for heads up over this potential problem


    How about resetting windows log in password of an online account in win 10?

  12. JB

    Hi, does this work with bit locker, please?

  13. alex leul

    it does not work with the variant you need money

  14. Sonic Jensen

    lokked great.. and it even worked on the first maskine i tryed it on.. 1 out of 5 . The other 4 im just getting a blue screen..

  15. Alice Shield

    i think u should react to barnaby the bizzy buzzy bee from fairy magic pls love your content guys it so delicous

  16. Glenn Little

    free trial does not let me reset password, only create new user!

  17. Zaid Khan

    Sir plz help me when i press rest password its say its not a rest disk or something help

  18. Linda Voss

    This is the error I got. “This trail version do not support user password resetting”. Saying I need a full version?😭

  19. GodlyRome

    Hi I need some assistance. I rebooted my computer into safe mode but for some reason I forgot my password and it keeps asking for my password for other safe mode options. Is there any way this software will work to help get back access into my pc ?

  20. JOE F

    Do you have a video for unlocking a samsung phone?

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