Retro Handheld Gaming in Japan

My family and I spent our Spring Break in Japan, so here is a recap of all the things we saw, the handhelds I played while there, and some of the retro games and systems I picked up along the way.

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00:00 introduction
00:39 what we saw in Japan
07:36 the games and handhelds we played
12:21 tips and tricks when in Japan
16:24 retro game shopping
26:22 the games I bought
34:06 summary and conclusion

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  1. @richardcooper

    Thanks for sharing. I still have my Black Gameboy Micro I bought from Target when they were released in November 2005 in Australia. I mainly used a 99 in 1 Cartridge that was full of NES games and mainly played Contra and 1942 on it. The system itself has a good weight to it. The Start and Select button light up blue. Just plugged it in to recharge, still has an awesome bright screen.

  2. @Eufeion

    I've been to Sendo-Ji Temple when I DJed over in Tokyo back in 2014, amazing &Beautiful place

  3. @darren591

    Props for your good pronunciation of Japanese place names and stuff!

  4. @Isaac________

    Where is the RGB30 LED mod from? I'm in Japan right now and might pick this one up. πŸ™‚

  5. @K1LLAY

    I'm trying to buy a lightgun with physical not just vibrate recoil for any system

  6. @Retronize84

    I live in Japan and I hate Disney. I get dragged there once every year or two and you essentially pay to stand in line most of the time for rides that arent that good… Someone needs to disrupt the theme park industry.

  7. @kenkwok83

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I love your travel videos

  8. @djhyr0

    Kinnick High School alum here! Yokosuka will forever be my home πŸ™

  9. Going through some crappy events at the moment, and just want to thank Russ for running a positive and uplifting channel.
    Extremely relaxing and good way to zone out of real world issues.
    Thank you.

  10. how the hell did an australian copy of Smash Court Tennis 3 end up there for you to pick up. wild

  11. @lunaseafan1

    Awesome video. I’ve lived in Japan for twenty years now so it’s nice to one of my favorite you tubers come here πŸ™‚ I love Super Potato. Please come visit Kansai next time you are here 😊

  12. @user-ec8zd8zp4x

    I still have my silver GameBoy Micro. Pokemon FireRed is almost glued in it. Bought it – somewhere early 2000's – with a couple of games. Bought it mainly because I stayed in hotels a lot for work and needed something to do in the evening. The Micro had a couple of things going for it: it had a backlit screen, was small and easy to take with me and had an awesome games library! I replaced the battery about 4 years back. It is still going strong, but now it's mostly on display. I have a modern device that has replaced it and I won't mind if something bad happens to it: the Miyoo Mino v2.

    Awesome to see you had some great quality family time! I have never been to Japan, hope to go there someday. I want to go to Super Nintendo World, unleash the inner child in this old fart! πŸ˜‰

  13. @levilomo

    Heading to Japan (Tokyo then Kyoto) tomorrow and watching this video got me even more excited.

  14. @jonjon9270

    What kind of case is on the steam deck in the video?

  15. @JohnSmith-of1vk

    kinda blew my mind seeing hollow knight being played with joysticks. Maybe its just me that like dpad so much more

  16. @TokuPonii

    i want to go to Japan so I can visit At Home Maid Cafe ;o;

  17. @sydeshowjoe1583

    Super Awesome you got to go retro game shopping in the Heartland of Nintendo and Sony Gaming! Did you happen to catch any super rare Nintendo memorabilia? Like their old card games from over 100 years ago?

  18. @oldthink34

    I bought my wife that same Gameboy Micro about 18 years ago. We still have it but there's a lot of dust behind the screen and it has a tendency to not recognize face button presses. I didn't realize it was so expensive these days.

  19. @kevino8420

    A majority of my Japanese learning came from playing Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow and then the Gold/Silver/Crystal, along with the early Final Fantasy and several Zelda titles. I LOVED my Gameboy micro and will always regret trading it in to Gamestop for the Advance SP. Thanks for sharing! <3

  20. @lazyreuvin

    My wife would not be impressed if we were in line for something and I pulled out my trusty Anbernic to kill the time… 🀣

  21. @x17chan

    Jealous! I love ETLandxoxo and I wish I could meet her!! So glad you all got to hang out in Japan ❀

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