Retroid Pocket 3+ Review: All This For $150!

The Retroid Pocket 3+ is here, and it’s an impressive upgrade from their previous models. In fact, it’s kind of crazy considering the leaps and bounds that you’ll find in this mere $20 difference from the Retroid Pocket 3.

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My Retroid Pocket Starter Guide:
RP3+ community compatibility spreadsheet:

Disclaimer: I purchased these devices on my own, but the company sent my order early for review. All opinions are my own, they did not see this review ahead of time, and no money was exchanged in any way.

00:00 introduction
01:57 specs and pricing
04:48 unboxing and impressions
05:52 d-pad, analog sticks, and face buttons
08:50 audio quality, size, and ergonomics
12:21 screen quality and comparison
14:06 shell color options
15:56 software setup and orientation
18:14 retro system testing
19:23 PS1, Saturn, N64, Dreamcast
21:24 Nintendo DS and PSP
22:49 GameCube, Wii, and PS2
28:56 Nintendo 3DS and Switch (cat break)
31:06 Android games, streaming, HDMI
32:24 summary (likes and dislikes)
36:48 conclusion

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  1. Retro Game Corps

    And here I thought nobody would notice that I accidentally said "Retroid Prime"

  2. ClanPsi

    Retroid Pocket 4 with hall switches? I hope so!

  3. Can Bekaroglu

    This is a great handheld as it is, but when it is so close to perfectly emulating gamecube and ps2, one would wonder holding up a bit for technology to mature a little more in this form factor.

  4. Vardon Hagan

    Now, if only a console was available with that chipset and configuration…

  5. Jason Shiers

    For the price this is quality , can’t wait to get mine.

  6. Joseph Dyer

    Is there a recommended site to get the ROMs from?

  7. Angel Razo

    Should be a perfect first retro handheld. I can’t wait to play Pokémon and some fifa street when it gets here

  8. LiK

    Retroid Pocket 4 probably be announced next Jan for the new year with how fast they like to release these things.

  9. Jefri

    spec wise is this better than AYN Odin (Base or Lite) ?

  10. CoreTaku

    The gifting mentality is god-tier. Brownie points fa sho.

  11. zfighter2344

    Honestly mostly just want one to play the atla game and then I saw you play it briefly. Guessing that one runs fine?

  12. sqlexp

    What is that white/gray line on the right edge of the screen? How can I remove it?

  13. GuraDroid

    i guess i'll wait until Retro Pocket 4+ come, maybe then it will play ps2 perfectly

  14. LeXiCoN's Utopia

    Ugh I was hoping u would measure the weight lol. Is it the same weight as the rp3 or different?

  15. Sneakers8b

    So I mentioned this over on the tech dweeb’s channel. I picked the black version of the RP3, I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I’m pretty sure the shell on the black one is metal. Or maybe the plastic is coated with metal paint. I’m just wondering if anyone else got the black version and thinks the same?

  16. Eric Stepp

    Eh, still seems like my dream handheld is just a bit away. I want Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus running perfectly.

  17. Jacob Nobles

    You know you left that long Horizon Chase Turbo clip in there because you were proud of it. Flex a little bit, Russ.

  18. berva

    Just spend a little more for the odin lite. You will not be disappointed

  19. Sterling Forbes

    Do they not sell this preloaded with emulators and games? Can I pay extra if I want that? I just don't want the hassle of all the setup and installs and rom searches. I just want to purchase and play. Is that not possible like it is with the anbernic devices?

  20. Chillalil

    24:42 Forget the Retroid Pocket 4, the Retroid Prime is next up in their lineup now (well, it better be after this video)

  21. Sicket Mög

    Stacked shoulderbuttons… There ya go. Take note Anbernic.

    Edit: but sorry the D-pad looks crap. Saturn model 2 still has the best D-pad of all time. Wish these companies would look at the past and learn. Big, nice and round 8-directional pads ftw.

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