Review of iOS 18 on the iPhone 12 Pro

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hello everyone iOS 18 has officially came out in a beta format and I wanted to go and take a look at it on the iPhone 12 Pro and see if it’s even worth installing if you should install all that good stuff first things first though I wouldn’t recommend anyone to install this update whatsoever it’s completely not worth installing just yet wait until it officially comes out it was 6.91 GB when it officially came out for me and that was something that was very interesting having something like this you know coming out for this particular device it’s very cool and I love being able to have that so it’s a very very cool thing now first of all if I go and swipe up the home screen is where a lot of these changes happen at so forther one you can now go ahead and basically move any application you want to anywhere on the display so you can move it up you can move it down you can move it sideways wherever you want to you have the capability of moving your particular applications now which I think is actually very cool on top of that you can also hold down on an application and you can click on your edit home screen or whatever you can also just edit up the coloring of these particular apps as well which is actually very cool so you can go from dark mode to light mode all these things and that is another very cool thing that you have here as well which is honestly very awesome now on top of that you can also go through within the control center and you can modify a ton of things here nowadays as well so for one you can swipe in between different pages so there’s different pages you can make but also you can go ahead and click on the plus button at the very top left and you can start editing your control center right within this page so that’s another really cool thing you can add toggles and so many other things that’s another really cool thing going on here too you can also now lock applications so by holding down an app you can now require faity for that application you can even hide applications inside of this hidden folder right here as well inside of your app Library so that’s another really cool thing and another really cool option that we have inside of our iPhones that have IOS 18 iMessage and messages got massive improvements here as well so for one now we have RCS message support which is really cool so now we have that built in inside of our iPhones our tabbs are now redesigned so we hold down an application or a message you can now see we have these t packs that are now redesigned you can also use a customized Emoji right here to basically go ahead and you know customize the Emojis which is really cool and you can now send iMessages and messages later you can also have a lot more text effects within iMessage which is really cool game mode is already here on our iPhones as well so if I go and load up into a game I swipe down to the control center there’s an option add that will allow me to go ahead enable and disable game mode and that is actually coming out for our iPhones you also have apple map updates Wallet app updates there’s Journal updates as well and the photo app got a massive Improvement here as well there’s lots of improvements within the photos application now which is you know cool for some people personally for me I’m not the biggest fan of it but it is a little bit of improvement here which is really cool and you just get access to a lot more features inside of it as well so overall there’s a lot of improvements here like I said before I really wouldn’t recommend anyone to go install this update yet on your iPhone 12 Pro everything seems to be working I’ve had lots and lots of bugs but it will get better throughout time but like I said I really wouldn’t recommend anyone to go and update as at this point so that pretty much covers it up here if you have any other thoughts or questions let me know in the comment section below hit the like button that me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button more importantly than everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully I’ll catch you guys in the next video [Music] [Music] n [Music]

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