Review of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 sedan: A test of the new BMW i5 and Audi e-tron GT rivals in the EV family market

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this is the Mercedes-Benz eqe 350 formatic which is the electric equivalent for Mercedes long running E-class range it’s large enough to fit the family and it’s got its interior Comfort down pat but what about practicality in this video I’m going to show you what my family of three thought of it after our week with it and how it compares to its Rivals the Audi rron GT and the Genesis electrified G80 there are three models for the E QE and Al is the mid-spec 350 formatic grade which will cost you $144,900 before onroad costs it manages to just slide into being the most affordable compared to its Rivals but let’s take a look at what sort of features you get for that price tag occupants enjoy a lot of Creature Comforts like a panoramic sunroof heated and electric front seats that feature a kinetic function kind of think of it like gentle stretching rather than a massage function though a premium burmister sound system as well as a power tailgate and electrically folding rear seats just to name a few the full specs are in my written review at it’s a little bit too snubby nosed for me to call it sexy because of how low it dips down but the autof flush door handle that are illuminated do add some Pizzazz love it or leave it the swoopy design is decidedly modern as are aerodynamic covers on the 20-in Alloys I’m not a major fan of the looks but there are some cool elements like the 3D Helix lights at the back as well as that little spoiler the cabin looks great and the large touchscreen multimedia system certainly takes Center Stage but the empty spaces around it on the dash just look a little bit too boring for me I I like that the controls double as the door handle and I really like that the seat configurator and memory function are also housed on the door itself rather than the side of the seat I just think it’s easy to see Mercedes uses the term Saloon for their sedans and I really feel like it just highlights how much space each passenger gets in this car I have plenty of head and leg room in this and I also don’t feel like I’m on top of my other passengers as well there’s plenty of elbow room I also really like that there’s adjustable Lumber support and extendable under thigh support on these super comfortable front seats you’re spoiled for Choice when it comes to individual storage options as well you have a large shelf underneath the middle and center consoles a very deep middle console and I also really like this space here with the retractable cup holders because when you do retract those cup holders it becomes quite a good little cubby charging options are also really good with four USBC ports and a wireless charging pad to choose from the only thing I’ll note though is that the wireless charging pad is a little bit fiddly to use I found it difficult to get my phone in and out when I was also using the cup holders the technology in this is really great and even an average person isn’t going to be flustered by it which is fantastic I really liked having the customizable digital instrument panel as well as the colored head-up display this week too the satellite navigation has a cool augmented reality feature which is just a fancy way of saying that there are Dynamic directions overlaid onto a video feed I also like that it has Wireless Apple carplay and wide Android auto too I’m in the back seat and I have stacks of leg room I don’t have heaps of Headroom though because the swoopy roof line and that panoramic sunroof does sort of cut into it a little bit but I’m still very comfortable and I’m loving how well padded these back seats are just Comfort plus the the amenities back here are good and I like that you get map Pockets directional air vents two USBC ports as well as reading lights I would have prefer to have seen some additional Comfort items like climate control but otherwise it’s fairly comfortable back here I do like that you have a fold down armrest with retractable cup holders too though there are isopix child seat mounts on the outboard seats plus three top tethers two seats will fit best but if you do happen to have a middle seat passenger they should still be fairly comfortable because the floor is quite flat there’s also plenty of room for a front passenger when a 0 to4 rear wood facing child seat is installed to for the class the boot isn’t massive at 430 L but it was plenty big enough for me and my groceries and my kids bike you get a tire puncture repair kit in this as well as a power tailgate and I really like that you can electrically fold the rear seats from the boot as well the 354 maic is an an all-wheel drive with two electric motors that have a combined power output of 215 KW and a massive 765 Newton M worth of torque it’s 0 to 100 km perh Sprint time is only 6.3 seconds but it’s bloody gutsy and you do get a tummy sucking sensation when you have to put your foot down this has a lithium ion battery with a large 90.5 KW capacity and an official energy consumption of 17.6 KW hour my average sat around 16.9 KW hour so I was very happy with its consumption and the driving range is up to 590 km so I didn’t have any range anxiety this week either this has a type 2 CCS charging port which can accept speeds of up to 170 KW on DC which means you can get from 10 to 80% in as little as 33 minutes on an 11 Kow system you can expect to see that time bump up to to just under 10 hours I really enjoyed driving this it’s got plenty of power it’s easy to get in and out of and it’s super responsive I like how this handles itself on the road it’s sure of itself and very stable no matter what you throw at it I just kind of liked getting into it no matter what the situation was the suspension is well cushioned and the cabin quiet so ride Comfort is definitely up there this has three levels of regender breaking those being none normal and strong I’ve had it on normal for most of the week strong enables one pedal driving which is very responsive so much so that you trust it in stop start traffic but I didn’t personally like how the brake pedal moves independently when this is on it just kind of weaked me out something to note about the regen breaking though is that it can cause a bunny hop effect when you come to park and you throw it into reverse I got used to it by the end of my week with this but it is Handy to turn it off if you’re doing small Corrections that being said this is super easy to park because of the clear 360° View Camera and front and rear parking [Music] sensors the eqe comes jam-packed with safety features and it has a max maimum f-star ANC cap safety rating from testing done in 2022 it has a whopping 10 airbags which includes a driver’s knee airbag and a front center airbag if you’re after more details on the safety specs it will be in my full review at [Music] which is better than most you can pre purchase either a 3 four or 5e servicing plan and the 5year plan costs a flat $3,555 or an average of $711 per service this is actually quite expensive for an EV and even the service intervals are more in line with a fuel-based car at every 12 months or 15,000 km whichever occurs first curiously Mercedes-Benz also locks the Bonnet so us Immortals can’t access it but you don’t really need to but if you do need to fill something up like say the washer fluid there’s a handy little port on the side of the [Music] car the Mercedes-Benz eqe 354 Matic is a large electric sedan that should house all of your family the drivers out there will be very happy with the power and the driving range but the boot is quite small so this would suit families whose kids are out of the pran stage best I really like the safety and just the standard features that come on this but the ongoing costs are quite expensive so this gets an 8 out of 10 for me my son really liked this one too and all the Cubbies throughout he also gives it an 8 out of 10 if you’re off to more details check out the full review at [Music] [Music] oh

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  1. @honestjoe632

    Sounds like they are ripping us off when it comes to the maintenance costs of the vehicle…

  2. @snip3d

    I'd still prefer a traiditional E class which is electric. not a fan of the styling, seats etc.

  3. @Ofthe7thSon

    Sorry mate but this is butt ugly…. Our last car was a W205 C63 and this, at the same price point, is abysmally looking.

  4. There is one big problem with all these EVs they are horrendously overpriced! Who is going to pay $140k they are also very ugly No amount tech will fix. Further Mercedes Benz quality is absolutely terrible right now. My Mazda 3 Astina is better built than many modern Mercedes Benz models.

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