Review of the 2024 Nissan Skyline Nismo: This Japanese-exclusive vehicle impresses with its performance

good day I’m Paul so we’re in Tokyo and I thought let’s have a drive of a car that we don’t get in Australia but I’ve always been really interested to drive it’s called the Nissan Skyline and this one here is the Nismo Edition and I’m a bit excited by this engine cuz I reckon this could be very similar to the engine that we get in the next generation of patrols So today we’re going to take a quick look at this we’re going to go for a little drive as well nothing sort of too in depth and I’ll just give you a bit of a highlight of some of the product that they get here in Japan but we don’t get in Australia now if you you want to skip ahead to other parts of this video you can use the time codes that are on the screen or if you’re on YouTube you can scroll down and use the chapters below and if you haven’t done so already subscribe to our Channel and press the Bell icon as well so you can find out every single time we drive a fun Japanese car okay so let me run you through what this is the Nissan Skyline has been on sale here in Japan for quite some time we know the skyline from its previous generations in Australia with uh the R32 the 33 34 and then of course the 35 in the GTR spec actually you know the other thing as well we just saw the new 36 well the next generation of the GTR is going to be fully electric and if you do want to check out my walk around on that you can click up there to watch that but this here is the Nismo spec of this car so they’ve gone all out on performance this latest version has had a power bump as well this is limited to just 1,000 units here in Japan and then they do an even more limited version to just 100 units which gets a few more bells and whistles this starts off at around $85,000 in Japan and goes all the way up to over 100 Grand so is an expensive car but they have added a stack of performance features so Nismo branding all over the car so you can see the red highlights down the bottom there Nismo badge there as well this is based on an Infinity so they share the same platform and this engine was previously used on the red sport that was on sale in Australia but it has had a bit of a power increase and I’ll run you through that when we go for a drive around the side here you’ve got a set of lightweight NK alloy wheels they’re made it to a set of Dunlop SP Sport Max GT tires so these are the same tires that you’ll find on the the niss GTR so they are a proper set of uh Treads there big old set of brakes as well uh because this thing has some serious Pace over 300 KW of power and rear wheeel drive so it is some pretty serious stuff GT badge on the side here red highlights down the side that run all the way down to the back of the vehicle with that power bump rear tires are slightly wider as well they’re 265 now as well sunroof there privacy glass and then come around to the back with me look at this little spoiler on the back there just gives you a bit of an idea of how much Pace this thing has then down the bottom here more Nismo badges there with a rear fog light as well and then red highlights dual exhaust pipes when we go for a spin I’m Keen to see what this sounds like because it looks unreal from the outside and given that the engine has so much punch I think it’s going to be an absolute rocket ship so let’s jump inside I’ll show you a bit of the cabin and then we’ll go for a spin okay so we are inside the skyline Nismo so a couple of highlights that you can immediately see on the steering wheel here you got a red stripe there uh for for your drifting stuff so you know exactly what’s going on uh paddle shifters there on the steering wheel it is made to an automatic transmission only so it’s a seven-speed auto you don’t have the option of a manual at all all of this stuff to be honest is starting to look very dated this is very uh reminiscent of infinity so you got the two screens set up one for infotainment and then one for managing your satellite navigation and going through some of the climate control and all that sort of stuff uh and then down here you’ve got a Nismo badge so this is car 91 out of a th000 the limited edition uh that they do on top of this limited edition is uh numbered out of 100 there so uh they are all just very sort of minor highlights but you can see they’ve gone to a bit of effort there with the red stitching it is sort of leather clad all over the place the seats are incredibly uh sort of Huggy so you’ve got plenty of adjustments there to get yourself nice and comfortable because over 300 KW of power that is some serious punch out of a vehicle this size weighs around 1,700 kilos and it is kind of Porky for a vehicle like this but ultimately 1,700 kilos with over 300 Kow of power is uh is some fairly serious Mumbo uh in the back you’ve got enough room there it’s not an enormous car it’s around the size of a Ford Falcon slightly smaller and I say that because one of the natural competitors to this car would have been something like an xr6 turbo so you’ve got enough room for an adult to sit there but it’s not an enormous amount of space head of the driver here a small screen in the center there but I do like the red Taco there with Nismo in the background as well so pretty nice place to be seated but I am Keen to see what this is like to drive so let’s go for a spin Okay so we’ve just hit the road in the skyline Nismo such a cool car I’ve been so excited to drive this so let’s talk about the drive modes before we pull out onto this road here so we’ve got normal sport Sport Plus and personal I think our best BET’s going to be just to leave it in Sport Plus cuz you don’t have a huge amount of time with the car so I just want to see what it’s like so give it a little punch [Music] here yes this thing is unreal that hols so yeah look at 3 l twin turbocharged petrol V6 under the Bonnet just over 300 KW of power 550 NM of torque and it’s all mated to a s-speed automatic transmission just going give this another little squeeze here to see what it’s like from Top Gear it just punches you in the back that is unreal brake pedal feels great too yeah look this is one of those cars that um you know it it would be awesome to bring it to Australia but it would be big sedans big fast sedans don’t really sell that well anymore especially when you’re asking sort of 85 90 grand by the time you start selling it so it is a lot of money but here in Japan this has so much Heritage now I mentioned before the connection to the patrol so the patrol the next generation of Patrol is going to be using a twin turbocharger petrol V6 engine and uh it is there’s an older engine in this this was in the Q60 red sport a little while ago they’ve increased the power output on it so it has changed a little bit but it is fundamentally the same engine that it was I think the next generation of Patrol is going to have a newer version of this but with similar power output so it means that it will absolutely Mumbo when you stand on it and it should be a pretty exciting car to drive I just can’t stop doing that this this car isre real so I think it’s worth quickly touching on as well uh where Nissan’s actually heading uh so Nissan’s moving to an electric future that next generation of the GTR that we saw at the Tokyo Motor Show it’s basically signaling their entry to uh I guess electric hypercar Supercar territory it’ll be powered by solid state battery they’re expected to enter full-time production with solid state batteries by 2028 and that means that that vehicle is meant to have 1,000 KW of power so the next generation of this uh if if there is one is going to be powered by that engine they’ve developed for the patrol so it should still mean that this has a fair bit of mumo if they do continue with the model uh but you know this type of thing is shortlived in the world when you look at everyone moving to electric power so it is called to see that it still exists and it isn’t hybridized in any way and um you know had all the fun sucked out of it with electric stuff so yeah uh look this has been a short drive of the Nissen Skyline niso around the streets of Tokyo but it is it is awesome fun I’m so glad it exists and um so glad that we’ve had the chance to actually have a bit of a crack in it and have some fun now if you did enjoy this video please make sure you like it and you share it with your mates do you want to see this car coming to Australia I think if they get enough interest they can probably wheel them out it’s already right-and drive so half the work’s already been done uh if you do want to see this car in Australia let me know in the comments section below let me know if you have any questions as well I’ll answer whatever I can uh but thank thank you for watching and uh until next time take it easy

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  1. @ntg158

    this looks so average it hurts……..bad to see this new cars never been ICONIC as their ancestors

  2. @giofyocars8581

    Question is if this was sold globally would it have outsold the Giulia and M3, would Nismo have been the best sedan tuners of all time?

  3. @BurntFaceMan

    The Q50, the 350GT, the SKYLINE 350GT… its all the same car. this however is a 300kw (~400BHP) version of said car. The 350GT also came in a 370GT version with more pep, and then there's a 2.0L turbo model and a 350GT Hybrid, the best of both worlds, fast powerful and cheap to run as a daily.
    The Nismo special ed would wipe the floor with the others, (STOCK). It's pretty lame we won't get the Nismo ones here. We have 350GT's with Nismo body kits and such around but the tune and the updated panels are nice. Like everyone said, the 2014 interior is kinda sadly left in the past.

    Drive a R34 today and the interior looks like a 95 Primera with some Gran Turismo screens in it. Nissan do engines and exteriors and leave the nice interiors to the Euro cars.

  4. @deathmice4031

    Another ๐Ÿ’” for America, Iโ€™ll never have the chance to buy it

  5. @Unpoosin

    Seems like they're slacking anymore sad days at least there's still old cars alive

  6. @mugz90

    When you stepped in the gas the car leaped๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  7. @RuthlessGee

    Kinda sad power wise as the 400R has 298kw so its only a few KW more and its just a tune.
    same brakes body kit and seats basically.

  8. @hugheszie

    The UK gets the infinity as well. Give the UK this! The UK has all the other jap fast cars

  9. What do you blokes have to be so difficult a kilowatt is a until to measure electrical output. Leave kilowatt for the worthless electric cars.

  10. @KelsS1k

    Wheres the skyline bro this is clickbait…….

  11. @BW_Drums

    Reminds me of Ford with the XR6 Turbos. Great performance, looks great on the outside, and then looks 20 years outdated on the inside. And I think that was one of the biggest mistakes for Ford Australia.

  12. @halomaster985

    As a GT-R owner, those Dunlops SUCK! I wish we got the Skyline in the states…

  13. @robdp83

    looks like a regular saloon car. in car manufacturing it must be april 1st any day of the year.

  14. @madrx2

    Can't wait to see the Z nismo review.


    This car is an insult to the Nissan skyline familyโ€ผ๏ธ Paul walker would be turning in his grave ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿพ(Dislike) ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿพ and 85k!! For 60k you can buy a Nissan GTR lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. @Simon2k17

    Hot take: it's nowhere close to looking like a skyline. I was expecting something like R34 but more aggressive. (GTR doesn't count)

  17. WHY THE FUCK DO WE NOT GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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