Review of the 2025 Rolls-Royce Cullinan: A Bold Update for the Twin-Turbo V12-Powered Bentley Bentayga Competitor

being rich and I mean properly Rolls-Royce Rich must be a lot of fun because you don’t have to do anything no cooking no cleaning no parenting you buy a super yacht you get a skipper you get a private jet you’re not going to fly it you get a pilot and traditionally when you buy a Rolls-Royce you don’t drive it but in the last 15 years things have changed 15 years ago 80% of people who bought rolls-royces sat in the back and 20% actually drove now that is flipped entirely only 20% of people sit in the back lazy gits but the reason partly is this car people want to buy this one to drive it this is the new cullinan series 2 it’s now the biggest selling car in the Rolls-Royce range and that’s because it’s an SUV and everybody wants one value price what are these things you just pick up little person such as the disdain for such things at Rolls-Royce that they wouldn’t even tell us what the series 2 cinin is going to cost when it lands in Australia later this year the people who can afford one don’t much care of course but for the rest of us who like to shake our heads and make low whistling noises you can bet the price will rise just a little from where was with the original colorin and that was $75,000 for the basic car or closer to $795,000 for the sportier and Blacker black badge variant throw in a few options though and really you’re looking at roundly a million dollars for one in terms of value it’s hard to grasp that any car could cost that much but for a Rolls buyer the equation is very different they don’t need a Rolls no one does but it makes a nice change from buying artworks gold or small countries rollsroyce is committed to being a fully e brand by 2030 so it’s a safe bet that this series 2 will be the last one we see with this storming staunch V12 engine driving this 6.75 L twin turbocharged monster is a hoot it’s got just so much thumping torque thick nothing is too much trouble acceleration it’s not loud but it’s just loud enough that you can enjoy its deep brassy tones and it’s got plenty of power and Reserve to H even this 2.75 ton machine past lesser vehicles with ease there are two c to choose from of course with the base model providing a very pleasant 420 KW and 850 new M or the sportier black badge version rolls calls it the brand Alter Ego with 441 KW and 900 newm so what’s new basically with the series 2 they’ve changed the front end they redesigned this Grill made it wider it’s more flush with the car you get these new drls which when you’re driving in front of one it looks amazing in your mirrors it’s just so dominating it owns the road and the whole thing is was already impressive it’s now just ballistically impressive and you also get these new 23-in Wheels which are amazing one of my favorite features is this it’s called the viewing Suite so you can pull up and watch the world go by in fact they said you would ideally use this to go and watch your kids play football if you try that in Australia you get the halftime oranges thrown at you there was a lot of chat at the launch about the changes made for Series 2 but in summary they tried to make it look more like a boat according to exterior design lead Henry Clark Henry told us that his team doesn’t look for Speedy over complicated lines and instead takes inspiration from the luxury World from Super yots in particular it’s that same sense of scale and grow Grandeur that’s the key to the timelessness of Rolls-Royce he said not sounding Grand at all when they first launched the Colin which was first ever SUV from Rolls-Royce I thought oh no not you as well does everyone have to have an SUV is that the only shape of car that the world wants I think it is so the first one was uh typically wonderful to drive but it looked a lot like a black cab or a black cab that had meed with an elev to become gigantic uh the series 2 is mainly about subtle styling tweaks that fix that they’ve changed the rear end shaped it a lot more they’ve g a lot more Contour just a bit more elegant looking the other big change in the demographics of Rolls-Royce is the average age of the buyer now if I had to guess I would have said about 75 with 75 million in the bank but in fact the average age has always been around 56 for Rolls-Royce buyers Lucky them but now that average age has dropped to about 42 low 40s and that means that people are buying them more likely to have younger kids and therefore they need the space and a family car they still want a Rolls-Royce but they want a Rolls-Royce family car now Phantom’s not really a family car a ghost in that family car with the cinin cin Series 2 plenty of room for the dog and the kids in the back now in terms of driving there’s just this instant sense of uh imperiousness as if all the other cars on the road are inferior I to me I feel high off the ground I feel Grand my seat is incredibly comfortable and the Driving Experience is just effortless it’s a funny thing because you know Rolls-Royce was always the brand that people bought not to drive to sit in the back of and this is the Rolls-Royce that people buy to drive and the fact is you kind of barely drive it at all it’s very much one finger minimal effort the B12 engines got boundless torque everything just feels so easy relaxing as is the massage seat that I’m enjoying and the ventilation through the seat that I’m enjoying and unfortunately I can’t show you this because it would drown me out the incredible stereo system which is uh has to be heard to be believed now there’s some windy sections around here and it’s interesting to drive something that’s big and you kind of expect it to be rolly poly because it is so high and everything about it so soft but when it wants to it can kind of buckle down and and dart into an apex minimal steering input the steering is very light but that’s kind of a Rolls-Royce thing you don’t want big meaty heavy steering everything should be easy for sir so that sir can just enjoy his driving it’s not just the way it drives of course it’s the way it feels and the the sense of uh silence and serenity in here not only is that the glass double glaze but they put an acoustic layer on the inside of that glass so that there’s no vibration so when you turn up the incredible stereo loud you don’t get any kind of uh tininess or sound that’s not perfect the people who work work on the stereo system of the car are allowed to be involved in all stages of the design so they can choose the mle that resonates to the perfect degree to match the speakers so this is the kind of car which you cannot listen to a podcast because it seems like a criminal waste of the speakers s have just come up with a thing saying a warning sign saying dangerous bends I don’t know about dangerous they look like fun to me let’s have a look whoa okay so the with somebody roll when you get into sharp quarters but uh there’s quite a lot of car underneath me as I say it feels strange to try and drive this car hard just as it would feel strained to drive it across a desert track or up the birdsville track yes it’s an SUV but in shape rather than purpose the most recent rollsroyce I drove was the Spectre which is the electric one now electric car makes perfect sense for Rolls-Royce because they’re always about two things silence and talk but this as a V12 [Music] engine listen it actually makes noise it’s a pleasant far away noise I it’s happening in someone else’s car not quite yours perhaps because the engine is so far in front of me anyway the V12 loads of torque a slight amount of sound if you want it if you really put your foot down which seems a bit out of character to do with this car you really can hear it but I was kind of thinking that the next Colin would be electric and perhaps you thought the same because Roso is switching to Electric the spect to shows that that’s going to be the way forward and that’s been a success but this is a refresh rather than a new cin so it’s a series 2 cin which means they’ve made some upgrades changed the styling and so on but the next Colin the one after this almost certainly be Elric because all the Rolls-Royce is going electric as fast as possible and that makes this the last of its kind a V12 old school rollsroyce for the ages so if you’re a collector maybe pop a million down one of the these Rolls-Royce claims the cin will provide you with between 16 L per 100 km and 16.8 L per 100 but I do believe you’d have to drive it quite steadily to achieve even that quite appalling figure 12 cylinders 2.75 tons you do the math but it was interesting to note that with a nearly full tank and we’re talking 100 L of the good stuff my distance to empty was looking like barely more than 500 km that’s an EV like number the Rolls-Royce cullin SUV has not been andap tested but it does feel safe because it feels larger and heavier than a tank it has eight airbags and a full Suite of active safety Tech including forward Collision warning and automatic emergency braking questions about service intervals and warranty seem to confuse the people at Rolls-Royce as if none of their customers have ever bothered to ask yes you would think servicing would be free when you’re pushing a $1 million price tag and the warranty would be for life particularly considering the low mileage on these things but it is in fact just a 4-year servicing and warranty offer for restaurant and customers of this vehicle so that means unlimited mileage warranty including all services for the first four years at which point you obviously just go and buy a new one for all the details don’t forget to go and check out my full written review at carsguide AU so there you have it the Rolls-Royce cullinan Series 2 is it a driver’s car not really it’s not great around super fast corners and stuff but is it a car you would love to drive yes I think what’s most amazing about it is that something this big that does look like a stylish block of Flats on Wheels can be so easy to drive that you can literally just drive it with two fingers it is in short not just a Marvel of engineering but a marvelous of engineering very Rolls-Royce

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