Review of the Genesis G70 2024 3.3T Sport Luxury: Could it Outshine the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class?

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I’ve been family testing the updated Genesis g70 this week and the update sees tweaks to the safety and Technology systems the g70s release also sees the lineup refined to just one highly specified Sport Luxury grade in either a 4 cylinder shooting brake wagon or the V6 sedan that’s on test here it competes against other midsize sedans like the bmw3 series and Audi A4 and in this video I’m going to unpack how it’s handled life with my family of three so keep [Music] watching The g70 3.3t Sport Luxury Sedan on test here will cost you $88,000 before onroad costs that’s $7,000 more expensive than the 2.0T shooting brake version and places it right in the middle of its nearest Rivals but you get some Fab features included features include a sunroof heated and ventilated front seats heated rear outboard seats as well as a premium Harmon sound system with 15 speakers the update also sees the g70 get an intelligent speed limit assist feature Genesis connected Services app as well as over-the-ear software updates for more information check out my full review at [Music] the body just pop out the muscular stance is much like its BMW rival but the rear shaping is a lot softer the front looks sophisticated with the wi set LED lights and the black air intake vents the cool sporty 19-in alloy wheels with their red calipers also hints at what the V6 engine can do the interior looks really high-end because my test Vehicles white Nappa leather quilted Upholstery and leather trims the dashboard looks robust and solid but it isn’t enhanced by the Slick 10 and 1/4 in touchscreen multimedia system and the digital climate control panel the front row has plenty of head and leg room if you’re not sharing the cabin with anyone else if there are adults in the back you will have to scoot forward to accommodate their legs that being said the seats themselves are pretty comfortable although the passenger seat is less so than the driver’s but it’s great that they both have adjustable Lumar and under thigh supports the individual storage space is all right with a shallow glove box and middle console two cup holders and quite small drink bottle holders in each door you also get some pretty good charging options up front with a single USB a n c port a 12volt port or a wireless charging pad to choose from the multimedia system looks great and is easy to use the touchcreen is really responsive and I like that it has built-in satnav as well as Apple carplay and Android auto which are both wired the 12.3 in digital instrument cluster is easy to read and is semic customizable the 8in colored head-up display is clear and I like that it pulls through the satellite navigation directions and the traffic sign information I like that the sun visors are extendable which is always handy and that I can move the passenger seat without leaving my driver’s seat from the controls on the right hand side I have plenty of Headroom in this back row but leg room is tight and I’m sitting behind my driving position and I’m only 168 cm tall so if you are taller you may may find it a bit uncomfortable that being said the seats themselves are very well cushioned and I love how you have heat function on the outboard seats I found this car to be quite low to get in and out of because of the 130 mm ground clearance but my 7-year-old loved it I really like the amenities in this back row you get hardened kick plates two mat Pockets reading lights directional air vents two USB C ports cup holders in the fold down armrest and very shallow bin holders in each door because of the tall transmission tunnel and just the width of the seats it’s best to think of this car as a four- seater rather than a five seater and as such even though you’ve got isopix child seat mounts on the outboard seats and three top tethers two seats are definitely going to fit best front passenger Comfort is also going to be compromised when a 0o to four rear wood facing child seat is installed too the boot is an okay size at 330 L and if things do roll to the back it’s not too difficult to retrieve them the the rear seat has a 60/40 split and there’s a temporary spare tire underneath the floor this features a power tailgate which I usually love to have on a car but I almost feel like it’s Superfluous in this model the g70 3.3t Sport Luxury Sedan has a 3.3 L V6 turbo petrol engine with a maximum power output of 274 KW and 510 newm of torque it’s a rear whe drive and features an 8-speed auto transmission it’s got a great sense of power and can do a 0 to 100 km Sprint time in just 4.7 seconds suffice it to say this has been really fun to [Music] drive the g70 is a beautiful car to drive it’s graceful on the road and there’s a really good well of power to dip into when you need to I also just found that it’s as easy to drive in the city as it is on the open road which is always lovely to have the steering in this is really responsive and the car in general just feels very Nimble to maneuver I’ve really loved handling Corners in this you can accelerate out of a hairpin turn really well it’s really fun hugs the road the suspension is on the firm side and you might get a few little grunts when you go over harder bumps but overall the ride Comfort is actually really Pleasant I quite like like feeling the road and what’s happening with cars like this so I don’t mind it at all the cabin is generally quiet but the wind and road noise does creep up when you’re hitting higher speeds and it’s not really enough to intrude on chatting but you’re not going to forget that it’s there either this is really easy to park because it has an 11 M turning Circle a very clear 360° view camera system as well as front and rear parking sensors if you can’t park it it’s not the car the compromise to getting all of that power though is that she’s a thirsty gal the official combined fuel cycle is 10.4 L per 100 km my real world usage came out at 10.6 L but I did do mostly open road driving this week so I’m not surprised at that usage but in general I wouldn’t expect to be saving any money at the Bowser based on the official combined fuel cycle and the 60 L fuel tank expect a driving range of around around 577 km on average so not as efficient as some other sedans out there the Genesis g70 has a great Suite of safety features and it’s almost a case of what doesn’t it have but a real highlight is the blind spot view monitor which pops a video feed of your blind spot onto your digital instrument cluster very handy to have in the city the g70 has a maximum five-star anap safety rating from testing done in 2018 and the update now sees 10 airbags which is outstanding for the class the full safety specs are in my detailed written review at you if you need more info I’ve said it before but the Genesis after purchase program is pretty good and hard to beat because you get up to 5 years or 50,000 km complimentary servicing with the g70 how good is that the g70 also comes with a 5year unlimited kilm warranty and the servicing intervals are at every 12 months or 10,000 km usually that term could be a little bit annoying if you put a lot of KS on your car every year but free is free the updated Genesis g70 3.3t Sport Luxury Sedan is beautiful to look at and drive it features premium features and trims and great power but the cabin is tight on Space which makes it a little bit awkward to use so this will suit a small family best or families where this isn’t the primary mover I really love the after CARE program and it suited my small family of three just fine so this gets an 8 out of 10 from us if you’re after to more details check out my full review at car and I’ll see you next [Music] week [Music] hey

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