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[Music] this is the top tier camera phone in vivo’s X series The Vi X100 Ultra on paper it looks amazing but it’s only available in China could these cameras be good enough though for the phone to be worth importing I’m will for GSM Marina and let’s find out in our Vivo X100 Ultra review [Music] the X100 Ultra is a flagship that’s worth looking at it brings vivo’s most impressive camera Tech yet but it will only be sold in China That’s unlike the Vivo X100 Pro which is the next tier down but is available globally what you get here is a unique 200 megapix telephoto cam with a large sensor and close focusing capability the ultrawide and selfie cam are also upgraded over the pro model you get other goodies here as well like a high-end curv screen a top Qualcomm chipset and a premium build what immediately grabs the attention is of course the huge circular camera Island there is a textured ring around it the back of the phone is made of glass with a smooth satin finish it curves into an aluminum frame with flat sides and a concave top and bottom overall the phone feels quite solid in hand plus you get waterproofing at a higher standard than most it’s rated at ip69 and able to withstand High temperature Jets of water the display of the X100 Ultra is a curved 6.78 in ltpo OLED with a high 1440p resolution and a 120 HZ refresh rate you get excellent contrast and the sharpness here is higher than most with a pixel density of 517 PPI plus the X100 Ultra supports hdr10 plus video and Dolby Vision the brightness is very high too we measured a maximum of around 560 nits with the manual slider but but the screen can boost up to 1,800 nits in auto mode when exposed to Bright Light and the ltp tech means you get a smooth 120 Herz refresh rate while you’re swiping and scrolling and this can dial down to as low as 1 Hertz when you stop interacting with the screen to save energy for audio there’s a pair of stereo speakers with a grill in the top of the frame too they earned a good rating for loudness and the sound quality is fine with some decent low end and nice sounding mids [Music] awake but you’re you can wake up and unlock the phone with an ultrasonic under display fingerprint reader it’s fast and responsive the X100 Ultra comes with 256 or 512 gigs or even a terabyte of storage on board but that’s not expandable through micro SD the X100 Ultra runs vivo’s proprietary software for the Chinese market called origin OS on top of Android 14 it works similarly to other Android interfaces out there but the phone does come with a bunch of China specific apps and services pre-installed you can remove those though if you plan on using the phone outside of China there’s also an IR blaster which means you can use the X100 Ultra to control other devices remotely like most current Android flagships the vi X100 Ultra runs on qualcomm’s top chipset a Snapdragon hn3 in benchmarks the X100 Ultra performs as expected it doesn’t outdo its peers but it scores are fully Flagship grade both the user interface and gaming experience here are smooth and fluid the film does a good job when it comes to Thermal management it maintained high performance throughout our prolonged stress test however I should note that while testing it became super toasty and hard to hold powering the X100 Ultra is a 5500 mAh battery and the phone earned a good active use score of about 13 hours in our tests and their support for 80 W charging here it isn’t quite as fast as you might expect though the phone charged from 0 to 65% in half an hour and a full charge took 48 minutes there’s support for wireless charging here too we’ve saved the best for last the cameras the X100 Ultra has a 50 map main cam with a 1-in type litia sensor a 200 map 3.7 times telephoto Cam and a 50 map ultrawide camera like I mentioned before it’s the telephoto camera which is unique here it has a large sensor stabilized Periscope Optics and close focusing capability let’s start off with the main cam though it Daylight photos have excellent detail rendition it’s both crisp and natural the dynamic range is wide and the colors are pleasing with well judged saturation and dependable white balance shots of people look great too comparing the ultra against the pro model we notice some extra warmth and lushness in Greenery but not much else of a difference even though two times zoomed is coming from the main camera the quality is excellent with sharp and well-defined detail it looks like it could have come from a dedicated telephoto camera in low light the main Cam’s photos have great detail and a rather expressive look with nicely boosted shadows and well preserved highlights the colors are vibrant too there are subtle differences between the ultra and the pro model here mostly in the color rendering though we’d be perfectly happy with either set of photos the main cam can shoot videos in up to 8K resolution but 4K makes more sense to use these videos are excellent overall detail is great and reasonably natural with a balance sharpening colors are on point and the dynamic range is wide electronic stabilization is very good on the X100 Ultra though we have seen smoother results from some other phones in low light the main Cam’s videos have great dynamic range with well-contained highlights and very good Shadow development detail is solid and so is the color addition now we have the telephoto camera it captures superb photos at 3.7 time zoom they’re finally detailed and noise-free dynamic range and color reproduction are also excellent the camera does an awesome job with portraits too the X100 Pro’s 4.3 time zoom is not bad either though the longer lens gives its photos a slightly tighter framing but the ultra still renders out of focus backgrounds better how about close-ups the ultra Zoom camera’s close focusing distance means it’s able to take some impressive macro shots there’s a shallow depth of field meaning there’s a natural bokeh behind your subject there’s an option to add digital zoom on top as well through the super macro mode the pros telephoto camera once again stands as ground decently here the depth of field is a bit wider and the resolve detail is slightly lower but overall it’s not too far behind at night the ultra telephoto captures excellent detail across both shadows and highlights and delivers solid results even in the darkest of scenes while the pros telephoto isn’t half bad in the dark the ultra consistently outperforms it capturing sharper and better exposed shots when it comes to 4K videos the telephoto performance is also up to a high standard the videos have plenty of detail Pleasant colors and wide dynamic range the ultra wide cam does remarkably well with excellent dynamic range and likable colors strangely enough though these photos are not quite as sharp as those from the X100 Pro the ultrawide slow light photos tend to be lacking detail despite being heavily sharpened on the other hand exposures are well judged and colors are hard to find fault with 4K footage from the ultra wide cam is good overall but the detail level isn’t as high as some competitors the Selfies from the X100 Ultra are very good skin tones are lifelike and colors are vibrant overall and the white dynamic range is great there’s plenty of detail but the sharpening may be a bit too heavy when when it comes to selfies the X100 Ultra scores a comfortable win over the pro so there you have it the Vivo X100 Ultra it’s a proper Flagship through and through plus it has Top Class camera Hardware with a great main camera and one of the best telephoto cameras around Only The ultrawide Falls a bit behind it performance is good but not class leading however when you compare this phone to the globally available Vivo X100 Pro the differences aren’t night and day so if you want a similar experience without going through the Hassle and risks of a gray import that’s the reasonable option thanks for watching guys here are a couple of links to alternatives to the X100 Ultra the Vivo X100 Pro and the honor magic 6 Pro let us know what you think and I’ll see you on the next one

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  1. Could you please please pleaseeeee do a video comparison of the Vivo X100 Ultra vs the Vivo X100 Pro?

  2. @akifshah

    Iphone 14 pro front camera is garbage 70k πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  3. @smitjee

    Why a review of a phone that is not even global?

  4. @pradeepjimmu522

    You guys tell me when will lunch be held in India? Isn't the time fixed?

  5. @DC-Lever

    Hello! Can someone explain why cameras always at 12.5mp?

  6. @gujakis4688

    Why not buying a tablet in a first place? They are approximately the same size

  7. @chiftamago

    Samsung is still lacking some features that if we would have so many competitors. it will force to upgradeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. @grey8607

    why they keep using curved display? ugh so ugly

  9. @user.asleep

    I've been using this phone for 3 weeks now. The cameras are phenomenal especially in low light which was my main reason for buying it. A solid overall package indeed

  10. @bluemoon_69

    Vivo X series are just outstanding and every year they're getting better and better unlike Samsung and iPhones. They want to do everything through software and AI. If Vivo starts giving the same level of software update cycle, they would outperform those Monopoly champions.

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    although GsmArena is the top site for Mobile phones since decades but its reviews are quite boring to watch ,, as if the staff is lazy to do something new or even talk with enthusiasm ! you need renovation Asap or you will lose alot my beloved GSMARENA

  12. You did a review of this but not the oppo find x7 ultra. Disappointing guys

  13. Every reviews has the same patterns. Same spot of taking pictures & video. Similarly description. I can predict what next.

  14. @deRykcihC

    they're using the main cam of iqoo Z9 as their ultrawide lens, it seems like it's worse than OV64B for some reason in here

  15. @WhatsThisOwO

    I clicked so fast that I thought it was a Xiaomi phone, from seeing the Ultra and big circular camera

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