Reviewing the Best Legal $75 SX You Can Purchase: Powkiddy RGB20SX

they’re the same [Music] picture hey everyone and welcome back to Joey’s retro handhelds I’m Joey and today we’re going to be doing a review of the PO Kitty RGB 20sx some might say it’s the best SX that you can legally buy for under $75 cheeky opening aside this awesome vertical has a one by one aspect ratio with a 720p screen for those keeping track it’s the exact same screen as the one that’s in the pal Kitty RGB 30 which is very popular a lot of people like that model except now it’s more in a vertical model where I guess that was kind of trying to pretend to be horizontal and vertical at the same time we now have an actual vertical model with that same great screen doing a side by side next to the analog pocket which is and continues to be my favorite vertical handheld by a long mile and a normal person would see them both and not see much of a difference at least on the screen part they’re very close I can tell the difference in person between the two but I think for most people unless you’re going to start squinting and looking you’d be happy with either of these two options now obviously this is about $75 and the pocket is about $250 around there so about a third of the price but you’re not getting a third of the features this is a fantastic handheld and the only reason I bring up the pocket is because of the screen comparison cuz the pocket has a fantastic screen which is better than this one but I think for most people in this space you would be very happy with this screen at this price point and so you would think that would be the only selling point the screen right I mean it’s a 1ex one 720p screen for 75 bucks and that’s fantastic that’s great to see a lot of people like the rgb3 for the screen but it goes more than that for me obviously playing Game Boy Game Boy Color games anything that’s close to one by one aspect ratio is going to look fantastic on here and it does it’s a fantastic way to play those games so I’ve been on the lookout for something like the SX which we’re going to talk about but I’ve been on the lookout for a bigger vertical device something that’s bigger than the Miu Mini Plus which I love and all of that that has a nice screen and good controls and all that sort of thing until so we arrive here by the way special thanks to myself for buying this device off of pal Kitty’s website but go Game Geek also sent me a model for review so I have two po Kitty RGB 20 sxs I think this is the most pal kitties I’ve ever had in my house in ever so good job pal Kitty but just want to mention they have no input in what I say they haven’t seen this video ahead of time but if you’re looking at purchasing the SX then I would suggest going on GO game Geeks website and I have a 15% off code with Joey and just buy whatever you want maybe it’s the SX maybe it’s not but check it out back to this handheld though and we have an RK 3566 processor for those that know you know for those that don’t basically you can run every system up to PlayStation one and including PlayStation 1 perfectly on here so all of your game boys Super Nintendo NES Genesis Game Gear PlayStation 1 all of that all run perfectly on this device and you can have a really good time playing them here then the cap of performance is going to be in Nintendo 64 Dreamcast and PlayStation Portable you can get away with playing some of those libraries a lot of the lighter titles for Nintendo 64 a lot of some titles if you can change cores and change some settings do some tweaks things like that if you’re comfortable with it you could play a lot of those games but I wouldn’t suggest purchasing this for Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast or PlayStation Portable you’d want this for PlayStation one and under a lot of Game Boy and Game Boy Color is going to look fantastic on here and Game Boy Advance and all of that so consider N64 and Dreamcast and PSP a bonus if you have a boring Sunday one day and you’re like I want to try and get this game working have some fun and try but for the most part grab it for everything else now what instantly surprised me about the SX compared to other verticals is it was comfortable it’s actually very comfortable to just hold and use and I found that to be a bit surprising because verticals typically aren’t comfortable or ergonomic I have a lot of trouble with verticals and the only one that I’ve had a good time with is again the analog pocket the Game Boy Color and now the SX for some reason there is something about just how I can hold it and I kind of do the pinky under with my fingers resting on the shoulders and then buttons kind of feel and that all to me feels great and I can hold this for and I have held it for a long time just playing games not having an issue with Comfort or cramps or anything like that it is very comfortable that way but besides all of that I think what is very surprising to me is just how complete of a release this is and I think that gives it continued bonus points for me because we are living in a sea of just bad releases devices come out that are broken with so many defects or software issues and things like that and yeah this out of the box the software awful but you can easily replace it with something that actually works so we’ll talk about that in a bit but I think this is just a complete release I mean there is WiFi there’s Bluetooth there’s video output there’s good controls it’s got a nice screen the speaker is is front firing speaker and once you put Aros on here it has a good operating system so for me surprisingly this is a complete pal Kitty device and an awesome pal Kitty device and one that I’m looking at it right now and I just want to play it it’s just that’s how good it is it’s just so good of a handheld that I just gush about it and I love it it is an awesome device doesn’t mean it’s perfect no not at all but it’s a tier above other releases that are just releasing in bad States but like I said it’s not perfect so there are a few different negatives that I have first the d-pad second the sticks and third again the operating system that it ships with on the d-pad front it’s the same one that ships with the RGB 30 so exact same d-pad there if you’ve had the rgb3 you know what you’re getting into with the SX which means that it’s not great for diagonals it’s not great for sharpness I guess I mean you don’t want to be great for sharpness but it’s kind of sharp on the d-pad the edges of it and it’s a little bit mushy to use it’s not really a tight d-pad in that way so it’s kind of a negative here but I found myself getting used to it and I kind of gotten used to it on the rgb3 I didn’t like it on the rgb3 but I think that was more to do with the actual device when I’m playing this I want to like it enough that like I overlook the d-pad issues because of how good the rest of it is so that’s kind of where I’m at the d-pad is obviously a negative that’s there’s no way to go around that but it’s something that I kind of got used to over time on the sticks front and this is going to be personal preference for most people I just wish they didn’t exist and I get why they exist some people are going to want to play N64 and Dreamcast and PSP and all that where they might want to use sticks in certain situations but for me the sticks just kind of get in the way and I actually mean that in a literal sense because sometimes you’re pushing down on the dad and you can feel your thumb brush up against the thumb stick on the left and that doesn’t feel great so personally I am likely going to be removing these sticks and putting covers on and you can 3D print these if you have a 3D printer but that’s an option for you but because I think I’m going to be keeping this I mean pretty sure I am I love it I’m probably going to just Chuck these out and put covers on and that way I don’t have to deal with them because for me I don’t actually play anything on here that uses sticks so there’s no point for it to be on here for me lastly there’s the software and look there is absolutely zero point for me to talk about the software on this device because it’s not great if you’re going to buy it I could not recommend it if you’re going to stick with the stock operating system so if you’re just going to buy it leave the card in there and start playing not a recommendation for me not at all my recommendation on this device is solely based on the fact that I put Aros on here and thankfully to you I have an Aros guide already put out for this device that tells you how to do everything for this device put Aros put ROMs bios box art everything you need so you can just have a good experience on here because the operating system that comes with this out of the box is just I mean it’s broken there’s no other way to put it and I’m not going to go spend time into it because it’s broken so first thing you should do Chuck those cards put Aros on here and then it is in a good for those that haven’t used Aros here’s a quick tour of just what to expect after putting Aros on it personally I’m using a custom theme called artbook Next here and you can swap through the different game systems jump into one of them and you’ll see a list of your games there’s some nice artwork and some metadata and all that sort of thing you can jump into a game and then instantly just leave the game and it’ll save your progress as to where you were and then when you jump back in you can get right back to where you were nice Auto load State auto save State and all that but there’s so much more you could add ports like stardew Valley and undertale and all that sort of thing as well as pico8 games which I go over in my guide and all the settings in the world for you to Tinker if you want to so I mentioned it before but I think the key differentiator for this handheld is just the lack of competition there isn’t anything in this price point that is as good as it in my opinion I’ve gone through them all over the year you’ve seen me r view so many different handhelds the Miu Mini Plus a fantastic budget option smaller than this a lot more pocketable but the screen isn’t as nice of course and it’s not as ergonomic because it’s a lot smaller then you have something like the am bernick RG 353 V or vs and again same idea the screen is that typical 640×480 4×3 screen which is on pretty much every device nowadays and so you don’t get that option of a better screen in that same sort of form factor with that same power and so when this comes out in comparison to other devices like that it kind of just blows them away and obviously the d-pad is not going to be as good but from every other aspect the RGB 20sx is just a better purchase in my mind and I find myself really enjoying this where I didn’t for other verticals similar to this so to me this becomes the de facto best vertical option you can purchase in this price point it is the poor man’s analog pocket with no disrespect meant to anybody but it is very much that you can play a lot more than the pocket does at a third of the price and just as good of a screen although that’s a little bit wrong no it’s not just as good as a screen but it is it is a good screen put it that way but either way I think most people would be happy with this in comparison so is this a recommend from me obviously yes it is a absolute recommend for me if you’re looking for a vertical handheld with the best screen and a good price point and all of that this to me you can’t go wrong with it is a fantastic choice I’m very happy with this which if anybody’s been following my channel you know that it’s very hard to please me on devices I came out wrong it’s very hard to please me when it comes to devices I’m going to say it twice but this is an instant winner in my mind and something that I’m going to be using quite a bit so I’m very happy with it that’s going to be it for this one let me know in the comments below I don’t think this is on many people’s radar and I think as the price starts to drop which always does with handhelds a lot more people are going to start picking this up when it comes to lower price points but I think even at the current price this is definitely worth a purchase if you’re looking for something like this because it’s Unique there isn’t a lot with what this is offering in this price point so curious what your thoughts are if this is on your radar at all I know it’s kind of underrated right now but I think more people will pick this up in the future it’s just it’s good I I I’m surprised I don’t know why I’m surprised but I guess cuz it’s pal Kitty but if you want something like this pick it up don’t forget to like and sub to help the channel grow and hope you all have a good one [Music]

In this video, we’re going to review the new Powkiddy RGB20SX. I kind of sort of love it? A first, for a Powkiddy device.

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06:22 – My negatives
08:31 – ArkOS makes the difference
10:15 – Why I love this
11:50 – Wrap Up

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  1. Really appreciate your honest reviews. I feel you always look at the long term use of these products.

  2. @zenassung3552

    I installed latest ArkOS, but have some problems:
    1. Cannot shut down, when choosing shutdown in menu, it reboots.
    2. How can I use FN key? RGB30 does not have this key. Since we install ArkOS for RGB30, there is no default key mapping for FN key.

  3. @Flatwares

    the 20sx is the most drop shipped console ever every time I see a drop shipper on shorts its for this console

  4. @portnaluinge

    As someone who already owned and liked the RGB30 but grew up on the OG Gameboy/GBC and longed for a vertical version, I couldn't jump at this fast enough. I'm so glad you called out the comfort, because that's what I've found as well. It's a keeper for me, for sure.

  5. @zurce

    I agree with everything but no mention of the charging situation, it's horrible, i never know what the hell is happening with my battery, ArkOS "fixes" it but not completely

  6. @jonathonearl482

    Joey is right. N64 and above is a no go on the B20SX, too glitchy. The B20SX is only good for PSX and below. Video Player is not nearly as great on the B20SX compared to the 28XX. In this case, I switched out the 1TB micro sd card I had in the roms slot for a 128GB micro sd. Also, I wish PowKiddy left the analog sticks out of the B20SX and gave us two front facing stereo speakers as well. Leaving it the same height like the look of the Analogue Pocket with no analog sticks.

    I currently have the Transparent Blue B20SX, though I want to also purchase the Solid White B20SX from GoGameGeek.

  7. @mattdavis9601

    I enjoyed this review and I'm interested in this RGB20SX. Since May 1st I've went from thinking Powkiddy is a joke to having two of their handhelds on my wishlist, this one here and the X28 that your "Handheld Finder" tool recommended me.

    When I first saw the 20SX I was like, "This looks like a TV remote or a cellphone!" and after I saw it in action my opinion changed to, "All other vertical handhelds are too short!" The degenerate in me sometimes plays games on my phone in portrait mode with the emulator set to 1:1 and the touch buttons in the black space below the image. This is basically that but with actual buttons + triggers. So, yeah, I like it a lot.

    IRT the sticks; instead of completely removing the sticks and capping the hole I think that there's a better way. I'd saw off the thumb cap so the shaft of the stick is flush with the case or just a hair recessed. Then I'd pick up a couple of rubber vacuum caps from Princess Auto or Canadian Tire. They're dirt cheap, come in multiple colors, and come in multiple sizes so you should definitely be able to find one that'll snuggly fit the bare shafts. That didn't sound dirty at all. Anyways, I assume it'll give you an effect similar to the little red rubber nub that Thinkpads come with or a minitarized arcade joystick. This way you'll have analog functionality when you need it and it'll be unobtrusive the 99% of the time when you don't need it.

  8. @23LOLZlolz

    Does this fix the battery/charging issues of the RGB30?

  9. @EmperorOfTigers

    Great review as always. It looks like a great device. Do you think it's better than the RGB30?

  10. @J.A.Z-TheMortal

    I have the RGB30 and i love it but i also purchased the weird R43Pro (hope someone makes a CFW for it) and loved the size and form factor of it so much that i am seriously considering this as well! Excellent review and video sir!

  11. @WillC1020

    The RGB20SX looks good. Since I already have the RGB30 I will probably skip this one. The blue color is a nice addition to the different color types offered by Powkiddy.

  12. Does this have the same charging issues that rgb30 has?

    Mine was really finicky / I could only get it to charge using the included cable.

  13. @joles-gaming

    Personally, I love the ratio for certain games. Amazing screen

  14. This one doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ve had a 353v and sold it because it was inferior to the MM+ experience overall for the price. This one doesn’t seem much different for me. I wish you would have included comparison shots with other vertical handhelds and explained why this one is more comfortable than the others. Nonetheless, I don’t think I want to pay for an rk3566 chip just to play Gameboy optimally. Thanks for the review!

  15. @hyperplayrpg

    Thanks Joey. A surprise recommendation! How's the TV out, please?

  16. @dylanhile358

    Back from your Trimui Smart Pro setup guide, how are the Stock roms bad? Do they affect how smooth the games run?

  17. @JiggityJiggity

    not my cup of tea but Im looking forward to future 1:1 devices, great video! ;))

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