RINGCONN Smart Ring of Power! – HR / SPO2 / IP68/ 7 Day Battery – Better than Oura Ring 3?

My full review of the new RingConn Smart Ring. This product is jam packed with a bunch of health sensors, which can track your day to day activities. Including, 24 hour heart rate, blood oxygen monitoring, you also have a step counter, sleep tracker, stress monitor and lots more. Also comparing the RingConn Smart vs Oura Ring 3, to show you the main differences between them and which one is better.

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– Step Counter
– Heart Rate 247
– Blood Oxygen 247
– Sleep Tracking
– Stress Monitrong
– Skin Temperature (Coming Soon)
– IP68 Water Resistant
– 7 Day Battery Life
– 9 Sizes (6mm – 14mm)
– Pale Gold, Moonlit Silver and Midnight Black
– Charging Case 500 mAh (18 times)
– 3-5g
– No Subscription
– Smartphone APP: Ringconn

00:00 Intro
00:15 Features
01:10 Inside the box
01:22 FREE Sizing Kit
01:52 Charging Case
02:10 Smart Ring
02:43 Battery Life
03:10 Impression
03:58 APP Walkthrough
08:20 FREE APP
08:39 Ringconn vs Oura
09:19 Medical Grade Test
10:41 Final Thoughts
11:53 Who is it for?
12:35 Which one Better?

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  1. Greg S

    price has already gone up to 249 vs 149 was interested not no more

  2. Tesfazgi Kassa

    Is the skin temperature sensor hardware already built in ? I didn't quite understand when it's says coming soon ?

  3. Thanks for a great run through, I'm an indigogo backer so keen to get mine delivered, Ringconn definitely seem to have delivered on everything they stated during the launch.
    I got mine during pre launch so for me it was £129.. a fantastic price vs other offerings.

  4. Weekend Warrior

    Was there a readiness score? Also, you're testing your health metrics when you're basically at rest, it's more interesting to see if it's accurate when you're doing stuff

  5. Kim Bimemiller

    Unlike most smart watches, this is one dimensional, and way overpriced!

  6. DubSe7en

    Would this sync with other fitness apps Eg Samsung fit?

  7. Omfghellokitty

    You said since you can't initiate a workout that it won't count steps for anything past walking, but it still accurately shows the calories burned from that session, correct?

  8. I'd be interested to see this in comparison to the Oura ring and your apple watch. Does the information look the same, is the Health as accurate as the Oura or watch?

  9. Ruben G

    So many great products, 👍🏼👍🏼

  10. lightspeedlegato

    Maybe I'm just getting old but I'm shocked that this is something that people would actually want let alone pay that much money for it. None the less, thanks for the review.

  11. David Shenton

    Looks good, certainly seems a better option than the Aura ring, however, presumably only worth investing in ANY ring if you are unlikely to change ring size, like if you're on a diet. That's where a watch with adjustable strap will always be a better option IMO, providing you can find one with accurate readings to your taste and whose battery lasts longer than a couple of days.

  12. Theo Fennel

    Looks good, but for £204 I'll stick with my Galaxy Watch 4

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