Robobeat – 10 Minutes of Exclusive Gameplay

Enjoy 10 minutes of gameplay from Robobeat, which its one-man developer Simon Fredholm describes as “a rogue-lite rhythm shooter, where there is plenty of shooting, wall-running, sliding, and bunny hopping, all in sync with the beat!” It will be available for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store) later this year.

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  1. Energy Vanquish

    Sad to see it’s not coming to console but it’s understandable

  2. theberms03

    B.P.M. really left an impact and I'm so glad it did

  3. Bohr

    Metal Hellsinger for pop people

  4. Rubén Computer

    its like the industry decided to pump out a rhythm shooter every 6 months

  5. Benjamin H

    This feels like a game that would have been better suited for vr.

  6. ModeMan101

    Hone your skills as a modern-day soundtrack editor for action movie trailers!

  7. Don't Mind Me

    Imagine getting this to work with a Guitar Hero controller

  8. n

    Now do it with some free jazz

  9. Oh boy

    Glad to see another metal hellsinger like shooter!!!

  10. Need more rhythm shooters that aren't inspired by BPM. BPM was a solid idea so poorly executed, this on the other hand seems to improve upon all of the terrible downsides to BPM.

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