RTX 4060 Ti Benchmarks & Price Analysis [Review]

In this video, I analyse the RTX 4060 Ti gaming benchmarks performance as well as price. Is it worth buying? Let’s find out!

Why 8GB VRAM is not enough in 2023 – https://youtu.be/3CO6ie-nC6M

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RTX 4060 Ti benchmarks source – https://www.techspot.com/review/2685-nvidia-geforce-rtx-4060-ti/

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  1. iVadim

    Will you be buying or recommending the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB card?

  2. Prisoner #6

    There is no masking the fact that this should have been the 4060 with min of 12 GB should have been 16 GB. And the 4050/4060 should be no more than $270. realistically Nvidia basically has trashed themselves with gamers and have fooled no one.

  3. Motley Grant

    it would have been better if it was the 4050ti at the price of $200

  4. S A M

    You've outdone yourself in making it look bad, and I must applaud your talent for that! But hold onto your hat, because tomorrow's forecast is a whole lot worse. AMD is about to unleash the slightly slower 7600, priced at $269. It's like adding insult to injury with a cherry on top.

  5. Nicolas

    They only gpu worth buying is 4070 (ti) beyond that is pointless for 1080P gaming for rtx 4000 series.Still better walute is 6700xt or 6800 if you dont care ray tracig and dlls we can hope what will amd rx 7000 and xt model will do for price and peformance

  6. Ian Currie

    Worst in history. Worse performance than 3060ti in 4K because of gimped memory subsystem.

    This is a xx50 classed GPU priced at a xx60ti and therefore is a massive price increase.

  7. Tom Tomkowski

    Efficiency is impressive because this is the 4050 card put inside the 4060ti box with the $400 price on it.
    This is just e-waste.

  8. WasNotWas999

    This card is a load of crap, they must think we are stupid.

  9. Aaron Ogden

    In the U.K. you can get an RX 6800 for a similar price as the partner cards will likely be. From a gamers perspective it would be a far better option and already has 16gb of VRAM which means it’s a £100 cheaper than the upcoming 16gb 4060 ti.

  10. W W

    Absolutely terrible for the price. Why get a 4050 at the price of what a 4070 should be. Even for 1080p it's a bad card.

  11. VLPR

    Kinda interested of the 16GB model that's coming out in July.
    For machine learning stuff finding Nvidia cards(AMD drivers just aren't there yet for AI stuff) with that much VRAM at this price range is quite difficult. Only other option really is to get a used 3090, but that's going to be significantly more expensive. I hope the slower memory bandwidth won't hold it back too much.

  12. laszlo zsurka

    RTX 4060 Ti is the worst launch in the history of GPU industry, you thought the 4070 was bad? This makes the 4070 launch look great.

    4060 Ti is literally a 3060 Ti refresh. Just overclock your 3060 Ti and you'll have a free 4060 Ti.

  13. Sebastien Seb

    very great and stright to the point review !! serve them right ! hope they will hear it!

  14. Sasha89SM

    nGreedia: The way it's not meant to be played.

  15. Ove Malmström

    Market share is up for the taking AMD and Intel. The time is now, take it!

  16. Cobras

    Hope rx 7600 xt will have12gb

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