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RTX Review – The BEST… At What Cost?

Dave2D review of the Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti. With Ray tracing and DLSS support, the new RTX Founder’s Edition cards are the best GPU’s on the market right now. They are the fastest and most powerful GPUs available for games but is it really worth?

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  1. Khoi Nguyen

    My friend: how does the RTX 2080ti cost?
    Me: my kidney😢😢😢

  2. Mark Awachie

    The quality of your videos are through the roof. Subscribed.

  3. Aladin

    Actually I like the new design more .. it looks robust and polished

  4. phil

    DAVE could you try XPS 15 with eGPU RTX 20180 TI at max load ? To see if it does the job of an "on the go creator computer" and "great home station". Thank you !

  5. Nick tan

    If we want a 2080ti SLI, sell a pair of our kidneys. Or steals someone kidneys and your other pair to afford it.

  6. John Garcii

    Hey Dave, can you put this in the Razer Core? I want to check out the stats to see if it's worth the update.

  7. Hi Dave!
    could you test this new Nvidia series with external enclosures?
    I got the Alienware one and I would be really intersted if they perform well, and there are no issues like last generation severe drops in performance.
    Thx and keep it this way! TOP channel!!

  8. Kluih

    useless review xd¡
    it is not worth everyone knows it already

  9. Aizen

    Gets my sub for not showing Fornite gameplay

  10. Skyline7

    Need 1440P 100FPS or more on new titles. Do you think RTX 2080 is a great choice ?

  11. the0glitter

    I like that Dave is getting more honest about reviews lately, well done

  12. Yousef Saber

    NVIDIA should have improved the performance at the same price of previous generations but they have decided to increase the prices by 70% and that isn't convenient

  13. Fellar 031

    Can you test it using external dock on laptop?

  14. assassinate241


  15. Nole

    2080 Ti and 1080 Ti cant be compared.
    But 2080 and 1080 Ti can be compared. And I dont think 2080 is worth it. 1080 Ti is still best value high end card, and 1060 is probably still best value mid/low card.

  16. Taiwo Olaleye

    it isn't fully ray tracing, it is just rasterization with raytraced light and shadows

  17. Taiwo Olaleye

    it isn't fully ray tracing, it is just rasterization with raytraced light and shadows

  18. Battleneter

    WFT, your review fell apart at the end when you effectively indicated a 2080 could perform better than a 1080 ti at 1440P and 2160P(4K) which is utter BS.

  19. Kevin Canlas

    With the 2080 out, prices for the 1080ti should be dropping right? Can you make a video on building a mini-itx with the 1080ti? A white theme would be awesome too.

  20. Femz

    When will the new 2019 gaming laptops come out?

  21. Bratan

    3784 год, видюха ZXTR 510 120gb titan XXXXX ultra full hd + 19993×22234 hd

  22. WHIT3B0OY

    I didn't know Acer made 144hz 4k display what is this?

  23. Bumarang Nebula

    RTX 2070 Specs
    8GB GDDR6
    36 Tensor Cores
    1970 Cuda Cores
    3×DP 1×DVI 1×USB C
    Lowest Price 500$

    RTX 2080 Specs
    8GB GDDR6
    46 Tensor Cores
    2430 Cuda Cores
    3×DP 1×DVI 1×USB C
    Lowest Price: 700$

    RTX 2080 Ti Specs
    11GB GDDR6
    52 Tensor Cores
    4320 Cuda Cores
    3×DP IN 1×DVI 1×USB C
    Lowest Price: 1200$

  24. skymooov1

    RTX 2080 Ti look a lot better more mature GTX 1080 look gimmicky for kids.

  25. Tanvir Ahammed

    1:22 The only person who realized that the GTX 10 series looked like Ninja Turtles 😂😂

  26. spark wilkie

    If I may ask these Rtx card will work in Mac FCPX for heavy effects editing?

  27. I jumped from an AMD FX-8350 CPU and MSI AMD RX480 Gaming X 8GB to an Intel Core i9-9900K and RTX 2070, but I think I'm going to jump backwards to a 1080 Ti, not just any 1080 Ti but EVGA's KingPin Edition 1080 Ti. I'll just throw the RTX 2070 in my Workstation at work.

  28. shueisha

    what are the chances you bless me with one of those GPUS?

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