Rumors, Updates, and Excitement: iPhone 7, iOS 10, Apple Watch, and Pokemon – Episode 82

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you’re listening to the Apple Insider podcast welcome to Fantastic wonderful episode 77 of the Apple Insider podcast I’m your host Victor marks with me is managing editor Neil Hughes editor-in chief of Apple Insider and this is the Apple Insider podcast where we discuss everything about iPhone iPad and anything Apple related I want to start off by talking about a giveaway and jam stick is partnering with Apple Insider this week to give readers the chance to win one of three portable smart guitars complete with a custom carrying case valued at $349.99 uh this is a great product I reviewed this product at Apple Insider and loved it if you want to learn how to play guitar if you already know how to play guitar and want to have a midi synthesizer essentially so you can play a little bit of of uh different sounds keyboard sounds trumpet sounds things like that with the instrument you already know this is a great way to do it the jamstix that teach you how to get familiar with what the guitar plays like at the same time it’s not a guitar replacement because it’s only a five fret instrument but that’s okay it’s a fantastic way and not not a guitar replacement but an excellent way to begin so three lucky winners will receive a jamsi plus portable smart guitar and custom caran case in Black uh the giveaway is open to us residents 18 and older and ends at midnight Eastern Time on July 18th winners will be announced on the 19th so please check back to see if you won and the link will be in the show notes I I got to say I really like the jam stick plus yeah it looks like a pretty cool product I I you know when I reviewed it on our site um I used it my daughter used it and she got really good at it I like the idea of a super portable uh instrument guitar too because you know if you’re traveling somewhere and you like to play just in your downtime um you obviously can’t bring a giant guitar with you so you can take a giant guitar on the plane but it’s an annoyance and how many stories have we seen about PE you know United destroys guitars right right United breaks guitars the YouTube video uh it it happens all the time there are on jamstix Twitter feed plenty of people who use this in the airport you know you’re sitting down in the airport waiting at your gate for an hour to board you can pull it out and play a little bit play there are people playing it in the seats with the tray table up yeah it’s cool it is it is a cool experience so Neil you wrote a story it was one of our featured stories about the emergency SOS feature inside watch os3 mhm now I like watch os3 tell me about this this feature so yeah it’s pretty cool um the side button uh we’ve talked a little bit before about the dock that you can access with it um and previously you hold the side button in order to uh turn off the watch in case you needed to you know power it off completely but now when you hold it down for 6 seconds you get two more options you get a slide over for medical ID uh which if you were to have some sort of an emergency and maybe need to share information or unfortunately if you were unconscious uh and needed to have medical personnel access information that would be an easy way for them to check uh any data that you have saved in the health app on your phone like your blood type whether you’re an organ donor any allergies medications you’re on that kind of crucial information that uh could be important in in a moment’s notice um and then the other feature that they have is uh a emergency SOS is what it’s called it allows you to um to place a call to Emergency Services in the event that uh uh something happens to you so similar to a product like Life Alert where um you maybe fall down and can’t access the phone or something like that so therefore you just hold down the side button slide over on emergency SOS and what it does is it will call either over cellular if you’re connected to your phone or Wi-Fi if your phone isn’t available uh 911 or whatever is applicable in your region and also if you have emergency contacts set up it will send them a text message letting you know or letting them know that you have placed a call to emergency services and then it starts sharing your location with that person um and they will get continuous updates about your location so maybe let’s say an ambulance came and picked you up and took you to the hospital but you were unable to pass that information along to a loved one uh they would be able to track and see where you you were um and it’ll even uh if you have uh location services disabled on your watch or your phone it will temporarily turn on location services in the event of emergency in order to send that information to loved ones that you have set on there as a contact so I think this is a really um uh cool feature that uh could be a uh big seller especially someone who has health issues or might be older or something um uh like I said Life Alert is one of those products that’s out there that does something similar to this but um this is obviously a feature on a product that does much more than that and expands the capabilities of the Apple watch but even more interestingly than that is I think this is kind of hinting towards this inevitable release of a LTE cellular connected Apple watch that doesn’t really need your phone to do this kind of stuff absolutely and I bet you back in February that the Apple watch would come with a uh a virtual Sim but you think it’s G to happen as soon as this year I I at the time my bet was for the fall and I’m going to stand by that for now I would be surprised if it comes out this year not not too surprised but um there are certainly battery life considerations one of the interesting things with watch os3 especially with the app staying open in the background is Apple was very conservative with uh trying to maximize battery life when the product first launched but now they’re realizing you know through their own data and testing that a lot of people are putting their watch on the charger with like 50 40% left in of the battery so now they’re doing things like running you know in the background a little longer um and allowing the watch to do a little bit more than it was before be and it has to use more power in return now the rumor is that this year’s Apple watch upgrade is going to have the same general form factor as uh the previous one from a year and a half ago so if you take the logic of uh what they do in an iPhone where all the parts inside keep shrinking except for the battery which keeps growing and you took the same basic look of the Apple watch and you included a virtual Sim in there and then maybe a smaller S2 processor that was not only more efficient and faster but smaller that might that might allow more space for a battery which could then allow the watch to operate a little bit longer when it uses cellular radio or GPS the problem is cellular radio and GPS are real major and that is why I don’t know if there’s going to be an LTE capable SL GPS model this year just because of the issues related to battery I mean literally if you were to use you know GPS on an Apple Watch with the way it is right now you’d probably get what an hour maybe two of up time before the thing died and I can’t see apple releasing a product like that without making some sort of uh something to to to make it a little more functional well you you do want it to be contextual sensitive so it only turns on the GPS when you absolutely need it right and you know it’ll say you know if you’re going to exercise use GPS but otherwise turn it off charge it when you go home and shower hour or something uh you know there’s also talking of um uh smart bands that might extend the battery life stuff like that so there are clever ways that Apple could go about adding it and doing it um it’ll be interesting to see what happens later this year but certainly this emergency SOS feature is something that would be even more valuable with an integrated LTE radio yeah what I want to say about the this medical alert feature is that it’s it’s great that it’s in the phone and it’s great that it’s in the watch but if you have a medical condition consider using the old traditional medical alert bracelet with the the actual information engraved on it right you know if if you’re actually in an emergency and you actually have conditions that rate having a medical alert in the first place you want the responders to be able to find it in the easiest most accessible way possible and and that’s just going to be the bracelet you’re wearing yeah um you know the medical ID feature has been in on the iPhone since iOS 8 and there is an ability to make the medical ID accessible from the lock screen on your phone without unlocking the phone but the question becomes how many First Responders and medical professionals actually know how to access that information or would look to access that information um and then tumbling through your pocket for your phone and doing that versus looking at the thing on your arm right and and then you know for example with watch os3 it’s like well you could hold the side button see the medical ID that it may not provide you the information you wanted you just wasted how much time that could be spent you know treating the patient or doing something so this is something where it it’ll take a while and as it becomes more ubiquitous it might be uh extremely valuable down the road in the next couple years it’ be hard to have medical professionals you know be that aware or have that much ability or time but it’s it’s a good thing I mean it no one could complain that this is being featured on the product it’s a good thing regardless if it saves one life then it was worth the effort that Apple put totally want it I absolutely like it I want more people to be aware of it at the same time I I just you know if if you have a condition if you need to to I think the make it simple I think the SOS feature will be more of a lifesaver for people than medical ID just because I can’t see a first responder holding down the side button on your Apple watch to see if you have your medical ID data on there that doesn’t seem likely to me but someone falling down and maybe not being able to reach the phone and having emergency SOS on there that’s definitely a feature that I could see being used and I think that’s one of those things that you know come this time next year there’s going to be a media story you know uh once every couple months you know local news someone’s life saved by an Apple Watch That kind of good publicity that Apple gets like with the find my iPhone stuff where you know someone’s phone gets lost and they track it down and that kind of stuff um and that that has led to many stories story about Apple watch last year that saved a kid’s life right there was he was wearing it and his heart rate was way outside the norm for him and because he observed that he he sought treatment in time and that’s the kind of stuff that is going to sell a lot of Apple watch watches in His Brilliant marketing without actually marketing it’s just the product working as intended uh people hear those kind of stories and it makes them intrigued in the product and makes them want to buy it totally I want to change gears completely well actually before I do that you know I I I had a listener talk to me this this week and he was talking about how he really wants the GPS feature I know you alluded to it h his his contention is that if it doesn’t have GPS soon that that he’s going to bail out to a TomTom or a Garmin watch that does I really want GPS I really want GPS and the way that things work right now kind of drives me nuts to the point that I don’t even bother um initiating my run on my watch now that’s partially as a result of the third- party app situation on watch OS but also uh I use RunKeeper and I have something like 400 logged runs on RunKeeper so I would rather not you know I want to keep adding to that log of years you’re in a data Silo and you don’t want to lose your data Silo and so the RunKeeper app on Apple watch uh I love run keeper but the app on Apple watch is abysmal it crashes uh it has this weird thing we’ve talked about it before where if I start the run on my phone and then go to my watch it’s not showing up properly and then I’ll try to start on the watch and then it paused it on the phone it’s kind of a nightmare um it just doesn’t work very well I I tried for a while last year just running with uh my watch and no phone where it just kind of guesstimates your running pace and distance it actually wasn’t that bad um and I used a app called run gap which would then export data from Apple Health to RunKeeper um and that was good but again it wasn’t giving me super accurate pace and distance it was just estimating um so so you need to go back and use run keeper on Pebble basically I don’t use I don’t have my Pebble anymore it was lost to the TSA years ago what they claimed it from you no it was left in a bin in a security thing and I called and tried to get it back but anyhow I just run with my I run with my watch on me but I use it more for music controls I have my phone on my arm I initiate the run on run keeper on my arm and then when I’m done I take it off my armband and stop it with run keeper and it works fine I would much rather be able to do it all from my watch I’m hoping that with watch os3 and subsequent updates to run keeper it all starts working properly but one interesting thing to think is since you mentioned Pebble they have upcoming product that’s going to allow not only GPS but LTE connection music that sort of stuff the way that they’re doing it is they’re completely separating it from the watch they actually have a separate Puck essentially that’s going to have a headphone jack in it that Clips onto your shirt it’s going to have LTE in it it’s going to be able to stream music you’re and then you’re going to control it from your watch and then you can go and run with your watch and with this little clip-on device that has GPS and not have to bring your phone with you but that’s not all the clipon device also has has a microphone and a Lexa built in yep and that’s again a clever way of getting around this issue of you can’t really build a smartwatch GPS and have it last a reasonable amount of time so the if you could think about doing that something like that with a smart band or whatever there are ways that Apple could potentially do GPS without having this abysmal battery life but they might have to think outside the box and it might be a little more clunky of a solution just because Battery Technology is not there and and location services just are such a drain on battery completely now I want to change gears I want to talk about Apple campus 2 I want to talk about the UFO okay now we used to on our site have flyover videos with drones of of the construction what’s been going on since we last took one of those well uh progress is coming along um Apple had an event on their current campus back in March and it’s believe that that’s going to be the last one they hold there um if they continue to do March events the expectation is by next march uh they’ll be able to do it in their much larger uh facility at The Spaceship Campus in copertino um so progress is coming along nicely um our own Daniel Aon dilger had a uh nice little feature this week on uh I don’t know how to pronounce their name is it sedak they’re a German glass maker um they’ve only been around since 2007 um spelled s e d AK um but they are considered the leading manufacturer of highquality large format insulating and safety glass and they um the exterior of apples campus 2 is made up of these huge sheets of curved glass which is one of the things that Steve Jobs was particularly proud of when he presented the design for campus 2 uh just a few weeks before he passed away actually um he appeared before the certina city council and talked about excited he was about this project and how there wasn’t going to be a a single piece of straight glass in the entire place it was all going to be curved glass around the outside and on the inside of the ring as well um and the exterior of the spaceship ring um is going to have these uh huge pieces of glass that are 46 ft long and more than 10 ft tall and then on the inside of the ring uh they’re going to be 36 ft long and they’re all going to be made by this German company that is a expert company in in making this kind of glass uh it’s one of kind building and very unique construction and and their their pitch their their contention is that large panes of glass are superior to small planes of glass because they save on having to frame it and they save on large elction times putting it up because you’re just putting up one sheet and and their analysis it saves cost because you don’t have to worry about having all of the the aluminum or steel between all the panes if they’re smaller panes right it’s more efficient in terms of energy conservation it’s uh it’s a cleaner aesthetic I mean you remember a few years ago the uh very famous Fifth Avenue Cube uh that Apple has the iconic entrance to that store they totally rebuilt that thing right yeah it used to be made of you know something like 50 or 60 panes of glass and they cut it down to way less than that I don’t know what the exact numbers are but again it was you know difficulties in glass manufacturing they had to use a bunch of pieces of glasses which had seams in it and things to hold it together Apple didn’t really like the aesthetic of it and they redid it and made it with fewer panes of glass now of course it’s very difficult to uh make large pieces of glass like that they’re they’re it’s just physics at that point they’re more prone to break crack shatter that sort of stuff so uh this partnership that Apple has with this German company um is very interesting um just the level of effort that they had to go to to get this building the way that they want it yeah it’s it’s a uh the way that they’re doing the bending is through something called a cold bending process and basically they Bend individual pains before they laminate them they’re they’re doing it because they heat the glass really hot and then when they cool them it’s it’s there the bending is during the cooling process MH what’s interesting about this is is it’s a lot like Auto safety glass right so with auto safety glass you have two sheets bonded with an Elastic Plastic a PVB layer between the two sheets of glass so that when something hits your windshield for example instead of it showering you with glass chips it um it just cracks but is held in place by this plastic sheet between the two pieces of glass right and then that’s safety glass you don’t actually get injured by it right and so all of these huge 46t sheets of glass are safety glass like that it’s kind of incredible especially the tolerances they’re achieving you know normally glass is like a 3 millimeter variance plus or minus kind of thing right because glass is is essentially a liquid right we see it as a solid but if you look at historical glass windows you know if you go to to Historic Williamsburg Virginia for example Williamsburg and you see the glass that’s 200 years old it is thicker at the bottom of the window panes than it is at the top because over the years the glass has flowed to be thicker at the bottom gravity has had an impact so you know for them to achieve this and retain a a what like a 1/8 of an inch tolerance plus or minus is pretty darn incredible on a 46 foot long paint of glass I mean it’s I’m saying is crazy you know they they are I think it’s fair to say they are the apple of the glass manufacture in world yeah um some people in the comments were saying what a uh commentary this is on uh Corning and their ability to make glass obviously a long stored history there and the fact that they were not um uh selected for this project is interesting on on the ability of this company uh to make glass I I wonder if that’s in part because it’s just a different uh competency and a different Focus right Corning has been on on small stuff as on device screens on cookware on on smaller items and sedak exists solely to do these large sheets well there there are multiple uh corings though um it’s there there’s the consumer one but then there’s industrial um they’re actually technically different companies all from the same parent company but um you would think that some subsidiary or or spin-off of Corning uh would have been in contention for this but yet Apple went with this German company so well that that’s the one thing we know about Apple is that they’re willing to work with a a new partner to do something to push the boundaries of what’s possible MH right whether it was the the making the unibody Mac out of Milling a solid block of aluminum and then recycling the the chips or you know the shavings or or if it was the original iPod for example where trying to get the the curve and lamination of the original shape of the iPod to work they they they’ll always seek out a new way to do things with a new manufacturer to support it let us talk iPhone 7 let’s now I know we’ve been talking rumors for some time and I I fear that some of our listeners find it boring uh my my only comment on that is that apple as a company is is certainly not boring you know it’s and and this this is one of the things I was talking about with a listener is the concern that that Apple’s boring right I I can’t describe the company that’s going to be killing off the headphone port on its flagship phone as boring right you you can be concerned about it but boring isn’t the word right the the company that told the FBI to jump in a lake is not a boring company right you know the the the company that talks about how great its cloud services are and yet we all are concerned about iCloud stability here’s why people think of Apple as boring because they want to be people want to be surprised they want to have a product be announced and uh uh they want it to be uh not what they’re expecting so I’ll give you a uh a comparison do you watch Game of Thrones uh I do not okay well Game of Thrones is obviously a very popular TV show and also a it’s based on a series of books and I’m sure we have many listeners that are familiar right so one of the things that uh in Game of Thrones there’s a longstanding theory about I won’t spoil anything for anybody’s never listened to or never watched the show come on Neil tell us what Jon Snow’s name is there are a couple of characters uh in there is one specific character in the show whose parentage is not very clear and there have been theories for a long time about a couple of characters uh might actually U secretly be this character’s parents right so it’s very I mean it’s very traditional if you read the books uh classic literature style of Illusion and foreshadowing and those kind of things and then now the TV show has gone ahead of the book but anyhow it revealed kind of who that this fan theory is right and there were people that were angry that the fan theory was right because they they just they don’t like the uh process they just like being surprised you know it’s like oh what a Twist you be surprised don’t read the spoilers exactly if you don’t want to be surprised don’t read the spoilers don’t go on the forums don’t visit Apple Insider if you don’t want to know what the new iPhone looks like but wait wait wait you the managing editor of you just told people to not visit Apple Insider I’m telling people not to visit Apple Insider if they uh are really thats about Apple being quote unquote boring the only reason apple is boring is because there are leaks and websites like ours are devoted to satisfying the need for people to access those leaks apple is only boring because that information is out there and when the phone is announced you’re going to know what it looks like and what its features are going to be we’ve we’ve know we’ve done this for years how many times have we gone through the same cycle last year we knew exactly what the new iPhone was going to look like what its features were going to be all that stuff we we had all that information ahead of time and and I know that there are a lot of listeners who think that you know the rumor mill is a whatever but here’s the thing the picture gets clearer as we get closer to the products release and by the time they announce it we have 99.9% of the picture of what the product’s going to be almost every single time there are a few exceptions one of those was the Apple watch um and one of those was the first iPhone now you want to know how they kept those a secret because the product didn’t launch right away right now when Apple announces a new iPhone they launch it 10 days later sometimes 15 days later but that’s it it it’s out like they’ve already been the Riff on on the boring stuff that I was quoting from one of our Twitter folks that that I follow uh Zach Chi who who had this riff and and one of the cool things that he said and you mentioned watch was that I wouldn’t call the company that sold a $10,000 SmartWatch with a straight face right boring exactly it it there is nothing boring about this what has made it boring is you are reading all the spoilers and you want to be surprised and rather than having a good story be told or a good product be released whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or you’re an Apple fan if you’re complaining about this stuff you are the problem you are the one that is wrong okay so on on that note we saw some dummy units of the iPhone 7 show up right and the big surprise is that all of the dummy units of the alleged iPhone 7 models are in the precisely same colors as the iPhone 6s who knows you know when there’s so many uh leaks ahead of time on this kind of stuff uh that allows Chinese companies to make knockoffs I mean if you remember last year at CES 2015 there were Apple watch ripoffs that looked exactly like the Apple watch available for sale20 Android yeah and I mean the those those were in the South Hall on the upstairs towards the very back don’t discount the ability of Chinese knockoff companies to get a whiff of something and uh and immediately start cranking out something in response to it so whenever you see cases like this and stuff sometimes they most of the time they end up being legitimate but sometimes it ends up being uh parts from KN knockoff manufacturers so the coloring I wouldn’t get too worked up over just yet sometimes it’s not just even it’s not even knockoffs it’s just people make them on spec kind of thing you know there there were at CES one year there been all those rumors leading up to CES about how the phone is going to change shape MH and so people started making cases for them and people made dummy phones for those cases and that you know you went to CES and you saw all the people that were conservative and smart and hadn’t gone so far as to make all this stuff and then you saw the poor guys with the sad trombone because they had gone forward and made the dummy cases and the the actual the enclosure cases for the dummy phones and everything and they’ve gone down this whole path for a Thing That Never Was there there are rumors we should say for those that don’t know there are rumors that the new iPhone may have a darker shade of space gray so deep blue H well I think that was a kind of a mistake that came out but if you look back at the the darker phones that Apple has been doing for the last few years at first it was a space black or just a a charcoal gray or whatever you want to call it on the iPhone 5 um and then they went with a lighter shade on the iPhone 5S um and they’ve had a lighter shade on the six and 6s as well now Apple uses the term space gray but they’re not really consistent with space gray um there is no panone color named space gray if you compare a space gray uh Apple watch sport to a space gray iPhone 6s they are not even remotely the same color the watch is a much darker shade um and there are some people like myself who uh prefer the darker color um and the rumor is that the iPhone 7 or whatever it’s called may come in a darker shade now there were some cases that leak this week that showed it in a shade basically similar to the iPhone 6s um I wouldn’t get too worked up over that at this point it could be the camera it could be a fake part it could be anything but um you know we just piece it together as we get it so next rumor 14% larger battery than the 6s yeah this came from a um a French uh leaker who um uh has had some accurate information in the past he said that this information came from a reliable source but not 100% so take it with a grain of salt but uh one of the expectations is as we talked about earlier shrinking the parts inside the phone um even though the new phone is expected to be the thinnest iPhone ever uh by ditching the physical space needed for the headphone jack and also by shrinking maybe the space needed for the processor and other components Apple could squeeze in a slightly larger battery the rumor is it’s going to be 14% bigger 7 plus mockup includes the SMART connector and the Dual lens camera yeah it’s uh rumored that uh there’s going to be a fancy high-end dual lens camera that could allow potentially um some optical zoom capabilities and higher quality photos and stuff like that um and then the SMART connector on the back is interesting because uh back in April Logitech released a SMART connector charger for the iPad Pro which now lets us know that we can accept power through the SMART connector as well as connected to accessories so I could see the SMART connector on a larger iPhone being used to allow you to charge it while for example uh using lightning headphones yeah now the the the there’s some question you know some people have talked to me about the idea that the the dual camera thing for just the larger model is unusual my my response to that has always been that historically the plus-sized phone has had a different camera whether it’s had the optical St you know the the stabilization features or other things it’s always been a slightly different unit which just hasn’t looked different externally yep the only way you can get Hardware Optical image stabilization on the iPhone is to buy the uh plus-sized phone the standard sized phone does not have any hardware optim Optical image symbolization because it doesn’t have the space to do it so this this seems still plausible or not I mean I didn’t I was kind of surprised at first that they would do that but uh that seems to be the direction they’re going this year based on the leaks that they’re going to put more distance between the the smaller iPhone and the larger one um if you look at Apple’s history and products this isn’t exactly unprecedented um for example the only way that you can get a dedicated discret graphics card in a Macbook is to buy a 15-inch model um it’s just physics you know what can you fit in in terms of the space this is one that we talked about with Shane Cole back when we had podcasted with him months back and it was the the notion that Intel uh was going to supply the modem orders for the iPhone 7 so our story from Mikey says that Intel could see $1.5 billion Boost from Apple iPhone 7 modem orders Shane’s position at the time was there was no way that Apple would purchase from Intel that there Intel just wasn’t caught up enough in the market but here we go so what do you think yeah I mean it certainly uh seems to be pointing that way Apple’s been buying from Intel for the phone for a while but indirectly Intel acquired um uh what’s the name of the company I’m drawing a blank right now I can’t find it I’m sorry um all right carry on so there was an acquisition and they they have gained the ability to do this so so this is not completely unprecedented either right Apple never wants to rely on a soul supplier they they got burned way back on the old G4 power PC chips and got burned again on the soul supplier for G5 when when IBM couldn’t produce mobile g5s so they are done with having a soul supplier right right um the company that that Intel bought that Apple’s been using in the phone is infinion and they’ve used infinion chips in um past iPhone models so it’s not entirely unprecedented um for but Infineon was Ram at the old in the old days right I believe they make baseband chips as well okay so they have been an iPhones in the past so this isn’t that crazy of an outcome um uh Intel bought infin on back in 2010 uh for 1.4 billion so uh that that was a kind of a backdoor way of Intel to kind of get in on the supply chain but you know as you said earlier Apple’s going to go with the best supplier and the most reliable one thing that a lot of people don’t realize when it comes to buying their phone is it’s actually a mish mash of Parts different displays different even uh companies making the processors and there’s different levels of variance in between those products especially when they come from different manufacturers Apple just has a set range that the that the uh that the parts have to fall within in order to qualify to be good enough for the iPhone and so with any development of technology and and production of Parts there’s always going to be a failure rate um a certain number of items are just G to have to be thrown away or maybe they can find another use for them that wasn’t the primary use as has been done in the past but what Apple does is they diversify their supply chain as much as they can to get multiple companies not only competing to bid but also in the event that one of the partners that they have can’t produce what they’re expecting they can fall back on another and this has happened many times uh with faulty parts from certain suppliers where Apple just kind of pushed them out of the supply chain or maybe took a lower percentage some just don’t have the yield rate of others in terms of their ability to put out products so if you buy an iPhone it might have a screen made by LG it might have a screen made by sharp it might have a processor from Samsung it might have a processor from Taiwan semiconductor um there are some parts that are only made by one manufacturer but many of the parts in your phone are made by a number of Manufacturers definitely so what’s going to be interesting to see is what’s Tes to qualcom and if if it really is a 1.5 billion lift and if it is 50% or more of the phones that we getting Intel bband yeah I mean um Intel’s been in trouble for a while um for a variety of reasons um and missed the V on having the atom power the iPhone so they they missed out on the whole they missed out on the whole low power chip Revolution um certainly they’ve been making strides in recent years to get back but again uh their delays and and Mis deadlines and producing chips have hurt them and and have indirectly hurt Apple where apple is in a position where they can’t really release new Macs until New Intel chips come out thank you thank you for saying that so on that note I want to bring up a killer deal where you said you know can’t release new MacBooks at the same time we have MacBooks that are on sale through our our great sponsors at at B&H and others so for the next seven days Apple Insider readers can grab Apple’s 2015 12-in MacBook the 1.3 GHz 8 gig model for the lowest price ever offered at $999 plus free expedited shipping and a free copy of parallels 11 and no sales tax outside of New York and this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for an apple authorized reseller or even a non-authorized reseller uh B B&H is offering basically an instant savings of $550 on the space great early 2015 MacBook which is quite cool so go to our website the link will be in the show notes and get a Macbook if you need one now you’ve been running the iOS 10 beta and you’ve been running that on a 6S is that right correct and just overall how you’ve been getting on with it uh beta 2 is much better than beta 1 it’s still buggy still deal with a lot of crashes and stuff but it’s not as frustrating as it was on beta 1 right so the message to our listeners is people don’t run the betas yeah don’t install the you care about your mother if you care about your family don’t run the betas yeah I mean it was so bad that I would have switched back to my iPhone SE running iOS 9 if I could still wear my Apple watch but you cannot run a watch with watch OS 3 can connected to iOS 9 it requires iOS 10 they both have to be updated yeah so one of the features that Roger wrote about on our site is the iOS 10 beta opening up live streaming support for apps yeah uh this is something that uh is uh interesting because it allows you to live stream what you’re doing in an app but it also allows apps to view live streaming cont content so uh one of the examples uh that they uh cited this year at WWDC was somebody maybe playing a game on their Apple TV and then somebody on another Apple TV or whatever device streaming uh this person as they play these so-called uh let’s play videos have become very popular on YouTube in recent years which is huge dude they started out as YouTube you know pre-recorded stuff with uh guys like PewDiePie and all that um but you used to grab an Elgato adapter and pipe your Mac directly pipe your console into your Mac and record that way right that was the way that you did YouTube at videos of gameplay in the old days I’m losing you so in the old days when you used YouTube you You’ take your console you’d connect your console to your Mac with an adapter from Elgato and uh and then you’d get your your video going into your Mac and record it and then upload after the fact to YouTube these days if you had something like live broadcast or you use twitch you you just start streaming it right right and twitch is a very popular option for that and now um you know with the latest Xbox one and PlayStation 4 they have streaming for services like twitch or even in-house stuff built into the console um I I think I don’t I don’t really understand the appeal of this personally um I I’ve heard that it’s a lot of uh tends to be uh younger kids maybe who can’t afford to buy the latest games but they get some level of pleasure out of watching people play the the game because they can’t you know Fork out the $60 because they don’t have a job or whatever um whoa whoa whoa whoa Neil do you ever watch sporting events I I’ve heard this comparison hockey right I’ve heard this comparison and I do not believe it to be the same um if that’s the way it is for other people that’s fine professional sports uh and professional video games are very different um and I appreciate the athleticism of professional sports and I do like to watch it um I do not understand the appeal of professional video games other than in small doses I know that you know some games like DOTA and Starcraft and all that are uh huge you know they sell out rangs of people want to watch this stuff and if you’re into that that’s fine um I’m not really interested in that personally but Apple supporting this in iOS 10 and tvos 10 and all that is interesting because not only will it appeal to that market of people who um apparently like to watch people play video games a lot um but also can be used for other applications um for example one of the um uh the ways that it was found in the code was with the Swift programming thing where you could share with someone that way so um yeah it’s it’s it’s neat and it’ll have a lot of value Beyond games at least I hope it depends on how developers implement it yeah well I I do like the idea of it for tutorials for things like Swift or or learning that way but you know when it comes to the gaming thing I I think we ought to talk with Victor AGA Jr do you know Victor mhm he was the uh the former editor in chief of tuaw The Unofficial Apple web blog before they shut down and he has a side thing doing Angry Dad gamer where he he plays and and puts it on Twitch and he’s he’s certainly not the young spring chicken that you’re talking about and it might be interesting to talk to him get his perspective on this stuff yeah uh I I mean certainly if somebody has a character that they play like a PewDiePie type of person um you know that that has an appeal to some audience um but from what I’ve seen most of the people that are into stuff like that tend to be a little younger than I am now PewDiePie this last week I don’t know if we wanted to talk this is sort of off the beaten path we didn’t plan for this one but PewDiePie was a part of a bunch of people who was revealed last week to be taking payment for endorsements and stuff did you see that story oh yeah I mean you can’t really be surprised right have you ever seen these videos on YouTube where they get like a quote unquote haul where they show a bunch of products that they were sent for free and just like show them off and stuff it’s it’s a law land on YouTube it’s very bizarre yeah so uh you know our our own apple and set policy is that we uh we get review units we uh work with the the companies to ship them back and sometimes are told to keep them but but only after we’ve offered to send them back kind of thing yeah we we we’re not taking sponsorship dollars no and and if anything is an advertisement that you read on Apple Insider it’s clearly labeled as such uh our editorial policy is not to trick you or anything like that we certainly have a lot of deals and we have uh our price guide which is a service to readers and saves them money um and but I think it’s pretty clear to everybody that when you go to our price guide that we’re partnering with these companies um and when you buy through us it helps us out and keeps the lights on and it helps you because it saves you some money so the way we see it is it’s a win for everybody but we’re very clear about what’s sponsorship and what’s not we do not do paid reviews no no thank you I I wanted to make sure we got that out there we had the opportunity correct uh back to the rumors back to the things you came to listen for uh there are photos that surfaced of alleged lightning ear pods yeah uh one of the uh uh the on leaks guy that I mentioned earlier claims they’re fake he claims it’s a third party thing um if it’s a third party thing it’s clearly unsanctioned because they’re such a clear ripoff of Apple’s earpods that it would be you know design patent infringement um but I mean yeah it gives you an idea of what lightning ear pods could look like it’s traditional ear pods with a lightning cable at the end whoop-de-do yeah and and honestly the over mold on the lightning connector looks a little fishy to me it’s a little thick and a little big um well it’s it’s got curved shoulders and nothing that Apple’s ever done has had curved shoulders yeah exactly I don’t know um what they’re going to do with this you know lightning is a weird thing where for example when it first came out it was uh and you’re more familiar this than I am but uh it was so snug in the connector that you couldn’t really use a dock because it would just like pick up the dock anytime you want wanted to pick it up um and I know they had to fine tune the latches yeah so Apple has made it now that I think uh correct me if I’m wrong I believe manufacturers can choose the latches they can make them more snug or less well it’s it’s the latches are on the inside of the shell for the connector in the phone or the iPad what they’re doing is there are divs side there are divots in the side of the connector and they you you can have them with the divots for it to latch or if you were doing a dock you could have them with uh with with sort of a straight recess that isn’t the divot so that there is no there’s some friction but there’s no actual latching yes I’m familiar with this because I actually sanded out the divots on a lightning cable to use with my elevation dock because there you go once lightning shipped it was completely pointless because you couldn’t remove it but this happened with 30 pin as well it used to be if you remember old iPod connectors the 30 pin it would have the little buttons on the side that you could press that would release the 30 pin um then later versions about 2009 forbid using the side button latches so uh I I bring that up just because uh with the design of this lightning port or whatever you would have to think that Apple would definitely want something with some latches uh a 3.5 millimeter traditional headphone jack is pretty snug isn’t going anywhere uh certainly if you’re going to connect headphones to your iPhone through lightning you’re going want those to be pretty snug as well yeah well they wouldn’t use the button release like the old 30 pin they they do the the strong divots for the just the strong divots yeah yeah so next piece of news open casting call Begins for the first original Apple TV series planet of the apps oh who cares Well here here’s why I care I don’t care one bit about planet of the apps yet I mean it’s interesting in terms of it being a series that covers apps and their creators and we know that I love to interview people and talk about what they’re making we do that here on the show all the time but what’s interesting to me is the notion that Apple TV gets Apple produced content yeah um I can’t see them making a big play into the original content business um this is probably you and I were chatting about this during the week right I I sent you a link that talked about how Apple could take over the music industry again with streaming and they could potentially take over the you know kill Netflix with this kind of thing right they won’t well you said that and you said that they won’t because also uh antitrust right I mean they couldn’t even enter the book Market without having an antitrust lawsuit slapped on them they weren’t even you know I thought I thought anti trust required a company to control the market but Apple doesn’t even have to do that all they have to do is enter a market yeah the it’s interesting for me and that I I I like the idea of disintermediation of C you know cables and and and the uh TV providers that they currently exist so having more streaming more Netflix and and apple running some of this is not a terrible thing to me no the more content we have available the better but I mean it’s it’s content Overload at this point like um for example you have Amazon Prime subscription do you watch any of their original content on Amazon uh occasionally I’ve never watched anything there and I know that some of is critically come on you need to see the man in the height Castle see exactly people talk about that I’ve seen ads for it uh they won an Emmy with um transparent yeah transparent yeah that one um and you know they have other original content on there uh like uh I think it was the sixth season of Community the show on NBC was yo it was on Yahoo you can’t even get Yahoo on Apple TV my wife wrong you lie well you couldn’t before maybe you can now you lie like a dog Yahoo was on the Apple TV third generation my friend and I watched it on the third gen you watched Community season 6 on your Apple TV without using a computer correct oh okay well there you go it’s the the only one of the the ones you’ve named so far that has not done it is Amazon and to to watch Amazon I either used the the built-in Vio Smart TV stuff or the fire stick when I had it or just uh airplaying it to the Apple TV I I used to do Yahoo is a is a definitely available in it was by default in the uh the Apple third gen the Apple TV third gen and it’s probably an app on the app store for the fourth okay well then if I can do it then maybe I’ll have to check it out but I’ve done this crap in the past where I’m trying to watch something and I plug a HDMI cable from my Mac into my TV and then there’s like a weird lag between the audio and then frame rate stutters and then the ads and then I got to get up and hit the trackpad to get past something it’s a nightmare no no no no no no I’ve never I’ve never done that to watch content like this well good then I hope that I can watch the six season of Community because it aired like two years ago now and I never watched it you’ll be disappointed to be honest that’s okay there there’s too much content out there it wasn’t I’m I’m only like four episodes into the new season of House of Cards I just didn’t get around to watching it um so that’s one of the reasons I hate uh all this like on demand releases rather than having a schedule for something to come out like when Game of Thrones comes out weekly I know I’m going to get spoiled if I don’t watch it so I sit down on Sunday night and I watch it within like an hour of it airing so I can actually go on the internet without having to be ruined it’s when content is just out there the Netflix release style where it’s just like hey here’s 13 episodes of it it’s too overwhelming like I can’t I I can’t manage that I feel like it’s just too much content I I will Bing watch and I like that I can what I find is that I can really only do two episodes at a time at a sitting at night before you know the the person I’m watching with falls asleep and we end up having to rewatch The episode exactly I get so annoyed by that too we are old there’s no other way to put it Neil we’re old there’s too much content out there it’s not a bad thing if Apple wants to get into the content game I wouldn’t complain but they’re not going to take on Netflix in any serious way I can’t see that happening I well I would like for there to be more good content right I mean the old the old reason that I quit cable was the bru Springs on 57 channels and nothing on right you could find Law and Order everywhere in the world but nothing good on are we lacking for good content right now really I mean the if you’re watching Bad content the only reason is because you have bad taste oh okay so you’re going to start giving me content recommendations outside of Game of Thrones and uh sure cuz i’ I feel like I exhausted Netflix and I sort of exhausted Hulu for a while I haven’t watched it yet but I’ve heard it’s great uh right now on sale on iTunes is or at least it was yesterday I bought it for $5 exmachina want to sit down and watch it I hear it’s a fantastic saw that yeah I I don’t have the time to watch a lot of this stuff I heard it was good for $ Five Doll I picked it up I’m going to sit down and watch it this weekend but there’s so much content out right now are you kidding I mean it’s your own fault start sharing start sharing the recommendations brother it is your own fault if you go to the theaters and watch Adam Sandler and pixels like that the blaming bad theater movie that was that was a a casual download if if you went and saw the new Independence Day and paid $15 for a ticket for that you have no one to blame but yourself didn’t see it that’s going to be a download that’s that’s you know there are things that are worth going to the theater for and then there are things that are are are worth staying at home for casual kind of well what the hell else you know there we have Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic for a reason you can check and see when something’s well reviewed and this you bring up a valuable point there was a great uh uh so there’s a Reddit Channel called Data is beautiful right or Internet is beautiful one of these and the there was someone who had plotted the exact point in Robert Dao’s career where he stopped giving where he stopped caring and and you could pinpoint the exact moment where all of his good movies were and then all of the bad movies where he no longer cares what is it the uh uh the old Simpsons episode where they freeze it and they go you can see the exact point here where his heart is broken yes I love that and then they replayed it over and over again yes yeah Robert dairo uh after uh taxi driver and uh Raging Bull um you know I guess you could say Good Fellas or maybe casino but uh holy moly did he start making some bad movies after that yeah well I’m gonna I’m going to look up this chart because I saw that and it was really brilliant and you know why why would you care about dirty Grandpa for example just don’t go see it if you’re complaining about content right now I mean if you have a cable subscription if you have a Netflix subscription if you have an Amazon Prime if you pay for Hulu if you live within 20 minutes of a movie theater uh you have so much content available to you right now and so much of it is good why people waste time watching Bad content and then complain about it I will never understand yeah so so the exact moment the exact year in which Robert dairo stopped doing good work and began cashing in on local quality big budget films 2002 no it was way before that come on uh well let’s take a look so he said that here that illustrator James Chapman placed the Rotten Tomato scores of Dao’s films average together by the year they were released on a scatter plot and discovered that the iconic actors only risen above the 50% Mark twice since 2002 mhm and so let’s see here’s this plot so there was you know he did Godfather to Raging Bull he won two academ Awards he had the Deer Hunter he had good Fellas he had heat and casino and Jackie Brown and at age 59 in 2002 he did sharktail meet the fuers Analyze That and dirty [Laughter] Grandpa no he didn’t do meet the dirty grandpa in 200 no no no but after 2002 right dirty Grandpa was a 2016 release but all of those others came after that 2002 point and we below the 50% line on some Rotten Tomatoes I don’t remember why I think I had like a free ticket or something but I’m looking at as I am DB right now and in 2004 I went and saw the movie godsend in theaters and it was one of the worst things I have ever sat through in my entire life it had uh Rebecca Roma and Greg caner in it where they have their son cloned uh after he dies to bring him back and like which is a common science fiction Trope anyway it’s not the first time we’ve seen that and and bber Robert dairo plays like a doctor that like you know is playing God or whatever uh and it it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever ever seen in my life and I don’t know that I’ve seen a Robert dairo movie since then I I think I at that point I just gave up on his uh entire career let’s talk about something positive Apple donated a million dollars to a Chinese NGO non-governmental organization to assist with flood relief efforts so right now the the Yellow River the Yang River is is undergoing a huge flood after heavy rains and and millions of people are having problems with this they they’re devastated by it and so Tim Cook posted to Chinese social network webo our thoughts are with those devastated by the flooding WR the Yi River and it’s not just the thoughts they they put forth uh about 1.6 million in financial aid to assist responders is that right M have I got that right yeah this is this is the Apple I like the the Apple that’s not just concerned with making things that improve people’s lives but also helping improve people’s lives on a in a real impact yeah it’s great um I don’t see why anybody could have an issue with that you know it’s horrible things happened and and Apple’s doing what they can to help and that’s great okay so we we mentioned briefly Alexa with the the I know we’re jumping around all over the place whatever bear with me guys The Last Story the the we mentioned Alexa as a part of the pebble device Alexa is becoming this bigger thing and it’s interesting because so right now in the home space connected home space we’ve got works with Nest we’ve got apple hit stuff we’ve got ift and we’ve got things that work with Amazon Alexa and more and more I’m seeing this crossover between things that are homekit that are also beginning to work with Alexa now you can’t really count Philips Hue because Philips Hugh works with every single thing there is you know they own 75% of the light bulb space good for them they’re great but I devices which make a thermostat indoor and outdoor smart plugs that plug into your Outlets um and a really cool thing which is the light bulb adapter instead of buying the light bulb you screw this into your light sock and then screw your traditional light bulb into it that’s cool and it makes it your bulb into a smart bulb um so they now work with Amazon Alexa so you you go ahead and sign into Alexa via your I devices app on your iPhone and now Alexa can control your I devices things in your house too yeah I mean you can’t even do uh at least in the second beta uh hey on Mac OS Sierra meanwhile uh you look at Alexa and it has a seven array microphone thing that can pick up your voice from anywhere in the room and hear it over music and stuff like that so for those reasons the ease of use the accessibility and the instant response time Alexa is really starting to beat out Siri when it comes to controlling homekit I love uh my Apple watch and using Siri with it but I’ve talked about it many times when I tell it to watch TV or something like that with a scene that I’ve created it’s like a 5-second delay before it actually happens and then I got to dig for my phone and I got to do that having Alexa the Amazon Echo whatever in your house um with this um array of microphones that can hear you from anywhere and and works just uh you know the way that you would expect it to uh has really given Amazon a leg up in this uh smart home space Amazon’s still early days right they still have a limited number of things that they truly support although there are tons of of skills that have been added by third part ities hackers and such but the cool thing for me is is not that I want to go all in on Alexa only or that I want to go all in on homekit only it’s that I can go all in on homekit only and that many of my things I have a second entry point via Alexa so I can decide if I want to use the phone if I want to use Siri if I want to use the home app that’s in iOS 10 or if I just want to speak out loud and Alexa will pick it up for me yeah that’s pretty cool it’s good to have options there this this mult mple entry points into controlling my stuff feels more natural to me yeah I can agree with that and and that’s really my goal is that you know this connected home stuff begins to work when you know people ask me all the time what’s the first device you should buy and I go well well the one that’s going to solve your problem right what what’s the most annoying thing that you have to deal with all day is it turning on the light switch or is it setting the thermostat you and I were talking about this before the show I’m traveling right now and I was able to remotely disable my thermostat so I’m not cooling the house when I’m not there right right right what what’s what’s going to increase your convenience what’s going to do things for you and so you know like when we had Carly noblock on and her thing was having her her blinds close when it was the midpoint of noon so that her kitchen wasn’t hot from the sun right right it’s it’s finding that one thing and making it more useful to you and if you have multiple ways of controlling it whether it’s triggers and action sets and rules or simple commands by saying hey Alexa close the blinds right it’s those kinds of things that that make it meaningful yeah I I it’s an exciting time it’s still emerging um it’s anybody’s game but I have to think that uh Amazon eeko and Alexa have a leg up right now in terms of ease of use and compatibility that over Apple I I I disagree about the compatibility there are more homekit devices than there are ones compatible with Alexa at this time but it’s it’s changing so fast that that could shift next month well do you have a parting thought Neil well we have something you really want to leave our listeners with well we have to mention Pokemon go before we go oh okay take it away tell me about Pokémon go well uh the reason we have to mention it is um I’m sure if you’re listening this you’re probably familiar but if you’re not uh in just a week on the market it has already become the most popular mobile game ever um Data Tracking found that uh more than 20 million people played it in a single day it’s it’s more popular than than Twitter on people’s iPhones people are playing this so much and it’s been an interesting story because the way the game is played is it requires you to actually go out in the physical world and go to physical locations to pick up Pokeballs and to find these monsters but it also has an augmented reality element to it which uh is the part that I’m most interested in because we talk a lot on this show about virtual reality but as I’ve said many times I think augmented reality is really where the future of that technology is going to go virtual real will have its place as video games and stuff like that but augmented reality is something that can have all kinds of practical implications um from your phone to wearable glasses to anything else like that um and is a pretty exciting technology and and I think that 10 years from now 15 years from now we’re going to look back on Pokemon go as kind of a quaint um but still important turning point for augmented reality technology um because for most people this is their first uh um interaction with it you hold up your phone it looks like the Pokemon is in your living room or on the ground or whatever um and people are posting screenshots of and everybody’s kind of wowed by this simple technology and certainly augmented reality has been around for a while companies do things with like you know where you could put like cards playing cards in front of your webcam on your computer even before we had you know fancy mobile phones that could do this stuff and it would put a 3D character on there and you’d see it on the screen was like wow this is neat well this is the next extension of augmented reality and while it’s a small and not even necessary part of the game you can actually turn it off um it still I think uh is a sign of things to come where augmented reality is going to become a more pervasive part of our lives and a more integral part of our Lives as well um but the physical element of the game too requiring you to go out in the world walk to locations um has obviously health benefits of people you know getting off their butt and doing stuff but also uh people being stupid driving around their car or walking into traffic staring at their phone and so police are putting out uh this is this is a good thing stat saying people looking at Craigslist right looking at Craigslist there are people who are putting themselves out there for $20 an hour to be your Pokemon trainer and when the rest of the world learns that you can make $20 us an hour catching Pokemon econom is going to explode man there’s a lot of people that think that this might be a short-term fat and that may end up being the case but I I think if anything this will probably be more of an Angry Birds type thing where it may not last you know 5 years but I think for the next 2 three years you could see Pokémon go continuing to be popular for a number of reasons number one they’re still trying to roll it out internationally and they’re working slowly and they’ve been adding countries over the last couple weeks but number two there are so many features that need to be added that they’ve promised including the ability to trade monsters and you know to upgrade things and do all that kind of stuff so they can keep adding to the game and expanding it which will will retain its popularity at least over the next few months and maybe maybe a couple years and not don’t forget that the Pokémon series has been around for a very long time too so this is a franchise that people are very intimately familiar with uh and I don’t think that this game’s going anywhere I don’t see it being a fad like two weeks from now that nobody’s playing anymore maybe two years from now but I think it’s going to stay around for the next uh for the next few months at least one of the interesting things that I’ve been watching is is what this means for businesses and the impact that it has on different types of establishments so so first of all there’s the the inappropriate response which is that that Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum were both upset that people were catching Pokémon in those properties you know the the idea of waiting to see a demonstration at in the Holocaust about or an exhibit in the Holocaust about gas Chambers and having a Pokemon whose whose attack is gassing poison gas is inappropriate yes it is highly inappropriate and and and catching Pokemon in and among Arlington National Cemetery among the graves of of uh deceased soldiers is inappropriate and but on the upside of of you know what’s what’s the positive aspect of what you can do with this is that there are Pokey beacons and you can put a beacon that attracts or or sets up a gym for example at at an establishment and you can give discounts to people who come to your establishment to get Pokemon you know so if you’re a restaurant you can offer $4 off a meal or something if people are coming to flock to get Pokémon um and that seems really smart you know especially if you’re doing all of these things if you have Apple pay going if you have Pokemon going if you have all this stuff you you you become a destination rights data in the game actually been crowdsourced by ingris which was the previous game from uh Niantic the company behind uh Pokemon go um and it allowed people to kind of tag locations and so they have this huge database of locations around the world uh from people playing this game Ingress and was interesting about it is you know you may have a memorial down the street from you or a park or uh some sort of a landmark or a destination that you’ve never noticed or paid attention or thought about before but now by requiring people to go there to play this game it’s actually having people kind of learn about their neighborhood and explore it totally you know one of the cool things is as I mean in terms of business is that it looks as if it’s going to be possible for for companies to sponsor different Pokemon kind of things so so you could end going to a destination like McDonald’s in order to get the next Pokemon creature yeah people and people are being drawn to locations because of things going on there so you can see where people are now like meeting up and you’ll get dozens of people uh together at a location because it showed up on the game so it’s pretty neat um uh obviously play sa interesting when uh it’s it’s really interesting when computers or the game is controlling the humans right directing them where to go yeah yeah it’s it’s uh I think it’s great I think the more we blur the lines between reality and the virtual the more we can bring people together and connect people I think there’s a lot of potential with augmented reality and with gamifying things like this um and I’m excited to see where it goes yeah I I mean the future is one where you’re either directing a computer what to do or going to be controlled and directed by a computer for what to do well that’s the more dystopian view of it but well you know you’ve got Swift playgrounds where you can teach the computer what to do or you’ve got Pokémon go where you can be told what to do I have a strange worldview on this stuff people it’s okay well this is the Apple Insider podcast fantastic episode 77 joining me was Neil Hughes Neil where can people find you on the internet uh you can read my musings at Apple and you can find me on Twitter at thisis Neil NE L and I’m Victor marks and I’m at V marks on Twitter I occasionally write things at Apple Insider and if Pokémon go becomes the operating system of the future the basis of which Skynet is we’ll tell you all about it in 2020 on the Ider podcast [Music]

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