Ryzen 7000X3D Are EVEN FASTER Gaming CPUs!

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AMD’s Ryzen 7000X3D parts are set to be even faster at gaming than we thought, 13th Gen Intel owners need to watch this, Nvidia’s RTX 6000 GPU is insanely expensive and Nvidia’s new GPU is outselling everything! Stay tuned…

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Nvidia’s New GPU Is Outselling Eveything
3:09 Nvidia’s RTX 6000 Card Is Insanely Expensive
4:09 13th Gen Intel Owners Need To Watch
5:37 Ryzen 7000X3D Can Overclock


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  1. Nubz

    Guys there is a buy limit of 5 on that $6800 card. TOO BAD SCALPERS 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Qta

    oc is dead, we just optimizing

  3. Lucian Andries

    "They're faster"…….. Wow, who would have thought? I thought they were slower, thanks for clearing that up!

  4. erdwinjc

    All these companies releasing new stuff and they cant even make a decent product with out serious issues! We are in the era of cash grabs! lol

  5. Lucian Andries

    Intel LAN, who is using that? Pffffff…… I use Aquantia chips, they're great!!!👍👍

  6. roshawn1111

    wow imagine being that much of a Nvidia fanboy that you stiil buy a over price 4070 ti LMFAO

  7. Tubeless

    Here on the used market people are asking more for a used 3090 so some buyers are like: why not get a slightly faster card for less”

  8. Ingvar

    or some people want RT performance ?

  9. Arthzil

    People are buying what's available. Hard for 7900 xt(X) to outsell 4070ti if there are none available…

  10. 4070ti sold better because there is very little to no stock at all in EU with AMDs new cards, and they are as overpriced as the rest of the GPU market.

  11. eskimo lost

    cant wait till end of this year to have enough money for external watercooling pc by h2 2023

  12. Mur

    you have only numbers from one store only and projecting it onto the whole world….

  13. Also, the 7900 XT here is at a minimum 1000 – 1100 euro, and the 7900 XTX is 1400 – 1600 euro. The 4070-ti can get as low as 910 euro in some instances, such as Inno3D's 3X card.

  14. Soumen

    6800 dollars can get you a brand new big bike or a used reliable car.

  15. KecksbeLit

    In Germany actually from the store where he got the data from (Mindfactory) a rx 7900xt costs 1000€ and a xtx 1200€. So you can't paste the sales to American stores

  16. ok

    Still not faster than the 13900ks

  17. Keep

    Nvidias pricing is what you mo r ons deserve. Buy it an live with it getting more expensive in the future. Atleast Europe shows everything is rotting in shelfes. 3070ti are just initial sells and dropped allready dead as a rock.


    Running on a 7700k. Looking forward to upgrading hopefully soon.

  19. Peter L

    That intel network interface is such a trash that it is followed by the next generation. I switched to realtek network interfaced motherboards and will never go back to Intel which greatly affects my buying decision for motherboards. What a scam that should be recalled since the last generation because of the stupid work around that fixes the issue.

  20. Hi-Level

    Nvidia rtx 4000 series are good but it's crazy expensive. I got 3090 for 700 usd. I will keep it and maybe 2 years later I will get a used 4090 and do custom water cooling. 4090 seems really good BTW..

    Let's see what 5090 will bring. And I hope amd will come with a good card.

    6800 xt 6900 xt could beat the living shit out of 3090 at 1440p. Now even that is gone..

    Also fuck you nvidia for not realising dlss 3.0 and frame faking to rtx 3000 cards.

  21. Joey G

    Dude I’ve been getting drops on my 10 go awuinta as well, I use wifi6e luckily the new xfinity has it so no problems there but ya I’ve had drop issues not knowing why now I know why

  22. Steven West

    AMD making these changes spells nothing but disaster to me! They cranked the voltages on the 7000 series just to get that extra bit of performance from them, at a massive cost to efficiency. I expect they'll do exactly the same here, just ignoring what we want, like they did for Zen 4. AMD outright lied about RDNA3 efficiencies, this entire generation of products is BS.

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