Ryzen 7840U GPD Win Max 2 High TDP Testing, A FAST UMPC On The Edge Of A Hand-Held

In this video we test out 40 watt TDP Gaming the all new Ryzen 7 7840U Powered GPD Win Max 2 and this UMPC Has the soul of a handheld and now with the Power Of Zen 4 and RDNA3 with the Radeon 780M iGPU! 1080P, 1200P, 1440P And 1600P is possible on a gaming handheld now!

Learn More Here: https://gpd.hk/gpdwinmax2techspecs

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00:00 Introduction
00:11 Overview
01:12 2023 win max 2 Specs
02:04 Overall Performance 40 Watt TDP
03:13 Warframe 1600P 7840U Win Max 2
03:39 CSGO 1600P 7840U Win Max 2
04:13 Skyrim 1600P 7840U Win Max 2
04:41 Left 4 dead 2 1600P 7840U Win Max 2
05:07 Forza Horizon 5 7840U Win Max 2
05:45 God Of War 7840U Win Max 2
06:21 Dirt 5 7840U Win Max 2
06:41 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 7840U Win Max 2
07:24 Red Dead Redemption 2 7840U Win Max 2
07:55 The Lat Of Us Part 1 7840U Win Max 2
08:36 Final Thoughts

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  1. tomzpl

    i wonder if 7640 wont be THE handheld go-to chip, assuming it will have lower power draw and if the whole 7840 and 7640 situation is a bit like 7950x3d vs 7800x3d

  2. KajurN

    The main appeal of the GPD is that unlike the other handhelds it's easier to justify as a laptop replacement. 1600p screen is nice

  3. MN NM

    Have you done GEEKOM Mini IT11 Mini PC? Seems good for emulation?

  4. Ike "J" Knight

    When is the GMKTEC NucBox K4 Mini PC being released? Did you get your hands on a review unit yet?

  5. Saar Namir

    How does a niche product end up with specs many of us hope to find in a laptop?

  6. Nikolai

    Great vid ETA! How is the full review coming along, and are you going to test the G1 with it as well (as in, has GPD provided you with one)?

  7. mel b

    this will bode well for 800p 30fps best graphics settings

  8. Matteo Paciolla

    I would like to see how this device is gonna perform with chimeraOS or another Linux distro

  9. Unlucky

    This is an amazing looking little machine. I wonder how the Linux support is for it, given the issues its predecessor had with some things. That's the one thing that keeps me from buying these little powerhouses.

  10. Skyfx

    Two videos out and I still don't know how powerful it is. Does it overheat or throttle? Do reviewers power limit GPU/CPUs these days in reviews? I don't get the logic behind this showcasing.

  11. Tams80

    'Ordered' (though GPD do deliver on their projects) the top spec one.

    I'd love for the display to have Wacom EMR (oh, and an ISO keyboard), but otherwise it looks fantastic.

  12. soldieroftafari

    NOW we're talking. Higher settings and resolutions without the use of far. This is much more usable in the real work and still plenty of speed on hatt mode.

  13. greg yance

    Is there any significant increase in performance due to the high clock in the ram compared with other handhelds , and what would be the limitation of the hardware of the other companies that that let it at 6400 mhz I think

  14. Jeremiah Freeman

    man this just makes me hope that whatever is going on with the ROG Ally's subpar performance is just early driver issues. i mean isnt the Z1 E just essentially this same chip for all intent and purpose?

  15. josiasnds

    Aww man… i would have loved this kind of small laptop for my university, an small and light laptop that's discrete to carry around and being able to play with it would have been awesome to use on those dead hours i had to wait for the next class, for that kind of hardware i would rather to have a dedicated controller so i guess i would never use the integrated controls…

  16. EZG

    If only this device had a 120 hertz screen, would have ordered on the spot!

  17. "Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them." _Vaibhav Shah

  18. Slick Rounder

    Can it Undervolt? That is what we want to know. Either via Bios, or AATU (Amd Apu Tuning Utility).

  19. ACIK EXE

    I wanna see emulator on this pc handheld.

  20. YummierMussel

    I like the asus rog flow z13 gaming tablet…would be a good matchup

  21. Ali of Arabia

    Quad channel at 7500 MT/s means 120 Gb/s bandwidth or is it 60Gb/s since it is (LPDDR5X). Finally the bandwidth is becoming less of a bottleneck. Pairing this with some infinity cache in the future is going to make a world of difference! Exciting times ahead!

  22. Having bought the the last gen one wth the 680M integrated GPU it is very hard to justify buying this one so soon after. No doubt there will be a 790M or even 880M in the very near future so I am going to have to sit this round out and "make do" with the Asus Ally

  23. Moonraker Deep

    would love to have it, but too early to replace my 2021 gpd max, they are too pricey to do changes like that so often

  24. vma FarAH

    9:03 thunderbolt sucks for external GPU, bandwidth is too low through that. Oculink is the best.

  25. Jake Smith

    Please valve 12 or 13 inch gaming steam os laptop with integrated controller

  26. SMGJohn

    Shame they did not upgrade the gaming controls, they are just too small

  27. Gaoh Ryuki

    AMD's RDNA3 780M iGPU is the fastest in the current iGPU market… This is really a game changer. I'd love to see the day these integrated on budget notebook/ultrabooks. So far I've only seen it on gaming laptops that already has dGPU…

  28. Nicky Nick

    I heard it get really hot after some time of using, is this true?

  29. A Normyes

    Dammit handhelds are taking up all the 7840Us lol. Still no laptop with it 😑

  30. Gael

    Would mind testing yuzu with totk ^^

  31. Atte L

    Do note that FSR performance @ 1600p is 1280×800 internal resolution

  32. Michplay

    Could you compare this to the ROG Ally ?

  33. Terium

    I just want to be able to buy a 7840U separately. First APU that's on the level that I've been wanting since I started watching your channel a few years ago.

  34. Shahriar Dhruvo

    Why didn't you try and overclock the iGPU to 3000Mhz and beyond? You should try it and let us know your findings. I would highly appreciate it, Thanks :3

  35. Rob Schmitt

    Videos looks a littble bit smeared and laggy while gaming: Its a good sign because It seems that this PC and screen support Freesync. If its enabled videos of gaming looking a little bit strange.
    This PC has a really great performance for 40W.

  36. TremixNeo

    I wish more laptops with the 7040u series came out

  37. NemanjicaMV

    I saw on some 7840 that is GPU with 4gb dedicated memory, but here is 8gb. Whats the differnce?
    Also on 7940.

  38. Deffington

    I never thought I'd be looking at hand-held and think it would make a good laptop. The only issue is thickness. I wish there was a high-performance 13-14" laptop with eGPU port based on this Ryzen APU. Just thin APU for use on battery when in office and then eGPU monster at home.

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