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S3 Operations with AWS Lambda

Learn how to read and save a file into an S3 bucket using AWS-SDK from an AWS Lambda. We will create the bucket from the serverless.yml using cloudformation. Then, we will perform operations onto the stored files and save them back.


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  1. Gamers Shrine

    Please dear zoom on code in next videos s
    It is to difficult to red for those who have weak eyesighr

  2. Michael M

    Hey your hot will you marry me? Talk AWS amplify to me!

  3. Can you please make a video of S3 triggering SQS > lambda > does a POST operation to DynamoDB

  4. Pradeep nim

    Good stuff good and clear. keep it up, just a side not could not resist on commenting on "OOO RR ELL"

  5. Adam Lopes

    Really nice tutorial. Straightforward and easy to follow. Thanks for making this👍. Now I can extend JS app with a little bit of back-end content.

  6. orr levinger

    Could you show an example of upload and signed getObject to S3 of images?? using serverless framwork and lambda?


    How to move data from S3 bucket to S3 glacier thru aws lambda.
    Please send me steps how to do it.

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