Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Unboxing, Hands-On & First Impressions! (Light Blue)

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00:00 A15 5G Overview
01:25 Unboxing
02:29 Pricing (don’t pay over $200!)
03:27 Smaller Size & Cosmic Color
05:17 Physical Features
06:31 Better Display (!!)
08:29 Speaker Test
09:17 Specs & Software
11:33 Big Battery & Faster Charging
12:07 Camera Upgrade
13:47 Summary

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. @lordsevent

    Waiting for a A25 review
    Idk when, But im gonna wait.

  2. @SydneyDrums

    One speaker two speakers it doesn’t matter because anyone who listens to music through the speakers on their phone should have their ears cut off

  3. @arjames26

    I want to buy this phone for my mom, she doesn't want a flagship phone, just a phone that will replace her old clunky galaxy A20. 😅

  4. @animeeditor27

    Apple should learn a thing or two from a under $200 phone about how to provide higher refresh rate display in their Non-pro line-up 😂

  5. @henryokonji5574

    Seriously does this guy even do a review of other phones like the tecno camon 20 pro 5g or some other phones 😊

  6. @QuackZack

    So the price of this phone varies a lot, it can be $100, 150, or absolutely free with new line purchase depending on carrier. Let's go based off Samsung's asking price of $200. My gripe with that is, for only $50 more, you can buy a used / refurbished A54 for around $250. 120 hz 1000nits IP67 better cameras better processor better build, only $50 more.

    If you're hard pressed against used, then I guess this isn't a bad choice. But I'd still might lean towards the A25 cause it supports stereo sound, 120hz, and has Exynos chipset (Not as good as Snapdragon but not a budget cut chip).

  7. @cap.30

    I have the A15 4g, and is a way better Phone than the A14 4g and the A14 5g, better display, better design (more confortable than my previous A14) and the cameras are very good. In my country (Chile) is a really good option than similar Oppo or Vivo devices

  8. @bharath2508

    2024 and still no punch hole,
    😮Samsung should adopt the notch.

  9. @jtvalenzuela

    I don't know exactly what it is, i think the vessels but I personally think the A15 looks a lot more modern and beautiful than the A14. It's much less noticeable that you're carrying a $200 Smartphone.

  10. @Mimi-uz2sm

    I upgraded to this phone from my Samsung A11❤ It's so good alongside with my Tab A9 Plus!

  11. @ahawkuafie

    Can the A15 5G select text from within a photo from the Samsung gallery app? I know on the A54 5G and the S series devices you can.

  12. @Redarian76

    What turns me away from getting this phone is the one speaker I mean you got so used to dual speakers you can't never go back especially with my current phone right now the Motorola G power 5G 2023.

  13. I wonder, will Americans consider this phone above the Iphone SE? Samsung's budget phones are getting better and better.

  14. @usamagarbe6811

    The samsung galaxy a15 5g awesome phone the color is similar to the samsung galaxy s10 plus prism white and the samsung galaxy note 10 and 10+ and not bad at all

  15. I see that international version of Samsung A25 is sold cheaper and just 50 more than A15. Despite that Exynos has bad rep it is still faster than Dimensity 6100+.

  16. @KRawatXP2003

    What would be add first now? Punch hole or 120hz. You guys can guess.

  17. @jgamer516

    YES i waited so much for u to do this video W VIDEO MAN

  18. @SON-AYAKU

    A25 is leagues better. It really is the best option this year so far. Please, if you're going to buy a budget samsung phone, please save your money up for atleast an A25 5G. If your looking for hardware which is near flagship material but with a headphone jack, I'd say the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 pro is a much better and cheaper option.

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